Study Suggests Anglophone Minority Status Coming To Canada

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English Canadians, or Anglophone-Canadians, refers to either Canadians of  English ethnic origin and heritage, or to English-speaking or Anglophone Canadians of any ethnic origin. 

In 2021, the number of Canadians who speak English as their first official language was 27.6 million citizens. As many may be aware, Canada’s population broke a 40 million person threshold in mid-2023.

According to Statistics Canada, in 2021 there were 9 million citizens who spoke a mother tongue other than English or French. This stands as a record high since the census was founded in 1901.

This past week, Statscan published data stating that that if the population of our country consistently grows at its current rate, it is going to double within 25 years.

“Canada’s population, which reached 40 million on June 16, 2023, is breaking records as it rises at an unprecedented pace, with 97.7% of growth in the past year attributed to immigration.”

Upon which, at least for CAP, a light-bulb moment occurs. Bound to be kept in the dark by mainstream media are demographic outcomes affecting Canada’s “silent majority.”

As presented by Statscan, nearly all Canadian population growth comes from immigration.  Out of approximately 80 million people in the year 2048, our Anglophone-Canadian population will be somewhere in the area of 35 million citizens.

Several factors are critical to understanding demographic representation for our “Old Stock” communities. Birth-rates among Anglo-Europeans are currently at an all-time low. Simply put, it’s never been worse.

‘Fewer Babies Born As Canada’s Fertility Rate Hits Record Low In 2020’

“In 2020, Canada experienced the lowest number of births since 2007 and the greatest year-over-year decrease in births (-3.6%) since 1997.”

“A new study shows that the birth rate among immigrant women is nearly twice that of their Canadian-born counterparts. The findings support earlier studies which have found that immigrant birthrates tend to correlate to religion and that Muslim, Hindu and Sikh women.”

98% of population growth is coming from immigration, with 3rd World nations such as India, China, Pakistan, Iran and Syria leading the procession.

Fair to conclude that minority status is warming up in the bull-pen for Anglophone-Canadians? Based on these statistics, we suggest that an uptick from 27.6 million t0 35 million is realistic. Low birth-rates, combined with low immigration numbers for Anglos, suggests this to be a reasonable forecast.

We draw a conclusion: by the year 2048, white Canadians will constitute a minority community in Canada. Why is it that media remain silent about this?

The demographic transition of which we speak will constitute the greatest national transformation in Canadian history. On this basis(or any other), would it not be incumbent upon media to at least hint toward the future status of Canada’s largest identifiable community?

Think about this for a minute. CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest constantly rant about issues related to specific communities in Canada. Truly, it’s never-ending. First Nations, Sikhs, Chinese, Muslim, and the collective suffering they experience at the hands of generational Canadians. Yet, when it comes to Anglophones, media speak not a word.

Invisible? Unwanted? A national relic? There has to be an answer. Has our legacy media collective signed an agreement of commitment toward maintaining silence when it comes to the descendants of those who founded our country? Treating us like so much chopped liver is a core value of PM Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government.

It all sounds pretty darn ominous for the “Old Stocks,” eh? But don’t expect the Liberals to address the issue. Based on observation of the Trudeau government over the past eight years, Cultural Action Party believe the anglo-minority scenario is “just what the doctor ordered.” The doctor being our prime minister, whose team of political surgeons is the most Quebec-centric and 3rd World ever.

Justin Trudeau is not a prime minister in a traditional capacity. he is best described as  a political “transformer.” The goal being a transformation of Canada into a “post-modern” state, as our anomaly of a PM pointed out early in his tenure.

Guess it’s up to concerned Canadians to figure out what this means. Media won’t do it. Academia won’t touch it. Meanwhile, the fabric of “traditional society” gets eaten up like locusts devour wheat fields in Saskatchewan.

25 years, or less. There’s your answer on the timeline for Anglo-Canadian transformation to  minority community status. After which we consider a query presented countless times in our columns:

Once Anglos reach minority status, will they then become privy to minority rights currently bestowed upon “racialized” communities? It is here that the reason for establishment media silence may exist.

Anglos will not be privy to these rights in any capacity. Know what this could portend? Try the idea that Anglophone citizens will one day transition to a persecuted minority.

And how would this be justified? By presenting the “evidence” that Justin Trudeau and New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh have been pushing on society for years: that it is reasonable payback for the hardship inflicted on 3rd World, Indigenous and homosexual communities.

Holy Cow. Could this be the reason why our most powerful political figures hype the hell out of current and historical treatment inflicted on minorities?

Forget about the fact that present-day Canadians are in no way responsible. It doesn’t fit the game plan. Justin Trudeau has forgotten. Jagmeet Singh wouldn’t care in the first place.

Sure– it’s all food for thought. Until it actually happens. 25 years and counting, fellow patriots.

5 thoughts on “Study Suggests Anglophone Minority Status Coming To Canada”

  1. Again this column clearly implies that Anglo-Canadians are to become persecuted victims of a bloodless genocide; a direct product of the catholic church in Quebec teaching hatred of the English from 1759 up to the “Quiet Revolution’ of the early 1960s

    Two people I have known/met have been told by French un-Canadians that the British made two mistakes after the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759; viz., letting the habitants keep their language & religion.

    There is no question about it–our current mess derives essentially from the above statement.

  2. When I’m “oot and aboot”–and see a (gasp) White; young; European descended woman–Pushing a baby stroller–with one; perhaps two rosy cheeked infants ensconced onboard–I pause, and stand almost transfixed.

    It’s such a rare; heart-warming sight these days. It’s a bit like watching a passing steam locomotive….The fascinating “iron horse”; eventually replaced by diesels. With Truedolt; it appears that we’re eventually going to lose sight of our crimson-cheeked children, and get the Third World. (Please excuse the locomotive/child dissimilarity.)

  3. the “Anglophones” aka Europeans/Caucasians will do nothing about it.

    you can make 100 posts a month about this – you already do

    nothing will change, because all you guys do is cry online, refuse to act

  4. About a million weaponized migrants a year from the most primitive, brutal societies in the world, and you think there might still be a Canada in 25 years?

    You are quite the optimist. I appreciate your work, thank you and good luck to all of us.


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