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New Socialist Order: Trudeau USES FIRST NATIONS To Fulfill Globalist Agenda

The purpose for this pre-meditated globalist assault? Simple as pie–to STEAL Canada from its peoples, bring an END to freedom of speech and democracy, and USHER IN a “new globalist order.”

Truly, this is a veritable “toppling” of Canadian society by way of Justin and his Liberal cultural assassins.

Trudeau Government Working To “CONTROL ALL INTERNET CONTENT”– Media Research Centre

“There are only two kinds of journalists in Canada now: those who are PAID by Trudeau, and those who are BANNED by Trudeau.” 

Trudeau Pushing Media Control-Style Of World’s TOP TOTALITARIAN Nations

Written in Iran’s constitution are requirements for the press to PROMOTE Islamist principles and not be critical of the regime.

Did you know? The BROTHER of our current prime minister, Alexandre Trudeau, directed a film which was financed by the GOVERNMENT OF IRAN.

Justin Trudeau “Most DANGEROUS MAN In Canadian Political History”– Campaign Life Coalition

Slowly, steadily and INCREMENTALLY, our freedoms are being taken away from our citizenship. Media play a fundamental role as Canada quietly transitions from democracy to dictatorship.

Hidden By Media: “Trudeauvirus” Transitioning Canada Into A DICTATORSHIP

In other words, Trump bans African migrants, and immediately Trudeau flies to Africa to set up a migration stream to Canada. You see, this is the kind of person he is. There is nothing on earth which prevents Trudeau from whoring out Canada to the highest bidder.

Trudeau Govt Sending BILLIONS To World’s Top Christian-Persecuting Nations

An ongoing Islamic extremist project to exterminate Christians in sub-Saharan Africa is even more brutal and more consequential for the Church than it is in the Middle East, the place where Christians suffered ISIS “genocide,” as the U.S. government officially designated.

General Suleimani Murder Confirms Trudeau Government’s DEDICATION to Islam

Post-Pierre Trudeau Canada is a tale of an incremental DECIMATION of English Canada. The ruling Canadian government are SIDING with Islam over America. The Canadian media cannot bring themselves to CONDEMN Islamic militancy, but they can surely bring themselves to condemn the United States Of America.

Why Justin Trudeau’s Deficits Will Transition Canada Into A SOCIALIST STATE

Successive governments piled up red ink over the previous 25 years, BEGINNING with ex-Liberal Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau. In other words, a Trudeau PM was the original catalyst for the “Great Government Deficit Show”– insert “lack of surprise” here.

“Liberal Govt STANDS WITH YOU”– Chrystia Freeland To Global Islamic Cooperation Council

“It is a great honour for me to join you at this 45th session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Friends of the Muslim faith: our government, and our country, STAND WITH YOU.”