Study Proves Trudeau’s “Systemic Racism” Claim To Be A Falsehood

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“An analysis of educational attainment and economic outcomes shows limited evidence of broad systemic racism in Canadian society, despite what anti-racism activists and the mandate letters from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to his cabinet might insist.”

So says new research from the Aristotle Foundation. Upon which we contrast the information with  commentary from Prime Minister Trudeau:

“Systemic racism is an issue right across the country, in all our institutions, including in all our police forces, including in the RCMP,” said the prime minister in June, 2020.

What gives? As informed Canadians understand, the ramifications of the PM’s commentary set the stage for systemic condemnation of Canadian society. In an instant, plain old-fashioned “racism” was put on steroids by a person tasked with keeping the peace within society.

Did Mr. Trudeau lie? Or is he simply uninformed? Whatever the circumstance, an erroneous claim from our national leader resulted in additional woke fuel being added to Canada’s existing social fire.

Cultural Action Party [est.2016] suspect a combination of both. In our opinion, Trudeau is the biggest political trouble-maker in Canadian history.  The man thrives on throwing chaos-creating wrenches into the engine that is Canadian society.

Of these, the accusation of racism stands at the pinnacle. Followed by manufactured post-modern bigotry in the form of “homophobia” and “transphobia.”

This Trudeau character is not a national leader in the traditional sense of the word. Casting aside meat-and-potatoes issues like social and economic management, our this aberration of a PM is working to establish a “progressive” form of neo-communism in Canada.

His string-pullers have learned from the best. When engaging in covert forms of revolution, best to ensure that the identifiable communities in the country are at each other’s throats.

This way, no unity will exist among our citizenship– a standard of socialist revolution if there ever was one. Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Fidel Castro. All engaged in this Marxist instrument of social division. All were leaders of socialist or communist revolutions.

“If all of our institutions and the way our institutions are set up, set up on this notion that we discriminate against minorities, you would expect to see white people with the highest weekly average earnings.”

Turns out it’s not the case. The data says otherwise, like this:

“Many racialized groups do better on math testing than white students do — at least in the Peel region, a municipality in the west and northwest of the Greater Toronto Area and from some other school boards that publish this data.”

“Asian and Middle Eastern students are likely to show above-average math proficiency, while white students show below average proficiency, along with Latin American, Black and Indigenous students.”

Well, whaddya know? Is everything expressed by mainstream media on these issues a bald-faced lie? Looks like it is, not that you will be hearing about it from the CBC.

“White Supremacy,” Critical Race Theory,” “White Privilege” “Systemic Racism,” “Islamophobia,” and the like. You can gather them up and throw them in Lake Ontario– the gig’s up.

But of course, it isn’t. We now live in “no core identity” Canada– another one of PM Trudeau’s globalist tag-phrases. As such, the woke whiners will keep on whining. The academic Marxists will keep on hating. Media will continue to stir up societal dust. And the Liberal government will keep on financing the entire project.

“In Ontario, the Toronto District School Board has held a presentation on white supremacy in K-12 mathematics education that argued standardized testing was a form of covert white supremacy.”

Bastion of anti-Anglophone bigotry, the TDSB will continue to denigrate Canadian of Anglo-European heritage. In 2023, all Canadian educational institutions fall into the anti-white animus category.

CAP refer to this as the “politics of inversion.” What’s up is down, and vice versa. For example, only one identifiable community–white Canadians— qualify as a community in which it is acceptable to trash at will. The rest are “protected.”

Therefore, while Toronto Star are ranting about racism, the true targets are Anglo-European Canadians.

While Globe & Mail speak of systemic racism, something called “Anglophobia” is perfectly acceptable within institutional Canada. Government, Media, Academia– all promote this inversion of truth. In communist circles, they call it “propaganda.”

“Student test scores data are generally contrary to the notion that public schools are systemically racist against visible minorities,” the study notes.

There’s always discrimination in society, but the idea that our institutions are rigged or set up in such a way to disfavour minorities, I think the evidence is not there,”  says Matthew Lau, senior fellow at the Aristotle Foundation.

Has Justin Trudeau intentionally deceived 40 million Canadians for personal and political benefit? Perhaps only his hairdresser knows for sure.

In the meantime, CAP stick to our politically incorrect guns. Our prime minister is the biggest trouble-maker in a troubled society becoming more and more fragmented with each passing day.

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