Study Says Visible Minorities Out-Performing White Canadians

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It may not apply to all situations under all circumstances, but according to new research from the Aristotle Foundation, their analysis states that “many visible minorities actually out-perform white Canadians on many metrics.”

The study stands in direct contrast to “anti-racism” initiatives endorsed and funded by the Liberal government of Canada.

“An analysis of educational attainment and economic outcomes shows limited evidence of broad systemic racism in Canadian society, despite what anti-racism activists and the mandate letters from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to his cabinet might insist.”

Right. PM Trudeau is a man on a mission. Social division via accusations of racism has been his forte since day one in office.

Joining in on the smearing of society is New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh, who since his first day as party leader has been pushing the anti-colonial, white-Canadian-as-racist mantra.

“What this study tries to do is introduce some facts and evidence and logic into trying to (assess) the accuracy of this claim that we’re a systemically racist society,” said Matthew Lau, senior fellow with the think tank who authored the research paper.

What to make of this “unfortunate misunderstanding?” Keeping in mind government’s attack on traditional Canada, we come to understand the games these people play.

For political and ideological purposes, it’s perfectly acceptable for government, media and academia to deceive our general population.

Trudeau and Singh are hell-bent on turning Canadian society inside-out. The post-modern condition the PM speaks of is, in reality, a push for radical social transformation. 3rd World communities to the top, Anglophones to the bottom.

This long-term vision has yet to be explored by mainstream media. Likely it is that it never will be.  Add to it white Canadian’s inevitable journey toward minority community status. Must be wonderful for a ruling government to enact covert social revolution without being called out for it by media.

In “no core identity” Canada, racism drives down a one-way street. There is no such thing as anti-white racism. In its stead arrives a woke mantra from government and academia called “Islamophobia.” Not to be questioned or denied, this is racism, and nothing short of full condemnation will do.

What all this portends falls into an ominous category best described as “the sounds of silence.”

Not one word. Not one mention. Not a single reference from government, media or our Marxist-infused academic world. We speak of the railroading of the caucasian Canadian into the nemesis community of our country.

Now, we discover that a critical element of woke liberal warrior’s attack is a falsehood. Degree to which it will make a difference?

Begin at nothing, and don’t stop till you get enough. Every bit of the agenda has been pre-conceived. Based on a half-century of degenerative planning, it’s outcome is all-but inevitable.

All the necessary elements have been set in place. In neo-communist style, media now work for government. Founder of multiculturalism and mass immigration, ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau, initiated our community’s long-term downfall upon taking office in 1968.

Today, Statistics Canada data shows there are five ethnic communities that out-earn whites.

“White Canadians are at the middle of the pack, earning $1,530 for men and $1,120 for women.”

After decades of white Canadians out-performing “racialized” citizens, the tables are turning, and fast. Among the omissions related to identifiable community performance, one stands out for CAP as wholly obvious.

Those who have been in Canada the longest, and constituted the largest percentage of our population, have performed the best. A natural, organic condition if there ever was one.

“The early bird gets the worm.” While Team Trudeau scream “systemic racism,” media overlook this basic premise. Cultural Action Party have no doubt that if, for example, Sikhs from the Punjab settled our land, they would have been the top-rung community in the same manner that Anglophones and Francophones have held the position.

It’s all changing, and the data verifies it to be so. But not to worry, leftist self-haters of the woke variety. Nothing is going to change.

A plethora of guest professors from foreign universities will keep on screaming racism. Liberal MPs of the half-citizen variety such as triple citizen(Pakistan, Britain, Canada) Salma Zahid will continue on with the “Islamophobia” campaigns.

The result is a shifting of Canada’s power-structure out of the hands of “Old Stock” citizens, and into the hands of “special interest” Canada. It’s a process which has continued since the day Pierre Trudeau blessed our country with anti-Anglophone Multicultural policy.

General society, too blind or busy to see what is transpiring, remain largely unaware of the high-level agenda. Add to it what has transitioned to propaganda delivery from establishment media in Canada.

Hear ye, Hear ye: Systemic racism turns out to be a giant sham. But most won’t hear, because media won’t tell.

Certainly not to the degree necessary to stop Justin Trudeau’s woke socialist revolution from rolling over a dying Great White North.

2 thoughts on “Study Says Visible Minorities Out-Performing White Canadians”

  1. “The result is a shifting of Canada’s power-structure out of the hands of “Old Stock” citizens, and into the hands of “special interest” Canada. It’s a process which has continued since the day Pierre Trudeau blessed our country with anti-Anglophone Multicultural policy.” A giant shift; the letter “f” purely optional.

    Canada; So fortunate to have received a double “blessing.” A veritable cornucopia of reverse cultural blessings from the cloven hoofs of P. Trudeau. Currently; millions of imported glad hands receive a panoply of “blessings” from his netherworld son. Descendants of the land the founders built have been weighed in the Trudeau virtue scales, and deemed unworthy.

    Our successors now shine like stars; in the fair land of Trudopia. Trudeau blessings are not cheap, and although we are dirt; our money is still clean. It is our duty–indeed; our penance–to gladly have the great god Trudeau confiscate our wealth, and bestow it upon his shining stars.


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