Systemic Prejudice Against White Males Permeates Canadian Society

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The Canadian Armed Forces is “too white and too male,” writes Jacques Gallant in a recent Toronto Star article. Upon appointment of Tiff Macklem as Governor of the Bank of Canada, PM Justin Trudeau was asked why he selected a white male for the position. Canadian media publication Hill Times made the following observation regarding the Truckers Convoy protest held in February, 2022:

“The white males of the protest are a radicalization buffet for working-class pretenders marching against Canadian elitism fueled by pig roasts [and] legalized pot.”

It’s all-the-rage in our country– denigrating white Canadian males has transitioned to “Woke” Canada’s favourite pastime. In a society passionately dedicated to “racial equity,” a singular exception exists: it is open season on targeting caucasian males.

When considering institutions not only permitting this– but joining in on action– we draw a fair conclusion. In 2022 Canada, it is legal to perpetrate racism against whites. The community stands as a singular exception to otherwise rigourous defence against  bigotry toward identifiable communities.

On February 28th, 2022, Hill Times[reference to Parliament Hill] branded the Freedom Convoy a “white, male pity party.”

“Canadian complacency—and denial—about the strength and sophistication of homegrown, white-centric, domestic extremism has cost us big time.”

These people dislike caucasians in a dedicated manner. Interesting to note that out of ten editors at Hill Times, eight are caucasian. Obviously, they have a problem with self-hatred. It would be one thing if they were unique in this capacity.

They are not. The dynamic exists throughout Canada’s media industry. We draw a disturbing conclusion. There is something unnatural in all of this. Self-loathing among whites is unique not only to the journalism industry, but to Canadian society as a whole.

Where else in the world does a condition of national self-flagellation exist? The answer is nowhere. Canada is unique in this non-organic social condition. On this basis, one can only conclude that the circumstances have been manufactured. An ominous sign it is. Yet, after decades in a steady ramping up of anti-white sentiment, a light has appeared in the darkness. Some people are getting fed up with the systemic attack on our communities.

The most vehement examples of reverse-racism are found on Canadian university campuses. So much so that white males are systemically excluded from employment opportunities.

Obscured by media is a Trudeau government policy financially strong-arming universities to minimize hiring of non-racialized citizens. The federally-funded Canada Research Chairs mandates minimum hiring quotas for “racialized” Canadians. Fail to comply, and you lose the funding.

Also obscured by media is the fact that prominent Liberal MP’s are opposed to race-oriented policies of government. A recent article from Post Millennial News “Trudeau Liberals Admit Their Policies Lead To Reverse Discrimination By Excluding White Candidates” tells the story. Liberal MP Anthony Housefather said he believes that the policy goes too far:

“I think it’s very important to have diversity, but I think it’s going too far, maybe,” he said.

Liberal MP Joel Lightbound stated that he is “potentially in favour of changing federal rules forcing universities to meet diversity quotas in the hope of getting their hands on funding from Canada Research Chairs.”

“Laval University defended itself from accusations of reverse discrimination, saying that it was no different from other universities,  since all universities must comply with these requirements.”

Translation: Everybody’s doing it, so why can’t we? A more puerile defence would be hard to come by. At the end of the day, the bottom line is both tedious and typical:

“Voices from the Liberal and New Democrat benches rose against the unanimous consent motion, which was ultimately defeated.”

The Liberal-NDP neo-communist coalition says “the show must go on.” Such hypocrisy. We begin to comprehend the truth regarding Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada.

According to the C2C Journal, “the only slice of the Canadian population not offered special treatment under this framework[employment equity] is that of able-bodied white men.”

“The notion that white men stand astride the Canadian economy like a Colossus is both outdated and unfair. White men have one of the lowest rates of university completion across all racial groups, at 24 percent. This is significantly lower than black women at 36 percent.”

Canada is one-of-a-kind. Our “progressive” political ideology serves up a social status unique in the world. Not only does an animus exist toward white males. The perpetrators are in many cases white males. Our females get off easier, but the overall sentiment remains ingrained.

A singular identifiable community has been sanctioned to be on the receiving end of hostility and prejudice. Within the halls of academia– as well as in Parliament— the phenomenon is perfectly acceptable, and encouraged.

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