Surging Marine Le Pen Considers Banning Dual Citizenship In Public Office

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Marine Le Pen and her party believe there should be several categories of French people. They intend to enshrine in the Constitution a ban on dual nationals holding certain public positions.”

In consideration of the current foreign interference scandal in Canada, it would be more than prudent for government to consider similar measures.

In Canada, 56 foreign-born members, 22 of them with dual or triple citizenship, hold seats in House of Commons and Senate. Some notables include Liberal MPs Iqra Khalid(Pakistan), Ahmed Hussen(Somalia), as well as triple citizenship holder Salma Zahid (Pakistan, Britain, Canada).

Canadian MPs hold citizenship from nations as diverse as Afghanistan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria, United States and United Kingdom.

A recent report on foreign interference from NSICOP offers a damning account of alleged corroboration between unnamed members of Parliament and foreign governments.

“The report noted that Pakistan targeted democratic institutions and processes in the early phase of the period under review”. It said China, India, Pakistan, and Iran engaged in transnational repression.”

Would it not be a common sense decision to ban dual citizenship for MPs in Canada? We note the degree of political discourse suggesting this very thing. CBC? Nothing. Toronto Star? Nothing. Globe & Mail? Nothing.

Common sense Canadians shouldn’t be surprised. PM Justin Trudeau wouldn’t make this move for all the tea in China. For him, dual loyalty to foreign nations is something to be rewarded. Not so for another member of the British Commonwealth, the land down under, Australia.

“Dual citizenship would disqualify them from holding office in Australia, where Section 44 of the Constitution bars anyone who is a citizen of a ‘foreign power’ from sitting in Parliament.”

Can it be fairly stated that “some people” in our society are accepting of foreign interference? CAP can see why “multicultural” non-profit organizations may possibly be in favour of such a thing. In 2017, a Muslim-Canadian non-profit enthusiastically endorsed the M103 “Islamophobia” motion tabled by half-Pakistani MP Iqra Khalid.

As for the upcoming election in France, media in Canada are knowingly downplaying current events. French voters will head to the polls on June 30, 2024. One week previous to the election support for Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally party continues to rise. 

“French President Emmanuel Macron’s approval rating fell six points to match a historic low on Friday, with just over a week before voting starts in the two-round legislative election.”

Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] would be remiss not to include the following tid-bit: French women voters are swinging sharply to the right.

“Marine Le Pen’s anti-immigration National Rally is tipped to win the most votes in a two-round snap election on June 30 and July 7 that could crush the liberal centrists of President Emmanuel Macron, and women are increasingly driving her party’s surging political fortunes.”

Let us note the irony. The Canadian government, along with media and academia, perpetually pump-up the need for gender equality in our society. Justin Trudeau champions the cause with vigor, appointing female MP to key roles within Cabinet.

Yet, when the female tide comes in as decidedly “right-wing” in orientation, the powers that be are quiet as a church mouse. Pulling the wool over Canadian eyes, the “woke left” desperately hope none of this spills over into Canada. To minimize exposure, media systemically bury all that would detract from Trudeau’s iron-clad control of society.

When it comes to French citizenship in general, Le Pen said that she would “allow it only to people who have earned it and assimilated.”

Not in Canada, eh? Pity. On our soil, convicted terrorists are coddled by our ruling government:

“The Liberal Party believes that terrorists should get to keep their Canadian citizenship…because I do. And I’m willing to take on anyone who disagrees with that.”

Damn, this Trudeau character is one strange cat. Drilling down on the foreign interference scandal offers up an additional piece of damnation via the NSICOP report:

“All forms of media, including mainstream media, are being subjected to interference by bad actors,” stated NSICOP chairman David McGuinty.

Upon which we attain clarity on the situation. According to the report, both the Feds and legacy media are being subjected to foreign interference. We gain insight as to reasons why the Liberals, CBC, CTV and the rest refuse to articulate political reality in France.

Canada has a large French population. The more Quebecois who become aware of Marine Le Pen’s popularity, the greater the chances Canadians could follow suit. Result? A media “shut-out” on the current French election, one week away from fruition.

Logic dictates that the time has come to minimize foreign subversion within our political system. One concrete measure is to ban dual and triple citizenship in the Canadian Parliament.

Endorsement from Canadian media? Nothing, and keep on going downhill from there.

4 thoughts on “Surging Marine Le Pen Considers Banning Dual Citizenship In Public Office”

  1. Justin supports women who follow and are submissive to him but let a woman like Jodie Wilson Raybould or any other woman show sign of strength and unwillingness to his demands, Justin sings a different tune. He is phoney.

  2. Dual/triple/quadruple citizenship. That reminds me: The guy on the street who asks passersby if they want to buy a watch–Then rolls up his sleeve; exposing fifteen easily broken watches; strapped from wrist to shoulder. If a foreign born “MP” from Trudeau’s “preferred” countries had fifteen passports; Pretty Boy would wet his rainbow colored panties. A word salad traitor’s dream: Malleable Cab-ee-net material; easily penetrated by zee one and only K. Schwab.

  3. This does not surprise me; it has something to do with Trudeau being a French Canadian who believes the British had no right taking Quebec .. That is why he is constantly insulting English Canadians; only the French Canadians retain their unique identity in Trudeau’s Canada. But there is more going on here; it is the New World Order to which Justin is chained, deliberately or otherwise. I am not certain he wants to sacrifice French Canada to the globalists, but English Canada he certainly would do so. Think about this my fellow Canadians. Methinks Justin made a pact with the devil Klaus Schwab, along with his confreres in caucus!

  4. At last count, at least a couple years ago, there are 31 federal liberals not born in Canada.

    Don’t have the other numbers for the other federal parties.

    DEI ( Diversity, equity, and inclusion ) should NEVER be included in politics, including anchor babies who are eligible to vote.

    One more thing. Trudeau wants to bring down the voting age to 16. Just goes to show how desperate he is to get votes he’s not expected to get anymore.


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