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Trudeau-Brand Loyalty: Liberals SIDE WITH CHINA Over Sceptics In Covid-19 Death Count

China persecute Christians en masse– Trudeau says NOTHING. China oppress their Muslim minority by the millions. Liberals say NOTHING.

Fact is, ever since Papa Pierre Trudeau ingratiated Chairman Mao Tse Tung in the year 1971, Canada has maintained a “master-slave” type relationship with China.

Trudeau, Liberals PUSH BACK On Establishing China-Canada Investigation Committee

Now here is an area of politics CAP has covered for decades–the unspoken, covert relationship between the Liberal Party of Canada and the communist nation of China.

Justin Trudeau Silent As China Sentences Canadian Citizen To Death For Dope Pushing

Where is the prime minister on this issue? The place he has always been–nowhere at all. With a foreign relations issue of this magnitude, does it not make sense for Justin Trudeau to publicly condemn the action, and call for a repeal of the death sentence?