Systemic Suicide: Canadian Man Euthanized For Loss Of Hearing

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Alan Nichols, 61, died by assisted suicide in 2019. The only medical condition listed as a reason was hearing loss.

“Nichols had a history of depression and other medical issues, but none were life-threatening. When the 61-year-old was hospitalized in June 2019 over fears he might be suicidal, he asked his brother to ‘bust him out’ as soon as possible.”

He never made it, and was subsequently put to death.

“We’re hearing about people who are choosing medical assistance in dying or thinking about it more because they don’t have money to live.”

Quite. And let us guess– our Liberal government’s perpetual tax increases, inflation, and personal debt accumulation have helped a whole lot, right?

“Hello, you’ve reached the provincial health services authority telephone line for medical assistance in dying…”

This is the automated recording Canadian Joannie Cowie got when she called the government to see if she would be eligible for medical assistance in dying, commonly known as MAiD.

“It’s an unmistakable message from the government: if you want to end your life, we’ll help you.”

In 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chose to establish the most open and permissive assisted dying laws in the world. In 2022, it seems a Canadian can be put to death for just about any reason. The flimsiest of excuses cut the mustard in Trudeau’s “no core identity” nation.

Hearing loss, Depression, diabetes, loss of hearing– all qualify for hitting the deceased button in Canada. Upon which we come to the wonder of it all: the lack of push-back from any element of society.

How is it that Canada fell into a state of slumber regarding society’s most critical issues? Do matters of life-and0-death not qualify as critical social issues? Apparently not. Naturally, CAP has a theory on the development:

Canadians are the victims of a 50-year program of societal pacification. As such, issues which should register at the top of Canada’s societal richter scale barely scratch the surface.

Has our country been primed in advance for political conversion? At this point in time, it’s a question that haunts CAP. The phenomenon has been enforced with intent by PM Justin Trudeau. Fans of Borat’s Subsequent Moviefilm might call it “the running of the Canadian patriot.”

For nearly seven years, Trudeau and the Liberals have instituted a program of self-loathing within society. The result is an eradication of national self-esteem. The result being that government can inflict just about any form of punitive measures against the public, and still remain the government. Does this include termination-of-life for Canadian-born citizens?

“More Canadians are ending their lives with a medically-assisted death, says the third federal annual report on medical assistance in dying (MAID). Data shows that 10,064 people died in 2021 with medical aid, an increase of 32 per cent over 2020.”

“The report says that 3.3 per cent of all deaths in Canada in 2021 were assisted deaths. On a provincial level, the rate was higher in provinces such as Quebec, at 4.7 per cent, and British Columbia, at 4.8 per cent.”

“Bring out your dead?” Unfortunately, this is not a Monty Python skit. Witness as a western democracy begins to track institutionalized death statistics at will.

“It is rising remarkably fast,” University of Toronto law professor Trudo Lemmens, who was a member of the “Council of Canadian Academies Expert Panel on Medical Assistance in Dying.”

Joy to the World, Ms. Academic Thang. Let us welcome in the New Canadian Order. What pray-tell, is next? A euthanasia Pharoah cracking the whip on the backs of health industry workers: “Let’s get those numbers up, we have quotas to fulfill” as the lash cracks down on government civil servants.

A long way it is from Justin Trudeau’s “Sunny Ways” mantra back in 2015. Witness as society transitions to one in which human lives are transformed into human commodities.

Marie-Claude Landry, the head of its Human Rights Commission, says she shares the “grave concern voiced last year by three U.N. Human Rights experts, who wrote that Canada’s euthanasia law appeared to violate the agency’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

Tim Stainton, director of the Canadian Institute for Inclusion and Citizenship at the University of British Columbia, described Canada’s law as “probably the biggest existential threat to disabled people since the Nazis’ program in the 1930s.”

Cultural Action Party has always believed that Justin Trudeau has an affinity with political fascism. And most dangerously, a lethal quantity of communist cognition.

Within the world of the communism, human life is a commodity. Non-productive citizens are a burden. These people cost the government cold-hard cash. Good money that Trudeau would otherwise be shipping to Syria, Somalia and Iraq to improve the lives of their citizens.

Back in Canada, the elderly and useless are targeted in no-uncertain terms:

A feature from the Associated Press quoted secretly recorded audio from a London, Ont. hospital that appeared to show a medical ethicist raising the subject of euthanasia with a disabled patient, Roger Foley, after reminding him that he was costing the system north of $1,500 a day.”

One year from now, in March 2023, Canada will become one of the few nations in the world allowing assisted dying for people whose sole underlying condition is depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, schizophrenia, PTSD or any other mental affliction.

Is our Liberal government out to rid our country of elderly and other non-productive members of society?

According to the Washington Examiner, someone might want to ask Justin Trudeau who is standing up and fighting for the rights of vulnerable people in Canada:

“Turns out Canada has become a d*ath factory for the elderly, disabled, and mentally ill.”

CAP has heard of this kind of thing before. Pol Pot of Cambodia was high on the hit-list,  as were Mao Tse Tung and Joseph Stalin.

Turns out Canada is undergoing a socialist revolution of our own. The leader’s name is Trudeau, and his financially spoon-fed media partners are Ministers of Propaganda.

Employing political scare tactics drawn from totalitarian societies of history, Justin Trudeau set out to re-make Canada in the image of the nation he most admires– China.

With media in the pocket, Canada’s transition to a communist state is all-but in the bag. Devaluing human life in its basic form, Justin Trudeau transitions Canadians into commodified widgets.

Useful Canadians, to the left. The rest take the path to the right. Welcome to Justin Trudeau’s “sunny ways” society.

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  1. Turdo to masked gent: “Let’s be honest–You’ve had more than the average three score and ten years. Isn’t that enough? If I may speak frankly; you’re asking for more than we can give. The money we waste–er, um; water bottle sort of thing…..I mean; harumph; spend on seniors is bankrupting the medical and social system. Perhaps you’ve heard of my ‘Go Gently into That Good Night’ program? It’s for the greater good.”

    (Redacted) “The New Canada: A Beacon of Light; Proudly Leading the World in Depopulation.”

    • What does the Hebraic-Christian Bible say about our older generation? A small selection: (1) “You shall stand up before the gray head and honor the face of an old man, and you shall fear your God: I am the Lord.” (2) “Do not cast me off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength is spent.” (3) “So even to old age and gray hairs, O God, do not forsake me, until I proclaim your might to another generation, your power to all those to come.” (4): In broader terms–“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”

      (1) Leviticus 19:32, ESV.
      (2) Psalm 71:9, ESV.
      (3) Psalm 17:18-19, ESV.
      (4) Galations 6:2, ESV.

      Trudeau wouldn’t know–(or follow)–these verses if a Bible hit him in the face. He has a spirit of Anti-God/Anti-Christ; evident in ALL he does politically. “Mandates”/The self-serving “Laws”/bills he pushes through Parliament/Disregard for the fundamental Rule of Law–Which has its origin/roots in the Bible–Along w/ the very foundations of our country. Most of today’s generation; particularly our brainwashed youth….Know nothing of the scriptures; or our history. All by design. In closing; “Bear one anothers’ burdens.” Trudeau? He imposes burdens. Adding burdens is a speciality. ‘PM’ Trudeau–People are suffering. Lower the taxes you and Freeloader have imposed.” “Lower them? HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You fool. We’re gonna raise them repeatedly. Get out of here.”

  2. Trudeau is far worse than A. H*tler ever was. With Trudeau though he knows the real world powers think he is a pathetic clown. For that reason this spoilt little brat has to push the envelope a little further than the rest. Trudeau is most definitely insane, and I mean that in the actual medical sense of the word. He has convinced himself that he is something he’s not. He is very very dangerous.

  3. omg! I can’t believe the indecency of our Country, slowly but surely all decency, responsibility, care, and compassion were widdled away over the years of choosing the lesser of two evils, and each four year-term the evil worsened in all parties until presto we are here at barbaric. The education system has devolved the elite bachelor’s degree humans into barbarians because you know it’s important to thin the herd of the weak and old. As if they get to make that decision. Jesus, they need rehab, all psycho-narcissistic, cause the problem sell the solution, or commit murder and have an excuse.


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