Systemic Racism Against Anglophones Comes To Canada

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According to training materials authorized by Canada’s Liberal Government, “systemic racism includes the policies and practices entrenched in established institutions which result in the exclusion or promotion of designated groups.”

Sensible Canadians would believe this form of prejudice applies to all identifiable communities. They are wrong– an exemption exists among Canada’s Anglophone, Francophone, and European-derived communities.

“Laval University defended itself from accusations of reverse discrimination, saying that it was no different from other universities, since all universities must comply with these requirements.”

The decision by Laval University to impose a limit on the hiring of white Canadians stems from policies enforced by the federal government. The university stated that it would consider only candidates who identify as females, Indigenous people, people with disabilities or visible minorities.

In accordance with the Canada Research Chairs program, “Université Laval can’t accept other types of candidate profiles while representation targets are not met.” In other words, the Trudeau government is financially strong-arming Canadian universities to impede the hiring of Anglo-European employment seekers.

Federal government-funded CBC Corporation is dealing out of a similar stacked deck:

  • Half of all new hires  for executive and senior management positions will be Indigenous people, visible minorities, or people with disabilities.
  • Retention and promotion rates for people from these three groups will be doubled.

Breaking out of the woke liberal prison, we arrive at a salient conclusion. Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government are impeding employment in  media and academic sectors based on skin colour.

Among so-called Canadian intelligentsia, this is known as “racial equity.” Among the truly intelligent, it is called racism. Then again, one should expect such vigilance when Liberal government materials define “racism” as:

“The belief that characteristics and abilities can be attributed to people simply on the basis of their race, and that some racial groups are superior to others.”

Some thoughts on racial superiority. To what extent is the belief system representative of our general population? Yes, there are biases. In spite of Critical Race Theory dogma– the template for government training materials– these perceptions work both ways. Anyone can have feelings of prejudice toward “the other.” White, Black, Asian– there is nothing exclusive about this pertaining to caucasian views of racialized Canadians.

Trouble is, CRT-pushers don’t give a damn. In this we discover the motivation. Steeped in bitterness and resentment, the inherent goal is one of vengeance, as opposed to social equality.

The woke revolution speaks of racial superiority. Does this truly apply to Canada in year 2022? The premise is archaic. Critical Race Theory advocates make it sound like we are still living in the Jim Crow era of North American history.

Furthermore, the roots of racial superiority are found in the biological. Scientific racism is an innovation from mid-20th century Europe. Fascist ideology instilled the concept of Eugenics, used to justify persecution of minority groups, the disabled and the mentally challenged.

PM Justin Trudeau informs Canadians that ours is a “progressive society.” He leads by example. What used to be referenced as racism has been placed on steroids by our prime minister. The politically correct term today is “systemic racism.” Wouldn’t it be nice to ask Mr. Trudeau a simple question on this matter:

What do you call a government-enforced mandate to impede hiring of Canadians based on their identity as Anglo-European citizens? Government is doing it. So is media, as well as Canadian academia.

Is anti-Caucasian prejudice not therefore entrenched within the system? Is this not, in fact, systemic racism? Not that a person would get a straight answer from the PM– no one ever does.

“Systemic racism exists in Canada. It exists in our institutions and in our systems – including our health care system. And we need to eliminate it.”

— Justin Trudeau

Is the arrival of neo-systemic racism an example of a pursuit of its elimination? How typically Trudeau! Institutional racism against those of Anglo-European origin is thriving within society. The vehicle is Critical Race Theory, an Orwellian spin designed to obscure the fact that it is a policy of reverse-racism.

Yes, indeed– systemic racism is alive and well in Canada. In the tradition of authoritarian propaganda, it’s true form is an inversion of what is espoused by government and media.

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  1. Trudeau stated Racism exists in Canada and he is absolutely right as he and the Liberal Party if Canada are the main creators of Systemic Racism that exists in every controlled government institution throughout Canada beginning with the CBC throughout our educations systems and in government hiring policies discriminating anyone WHITE. Why should we as a free country allow such racism to exist openly and without repulsiveness towards any one! Marxist Left Wing mandates do not belong in any government institution that is funded by taxpayers and needs to be addressed in parliament. Democracy no longer exists as long as this is allowed to continue in Our Country! Special Interest Groups be dammed! We must demand equality in order to exist in harmony!


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