Sweden, New Zealand Most Comply With Islamic Teachings, Canada In Top Ten Says Report

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Each year the Islamicity Foundation, a U.S.-based non-profit organization, publishes an index of which countries comply most with Islamic teaching.

Each year countries such as Sweden, Norway and New Zealand top the Islamicity Index, but many Muslim countries do not do so well. The overall ranking is made up of scores in four areas according to the principles of the Quran; economic, legal and governance, human and political rights and international relations.

There is almost no Islamic approach which labels a person as religious or pious only by judging their morality independent of whether they perform prayers five times a day. Islamic orthodoxy is clear today: If you are not performing five times prayer, you are not religious. Contemporary Islam has been transformed into a religion of ritual and worship rather than morality.

Therefore the top rated nations are not Saudi Arabia, Iran or Iraq. Rather, they are western nations where new arrivals come to re-affirm their dedication to the Nation of Islam. This is exemplified by thousands of women who, once arriving in Sweden or Norway, begin wearing a hijab they never wore when living in a Muslim nation.

These findings neatly fit in with Islamic ideology–go forth and entrench Islam within western infidel nations. Here in Canada, rather than working to retain Canadian identity and heritage, our current government JOIN IN on an agenda to establish Islam as the most powerful religious force in Canada.

Seems kinda ass-backwards, doesn’t it? But this is Justin Trudeau, half-Canadian Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, and the rest of the Liberal cultural assassins.

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As it happens, Canada is number 8 on the list. Congrats, Canada– you are the apple of geo-political Islam’s eye. And who is most responsible for the “Great White North” busting into the top ten? No other than the prime minister of Canada. Next to him, his snarling refugee pit-bull, Ahmed Hussen. Others responsible are MP’s Iqra Khalid, Maryam Monsef and Omar Alghabra.  Khalid is a dual Pakistani-Canadian citizen. Alghabra is a dual Saudi Arabian citizen. Monsef is of UNKNOWN ORIGIN.

Comforting, isn’t ? Is it not wonderful to know that Mr. Trudeau empowered a gang of Third World  half-citizens in order to achieve a top ten position for Canada in terms of adherence to Islamic ritual and law. The ritual includes ILLEGAL religious practices such as child marriage and female genital mutilation.

The governments of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan must be OVER THE MOON about these circumstances. The people of Canada, on the other hand, had NO SAY in the matter. No choice, no input. Not a SINGLE Canadian was asked if they want this elevation of Islam within our society. No vote, NO DEMOCRACY.

How very Justin Trudeau. How very Pierre Trudeau. Canada has been hoodwinked by the Trudeau Dynasty and their nefarious globalist backers. Vote for Justin Trudeau in October, 2019, and watch the very same process continue for an additional four years.

Justin Trudeau’s ideological agenda  is cast-in-stone. Funny, so is the Nation of Islam’s religiosity. Coincidence? HARDLY.


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  1. let s see if the islamic world lives by trudeau s canadian values. abortion? homosexuality? cross dressing? trans gendering?(transgendering is taqqiya, so acceptable for religion s sake. so trudeau and cair should go convert them, to the plan.


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