Super Bowl Protest Looms As Trudeau Blames Americans For His Troubles

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It’s all over American news. In Canada– not so much: the Department of Homeland Security in the United States has warned that an American trucker convoy protesting vaccine mandates could begin on Super Bowl Sunday.

“White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Friday the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had deployed 500 employees and is surging additional staff in coordination with California police forces to prevent disruptions at the Super Bowl in response to an international trucking protest.”

According to Fox News, Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa, Canada are expected to take off in various U.S. cities. As published by the National Post, protests by truckers “could disrupt the Super Bowl, as well as President Biden’s first State of Union address.”

Justin Trudeau handled the situation in typical style–  blaming everyone but himself, along with issuing veiled threats:

“I’ve heard that on certain platforms that the number of U.S. donations are approaching 50 percent,”  PM Trudeau said during a Friday press conference. In terms of the presence of Americans in our protests, I can assure you that our police services are monitoring carefully and watching and coordinating with partner agencies around the world.” 

All of it inspired by placid little Canada. While little in terms of population, our influence has grown big time– just not in the way Justin Trudeau would like it to.

When first appearing on the world stage in late 2015, Trudeau was a man on a mission. Out of the gate like a globalist racehorse, his first major decision was to import 35,000 Syrian refugees to Canada. A year later, he tweeted out a message informing 3rd World refugees to pack their kits and head to Canada.

For Trudeau and Somalian-born Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, it made not a speck of difference whether the newcomers were legal or illegal entries. Nor did it matter that the majority of Canadians were opposed to the project.

Moving forward, Trudeau continued to worship at the shrine of wokism. He threw billions of tax-dollars at LGBT causes in developing nations. Abortion funding in Africa became top priority. Hundreds of millions flew out the door to Syria, Somalia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Sudan. Holy smoke– even China and India are on his list.

Degree of questioning from Canadian media? Nothing. PM Trudeau had transitioned to progressive saviour of the 3rd World. As it happened, the billions would have come in handy when a wrench was thrown into his machinations. It was called Covid, and it has changed the nature of not only Canada, but of the entire planet.

A seed was planted when a handful of Canadians conceived a Truckers Convoy to protest the western world’s most rigid vaccine mandates. Trudeau hammered in the final nail when demanding all cross-border truckers between the USA and Canada be vaccinated. The wheels began to roll. The result being the largest public protest in modern history. The tread-marks are so deep that the United States stands at the precipice of emulating Canadian efforts.

The stakes are high in Canada, but here we are talking the “home of the free.” America is big, and they do things in big ways. A potential protest at the Super Bowl is a giant. We must, however, keep the situation in perspective. It hasn’t happened– yet.

“The convoy will potentially begin in California early as mid-February, potentially impacting the Super Bowl scheduled for 13 February and the State of the Union address scheduled for 1 March.”

“The convoy of truckers plans to travel from California to Washington — and Canadian truckers may join — the memo notes. While there are no plans for violence, it warns of disruptions to major cities.”

Talk about Canada serving as a catalyst. Considering what may portend, it isn’t difficult to believe these events transcend the pandemic itself. Somehow, it seems larger in scope– an outlet for a general pent-up frustration between the people and government.

One area that continues to nag at Cultural Action Party relates to the issue of culpability. Mainstream news thus far have only one conclusion: the truckers are the trouble-makers. In Canada– to no thinking person’s surprise– media have branded the protestors racist bigots. Get used to it– it occurs every time the public stand in opposition to Justin Trudeau’s pseudo-communism.

Those in the know take a different tact. They recognize certain unspoken realities. First, the person most responsible for Canada’s social chaos is Justin Trudeau. Second, a simple solution exists to end the conflict– Trudeau could quit.

Not a peep emanates from the press. Why is it that such an obvious remedy cannot pass the lips of even one Canadian media outlet? The answer is basic: because the Liberal government own our media.

This is how locked-in Justin Trudeau is as prime minister. Canada a functioning democracy? Not quite. Down in America, perhaps a similar situation exists. Either way, trouble is on the horizon for governments north and south of the 49th parallel.

6 thoughts on “Super Bowl Protest Looms As Trudeau Blames Americans For His Troubles”

  1. hey brad, this has to be a joke, i thought trudeau and biden were on great terms, i don,t think that phone call ever happen.have an awesome day. stay strong truckers, and of course god bless.

  2. The very Best Solution in Canada is for Trudeau to resign as PM so we Canadians can once again appreciate a fair and honest Government that rules with integrity rather than deception, lies and corruption at every level within the Liberal Party!

  3. Just phoned Trudeau’s Ottawa Office phone Number… tell him to just give up and resign…and the phone just says good bye and hangs up..too many people calling now telling him to just throw in the towel….he can’t take it


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