Support For Quebec’s “Religious Garb Ban” GROWING In English Canada

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According to CBC News,in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, polling data suggests a sizeable minority — 45 PERCENT in Alberta — supports a similar law being imposed within their province.

How interesting. As it turns out, a sizeable portion of Canadians OUTSIDE of Quebec agree that government services should remain secular. Religious symbols of ALL TYPES cannot be worn when working for the provincial government of Quebec.

Islamophobia! bellow the National Council of Canadian Muslims. Never mind the fact that the policy applies to ALL religions in Canada. This is not a time for logic, but rather, for emotionally-based victimhood to take precedent. After all, this approach has been successful in shutting down all opposition to the multicult agenda since Pierre Trudeau forced the policy upon Canadian society some four decades ago.

Now, mainly due to Justin Trudeau’s manic, obsessive dedication and favouritism toward the Nation of Islam, the tables may well be turning. Indeed, it does appear that the “cry wolf” methodology of ethnocentric multicultural non-profit organizations in Canada is losing its lustre. EXCELLENT.

Simply put, mainstream Canada has HAD ENOUGH. Sensible Canadians understand that our nation does not exist for the purpose of optimizing the Nation of Islam’s social presence in Canada. This is not the true Canada–it is the HI-JACKED Canada introduced to our nation upon King Justin’s placement on the throne of our country.

Justin Trudeau is POLARIZING the people of Canada. This we see validated with poll results informing us that much of ENGLISH CANADA want the secularism law as well.

An oft-asked CAP question–perhaps to the point of tedium: do these findings align with the “Diversity Is Our Strength” mantra Trudeau attempts to FORCE upon society?

Not at all. Conclusion? Justin Trudeau IS A FRAUD.  It is most interesting to contrast the attitude and approach toward cultural preservation within and outside of Quebec. Within this French-Canadian province, culture, language and identity are of MAJOR importance.

In contradistinction,  English Canada HAS NO CULTURE. Coincidence? CAP say not on YOUR LIFE. In basic terms, English Canada has been BARRED from pride in its identity, heritage, and history.

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The founder of this societal condition is Pierre Trudeau. This person was a French-Canadian. He was the person who single-handedly CANCELLED English and French-Canadian identity in Canada. As it played out, Quebec has largely been successful in retaining its identity–despite Third World non-profits working to erode this particular passion.

Current prime minister, Justin Trudeau is also French-Canadian. He too is down on English Canada– so much so that he cancelled English Canadian identity ALTOGETHER with his “no core identity” proclamation.

See where all this is leading? Please do tell– has Sikh Canadian culture been eroded by way of the Trudeau family political dynasty? Not a chance–the percentage of Sikhs in Parliament relative to their overall population in Canada proves this. How about Chinese-Canadian identity? Has this identifiable community been eroded in any capacity over the decades since Multiculturalism became the “heart and soul” of Canada? How about Islamic Canada? Let’s not relocate to the land of the absurd.

NO— it is English Canada, and this element of society ONLY–which has been decimated by the globalist agenda of the Trudeau Dynasty. Founder: Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator: Justin Trudeau.

Won’t Canadians ever be upset when they DISCOVER these truths. Enter media. There role is to NEVER PERMIT the people of Canada to comprehend the true agenda of Trudeau’s Liberal-Globalist government.

The good news is–they are beginning to FAIL. Why? Alternative and Social Media. What is Justin’s reaction to the rise of alternate media, and its criticisms of Trudeau government policy?

MUZZLE THEM. He will try, but may not fully succeed. Zillionaire Zuckerberg seems to not give a flying fig about Justin’s pseudo-fascist attempt to SHUT UP all dissenters. Funny–Chairman Mao, Fidel Castro, the Soviets, and various historical fascist governments attempted to do the VERY SAME. Media were moulded into a government-serving propaganda outlets. This is what Trudeau is after as well.

So Anglophones and Christian Canadians are getting mighty tired of organizations like National Council Of Canadian Muslims, and the plethora of tax-payer funded non-profits that work in a similar capacity.

Is English Canada next for the major push back against the totalitarian ways of Justin Trudeau? CAP say yes, we are ready–and despite establishment media, we have only JUST BEGUN.








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