Systemically Racist Canada NOWHERE On 2021 “Most Racist Countries” Report

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According to a report from World Population Review, “determining the most racist countries in the world can be difficult, and the results might not be consistent from one study to the next.”

Yet, one conclusion could be drawn by the average Grade 6 student in Canada: our country is nowhere to be found on the report.

What a fantastic revelation this is. Since the day Justin Trudeau ascended to the throne of Canada, our citizenship has been inundated with the concept that our country is “systemically racist.”

Simply put– “everyone is doing it.” From the top down–PM Trudeau and Cabinet, straight through to small town media, and onward to our university system. The phenomenon is in 2021 ubiquitous within Canadian society.

So, if truth be contained within this coast-to-coast sentiment, wouldn’t it make sense that global reports on the most racist nations on earth would be inclusive of Canada?

They are not. In a case of curious irony, the nations which fall into that category are mainly of the “3rd world” variety. How fascinating this is. What CAP conclude is simple in conception:

Canada’s “multicultural” industry and non-profit organizations constantly brand Canada “systemically racist.” Yet, it turns out that it is 3rd world countries which in 2021 hold this distinction.

India, Lebanon, Pakistan, Turkey, Libya, Nigeria, Yemen, Iraq, Kuwait and others. The 2021 report covers the calendar year of 2020.

What can serious students of Canadian politics learn from this? CAP will offer a suggestion:

Put aside the specific nations themselves. Forget for the moment the incessant cries of bigotry and xenophobia. Cast aside Canada’s powerhouse multicultural lobby.

Instead, focus on the positioning of government and media. What is the overall messaging of Justin Trudeau, his Liberals, CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star?

Without question, the implications are that Canada is in 2021 a racist, bigoted nation that is infused with hatred toward our non-white communities.

All this, while never uttering a single piece of condemnation toward the nations which are, in fact, the most racist on earth.

Why? The only feasible response is that there is a grand PURPOSE for doing so. What is it? CAP can only offer what we truly believe, and here it is:

The purpose it to upset society. The agenda is one of throwing our country into a state of chaos for the purpose of establishing what Trudeau calls a “no core identity” Canada.

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This society is one in which democracy disappears, and is replaced by a form of dictatorship. This is a theory Cultural Action Party have advanced since the moment Justin Trudeau became prime minister in 2015.

In 2021, we maintain the very same position. As far as methodology is concerned, the Covid pandemic is being utilized as a tool to accelerate to process.

What could be more effective in conditioning Canada to adhere to stringent rules and regulations which are a  standard component of life in communist and totalitarian societies?

As for Justin Trudeau’s personal culpability in all this, it is one of a binary nature. Either he is aware of the agenda, or he is not. No surprise–CAP recommend going “all-in” on the latter.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

3 thoughts on “Systemically Racist Canada NOWHERE On 2021 “Most Racist Countries” Report”

  1. Now you’ve heard the lies about Canada being racist. So here’s the truth:

    Yup there are racists in Canada, but not many. There was a time when there were many, but that time is not today.

    Racism went about of style in Canada about 40 years ago. Even then, most people didn’t care who your daughter hung out with or married if he was perceived as suitable in other ways.

    Being black in Canada for 76 years, I have a lot of experience.


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