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National Council Of Muslims Pushes Six Canadian Cities To Adopt “Islamophobia” Charter

When Justin Trudeau unilaterally blessed Canada with its “no core identity” mantra, he omitted what would naturally develop as a result: the surge of special interest groups attempting the fill the void with an ethnocentric-oriented POWER GRAB.

Corruption, Racism Accusations: Trudeau Gives $100 Million To Islamic Non-Profit

When initially restoring funding to UNRWA, then-minister of International Development, Liberal MP Marie-Claude Bibeau, made special mention of the fact that part of Canada’s funding would be allocated to “social media training.”  What was needed was not training but for someone to hold Krähenbühl, and UNRWA generally, accountable. 

MP Ahmed Hussen Brands Non-Liberals White Supremacist, Islamophobic

Hussen hails from the back wash of Somalia. In this Third World nation, there is NO multiculturalism– 99% of citizens are Muslim. Also, there is no Christianity. Female Genital Mutilation is rampant. This country often finds itself on list of the ten most dangerous nations on earth.

Canadian Doctors Association Works To REDUCE Anglophone Applicants

The Canadian Medical Industry has decided to get into the racial oppression business and prevent certain candidates from medical school admission based upon factors such as a citizen’s racial profile. If they are WHITE, they are impeded from acceptance. How racist of them.