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Justin Trudeau Donates $335 Million Dollars To AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT FUND

CBC say NOTHING. They are fully on board with Justin Trudeau’s decimation of Old Stock Canada–and the Africa Project is governments NEXT PHASE to make this occur.

Will $2 BILLION DOLLARS Trudeau Sent To Africa Buy Him A U.N. Security Council Seat?

Therefore, Trudeau does what he does best– throwing billions of Canadian tax-dollars at an initiative which accomplishes NOTHING for Canadian citizens. Rather, the benefit goes to Mr. Trudeau favourite cause: himself, his EGO, and his plan to re-invent our nation as a socialist-infused nation-state.

Why Justin Trudeau Is BUYING The Allegiance Of Socialist 3rd World Governments

How does this benefit Justin Trudeau? Simple as pie– these new citizens will accelerate his plans to CONTROL EVERY SEAT in Parliament. The ridings currently held by the Conservative opposition will be become NON-EXISTENT in due time.

Subsequent to this development, Canada will trans-ition into a ONE PARTY STATE, with a dictator-figure in charge. In other words, a political emulation of the structure of society in Cuba-– one of Justin’s preferred communist nation.

Justin Trudeau’s Foreign Aid Billions To Middle East FUNDS TERRORISM: Report

When government own media in a “communist” fashion, giant cover-ups of this nature occur repeatedly. This is the exact state-of-affairs our nation finds itself in  under the pseudo-communist government of King Justin Trudeau of Canada.

Are Media Hiding Trudeau’s Agenda To FLOOD CANADA With Africans?

This event will serve as a catalyst for Justin Trudeau’s next wave of assault upon traditional Canadian society. His purpose in meeting with African leaders is to advance his agenda to fill our nation with enough Third World Liberal voters to win EVERY SEAT in Parliament.

Trudeau Govt Sending BILLIONS To World’s Top Christian-Persecuting Nations

An ongoing Islamic extremist project to exterminate Christians in sub-Saharan Africa is even more brutal and more consequential for the Church than it is in the Middle East, the place where Christians suffered ISIS “genocide,” as the U.S. government officially designated.

ONE BILLION DOLLARS Of Trudeau’s Foreign Aid Funds Sent to “UNCODED”

Dear Afghani Leader– would you like these monies delivered on a gold, or a silver platter? It’s all so insane–while media have prevented general knowledge of the whole sordid affair.

Unaccountable billions. Fake “Phantom Aid.” Huge funds to the world’s top CHRISTIAN-PERSECUTING nations. This, fellow patriots, is Justin Trudeau and his Sunny Gang of Cultural Assassins.

Not that there aren’t “coded” entities on the receiving end of government’s massive tax-payer dollar giveaways. For starters, try $254 MILLION DOLLARS to Afghanistan in the year 2018 alone.

As Trump Battles Islamic Terror, Trudeau SNEAKS Egyptian General Into Canada

Three months before he boarded a plane in Cairo and six months before he made a refugee claim in Toronto, Canadian security officials deemed retired BRIGADIER GENERAL Khaled Saber Abdelhamed Zahw “inadmissible” to Canada because of national security concerns.

2020-2030: The Decade “Old Stock” Canada Transition To A POWERLESS MINORITY Community

CAP Question Of The New Decade: Why doesn’t the Trudeau government simply inform Anglophone Canada as to their pending fate as a future minority, and eventual marginalized community within our society?