Stories Of Child Transgenderism Expose Pain, Heartache For Parents

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An article published this month speaks to dialogue that has thus far been omitted from mainstream news presentation in Canada:

“A child who never exhibited signs of gender dysphoria suddenly decides to change genders, often after others in their group of friends make the same choice.”

It’s called “peer pressure,” a behavioural condition that a mother of a transgendered teen references in a recent article written by a senior reporter with the Canadian edition of The Epoch Times.

CAP has referenced the concept in previous articles on the hot-button issue of transgenderism among Canadian youth:

Is the current sex-change phenomenon an organic development, or social construct? Are our children choosing the transgender option in a spontaneous manner, or is a form of coercion at the root of the social condition?

By way of the Epoch Times article, readers gain an ability to hear it “from the horse’s mouth,” so to speak:

“It was all pretty benign as far as I was concerned,” one mother told The Epoch Times. “Then, fast forward to the early part of Grade 10, and out of the blue I get a text from my kid while he’s at school saying I’m now identifying as she/they.”

From benign to being pushed forward was only a hop, skip and jump. The mother kept “trying to buy time,” but when referred to a medical clinic to discuss the matter, she found the personnel “aggressive.”

“As she hoped for delay, the clinic kept calling and emailing her to schedule an appointment immediately. Before the first appointment, she was expected to already have had blood work done for Noah and consent forms filled out.”

Why the mad rush? After all, it’s not a Canadian church being attacked by arsonists as it has occurred some 63 times in the past several years. We dive deeper into the cesspool of  woke intentions:

“When she arrived with Noah, he was quickly swept into the room with the doctor alone, she said. She was told it was Noah’s appointment, not hers.”

“After a conversation that lasted less than 10 minutes, Crystal said, the doctor was ready to prescribe him hormones. She confronted the doctor for not conducting any psychological assessments or screening of any kind.”

Stop the press. Well, in fact, we there’s no need, as legacy media refuse to offer worried parent’s perspective on transgender-conditioning by way of Canada’s medical industry.

“The doctor told her that while she could try to oppose the medical treatment, she might end up in court.”

Sounds positively fascist, no?  The nerve of the heartless bugger, treating the woman who gave birth to her child like a common criminal. A microcosm for the arrogance of those who participate in an ersatz “trans-factory” in our society.

CBC say nothing. Toronto Star offer no tweets. Globe & Mail, Calgary Herald, Montreal Gazette, CTV News– all of which eschew anti-trans stories from the trenches of family life.

Why? What is it about trans-for-youth that renders it a sacrosanct force in society? Our prime minister is all for it. While prancing about in Pride Parades, not once has Justin Trudeau offered an element of caution regarding transitional sex-change surgery.

“She[the mother] said it’s important to note that their family doctor and a child psychologist Noah had been seeing for years previously did not affirm his gender dysphoria.”

“It was only the ‘gender experts’ who had zero history with my child.”

Now we’re really getting down and dirty. What is the message inherent in this dynamic? CAP offer our take: what it really says is that, beyond government financing and promotion, the trans-agenda has been hi-jacked by a cabal of opportunists.

There’s big money in this deal– billions of dollars of it. Big Pharma drugs. Medical industry product sales. Fashion and cosmetic corporations. “Expert” consultants lining their pockets in what has become a nefarious post-modern industry.

Who suffers? Our children. Can’t get any lower than this, can we? After all, we’re not speaking about fashion trends which fluctuate between skinny jeans and wide-legs.

Speaking of social trends, let us move forward:

“I felt shocked and displaced, says May, the mother of a teen who transitioned socially at school before announcing her new identity on Christmas Eve in 2021. Her daughter, Alex, was 14 at the time.”

“Alex’s group of girlfriends had all decided to transition around the same time. Alex was the last in the group to do so.”

“Maybe gay isn’t cool enough. It isn’t enough to get your ’status’ in this overarching subculture, May said. “Gay isn’t enough—I have to wonder if she kind of tossed that aside to gain trans status.’”

A teenage trend. Only this time out, the loss has nothing to do with shorter hair-styles. In this situation, loss comes in the form of human body parts and loss of reproductive potential.

Media still have no concern. We begin to zero in on the ground level of transgender dynamics within the family unit. We see how, in many instances, Canadian families can be torn apart by these circumstances.

Expanding outward toward social philosophy brings additional meat to the operating table. We come to witness a systemic usurping of the traditional role of the Canadian parent. Today, the teachers are in charge, in addition to a gang of woke “experts” on the topic.

Is this entire situation nothing more than a trumped-up money game? If so, it’s just about the sickest thing Cultural Action Party has witnessed in our eight-years of existence.

“The issue brought out the worst in her daughter, May said. She recalled the vitriol”she faced a few days after Alex’s Christmas Eve announcement, when she was trying to talk to her about it.

“Regardless of the tantrums I had seen as she was growing up, I had never seen that kind of vitriol. I’d never seen her face turn so volatile.”

Aka, the breakdown of the traditional family unit. If one researches the phenomenon on an historical basis, one will see that the imperative is rooted in Marxist ideology.

It’s the way it is China. There, a “politburo” of twenty-four adult males control all aspects of society, including maintaining jurisdiction over families and children.

Marx and Engels wrote about the destruction, dissolution, and abolition of the family. The relationships they envisaged for communist society would have little or no resemblance to the family as it existed in nineteenth-century Europe.” 

“Thus it is appropriate to define their position as the abolition of the family. Only by making the term family almost infinitely elastic can they be said to have embraced merely a reformulation of the family.”

We attempt to hit the nail directly on its head: is Liberal government policy on LGBT not in line with the “infinitely elastic” concept of the family unit? Does, or does not, the usurping of parental rights by teachers and doctors not fit neatly into the box of authoritarian control of the family unit?

Here, we have the very reason why CAP consider Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government to be neo-communist in political orientation.

“May’s message for other parents is, you’re not alone.”

“There were times she started to think, I must be the crazy one. I’m like, maybe I’m the insane one. And then I snap out of it. So imagine what these children are feeling when they’re being bathed in this ideology.”

“Bathed in the ideology” it is.  The time has arrived for Canadian society to wash its hands of this sordid affair for all-time.

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  1. Seems to me that the commies have just rebranded pedophilia as gender affirmation.
    The degenerate propaganda being force injected into children’s minds is one of the most despicable crimes i have ever heard of, right up there with pre-natal murder.
    How far we have fallen.


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