“Self-Hatred” Damaging Canadian Society Says Historian Conrad Black

“The entire citizenry seems to have been mobilized to hunt down, root out, pulverize, and incinerate any trace of the ghastly and abominable, ubiquitous bugbear, “systemic racism.” 

— Conrad Black Read more

Globalism On Steroids: Dictionary Term For Racism To Include “SYSTEMIC RACISM”

Not only are all 3rd World citizens of Canada pushing around non-3rd Canucks with delight–our very own citizenship is doing it to THEMSELVES.

Such is the pathos inherent within a Trudeau-Liberal-Media plan of attack upon our communities. Read more

CBC, Canadian Media CHOOSE CHINA Over Truth-Speaking “Racist” Bryan Adams

For Cultural Action Party of Canada, Mr. Adams became heroic the moment he tweeted out his true feelings on the matter.

What trans-pired subsequently? A liberal- totalitarian type DEMANDED Canada’s pop icon be STRIPRED of his Order of Canada status. Read more

Why “Anti-Racism” Trudeau Government Programs Target Anglophones ONLY

When considering government-funded anti-racism programs in Canada– government created, academic-oriented seminars and such in regards to addressing and countering racism in Canada, one common theme emerges… Read more

How Canadian Universities “Trans-itioned” To Anglophone-Hating Educational Institutions

A sordid tale this is indeed–one excellent reason media bury  Anti-Anglophone political dogma by way of Canada’s educational institutions. Is this situation found within a specific element of our academic world–perhaps limited to Ph.d studies, or dissertations for completing a master’s degree? Not a chance– …

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