Sunny Ways To Self-Isolation: How Justin Trudeau Has Damaged Canada FOR ALL-TIME

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As most Canadians will concur, the raging Coronavirus epidemic negatively affects myriad elements within western society. It is, in fact, the globalist “Open Border” philosophy which has disseminated the Covid-19 virus within the western nations of the world.

Despite media obfuscation, it is post-modern trends such as mass 3rd world immigration, legal and illegal refugee intake, as well as the general condition of more people travelling more places more often than ever before.

Now, let CAP get specific. While CBC tear their hair out trying to protect Canada’s new-dictator, PM Justin Trudeau, all parties overlook a piece of reality:

The person most responsible for the globalist condition of Canada is PM Trudeau. No question about it–even the most lame leftist journalist cannot deny this truism.

And they won’t. Rather, they will hide these concepts away from 37.7 Million Canadians, for the benefit of Trudeau, Gerald Butts, MP Ahmed Hussen, the United Nations, China and geo-political Islam.

Fact: Trudeau is Mr. “Open Borders.” His Somalian sidekick, half-citizen MP Ahmed Hussen, is Mr. “Illegal Refugee Intake.”

The Liberal Cabinet are a collection of Quebecois Laurentian Mountain  globalists and Liberal- 3rd World globalists. These people do not work on behalf of Old Stock Canadians, Anglophone or Christian-Canadians.

Rather, they work for the same ultimate forces as Trudeau– namely, George Soros’ “Open Border Foundation.” This is the non-profit brain-child of Mr. Soros, media mogul, global banking billionaire, and chief of the 3rd world migrant distribution network.

Soros’ organizations demand open borders. Canada is arguably the most open border nation in the western world. Coincidence? Not on CAP’s life.

Come on, fellow patriots– whhich western leader would you say has maintained the most extreme open-border policy within western nations during the Covid Craze?

CAP choose Canada. Justin Trudeau informs our people that “all options are on the table.” Of course, when he says this, it means no options have yet to be chosen.

Hidden By Media: Why Justin Trudeau Retains “Open Border Canada”– Despite A GLOBAL PANDEMIC

Stalling, procrastinating, rationalizing–anything but making a decision to close Canadian borders for specific nations–China being number one, followed by Iran.

Justin does no such thing. In fact, Canada is the most slack nation in this capacity, and this should come as no surprise to common-sense Canadians. This man is in no way a proper form of national leader.

What Trudeau’s“open border attitude” really says to the people of Canada– once we break out of the CBC-3rd World Globalist bubble:

Frankly, it means what CAP have suggested since day one. Rather than working on behalf of Canadian citizens, Mr. Trudeau works for United Nations, China, Sikhism, Islam, and George Soros’ Open Border Foundation.

The Covid-19 pandemic proves this in no-uncertain terms. The evidence is tangible: despite this world-wide epidemic, our PM will not close Canadian borders to new arrival migrants and refugees..

But equally as bad is what CBC are not telling Canada– immigration intake should be cut back substantially at this time of crisis. A temporary halt on ALL immigration should be instigated in order to protect Canadians from sickness and death by way of China’s latest disease epidemic.

Degree of exposure of this idea from Canadian media? Nothing–not one darn word.

For CAP, this speaks volumes. This is, in fact, a confirmation of a profound concept:

Justin Trudeau has placed the globalist agenda of  Canada’s trans-formation from democracy to dictatorship ABOVE the health and welfare of the Canadian people.

Irrefutable, undeniable, a stone-cold fact. CTV say nothing. National Post write nothing. The entire nefarious agenda of Trudeau-brand globalism moves forward regardless.

What can a patriot glean from such a scenario? Try this on for size– like Trudeau, MP’s Bill Morneau, Ahmed Hussen and Francois Philippe- Champagne, establish media of Canada also work for the globalist forces.

Conclusion? When both government and media share the same political agenda, an element of communism has permeated our society.

CAP’s Blatantly Obvious Question:

What has been the favourite form of governance of the Trudeau family for the past forty years? Why, this would be communism in the style of Cuba and China. Even globalist brother-in-the-shadows Alexandre Trudeau is a card-carrying commie lover.

Media say nothing. For CAP, the entire sordid affair reeks of a pre-conceived agenda for the assassination of Canadian identity, history and heritage.

Frankly, CAP told our followers that this Trudeau person was a trouble-maker from day one. Now informed Canadians can witness the truth inherent in this proclamation.

So that makes perhaps 5% of the Canadian population. If not for Justin Trudeau’s socialist media slaves cover-up of the agenda, perhaps all Canadians would comprehend the truth regarding a political destroyer named Justin Trudeau.




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