Statistics Point To Islam Surpassing Christianity As Most Dominant Religion

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An article published this week in the Canadian media tells the story:

“Gone by 2040: Why some religions are declining in Canada faster than ever.”

A quick peruse of the contents reveal that “some religions” means the Christian religion. In the meantime, the number of Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists and Hindus is increasing. StatCan predicts the number of Canadians reporting a non-Christian religious affiliation could double by the year 2036.

In terms of immigration, an article from Western Standard News tells us that the population of Muslim-Canadians has tripled over the past 15 years.

“As late as 1985 there were so few Muslims in Canada the religion was categorized as ‘others’ in a federal survey. The postwar population of Muslims was so small StatsCan’s predecessor agency, the Dominion Bureau of Statistics, deleted “Muslim” from its 1944 Census questionnaire.”

In 2022, both a federal and Ontario Islamic Heritage Month exist to celebrate Muslim history in Canada. Interesting to note that according to Statcan, there isn’t much of a history to celebrate. Perhaps like government, StatsCan is more concerned with our nation’s demographic future than its past.

Christianity is in sharp decline. As reported by Global News, United Church of Canada is losing one church  per month. StatCan data shows that in 1986, 10.4% of all Canadians were Anglican. In 2019, the number stood at 3.8%.

What caused these trends? Putting statistics aside, Cultural Action Party refer to the “intangibles.” Here we note an affinity with government– in particular the behaviour of PM Justin Trudeau.

While proclaiming to be a practicing Catholic, our prime minister spent the past six years promoting every anti-Christian tenet he could get his hands on.

Abortion, euthanasia, LGBT, transgenderism. Conversely, we discover Mr. Trudeau’s all-encompassing dedication to the promotion of Sikhism and Islam. Degree to which mainstream media alluded to this reality varies between zero and nothing.

Now we understand why the current Liberal government behave in this manner– the future of our country is non-Christian. Rather than attempt to preserve Christian presence–or god forbid promote it– our prime minister has attacked his own religious faith.

“In an unusually harsh judicial slapdown of the Trudeau government, a federal judge has ruled that an Ontario university was barred access to the Canada Summer Jobs Program for little reason other than the fact that it was a Christian institution.”

Such was Trudeau’s agenda back in 2019, applied to dozens of Christian non-profits from coast to coast. The reason? They refused to sign on the dotted line regarding full support of Canada’s abortion laws–the most permissive in the western world.

In 2018, Toronto Sun published the following article: “Another Controversial Islamic Group  Gets Summer Jobs Grant Funding.”

“According to a government database of grant recipients, the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) has been approved to receive ten grants to fund activities for its various chapters across Ontario. MAC’s Mississauga chapter is listed as receiving three separate grants.”

Let Cultural Action Party draw a conclusion regarding Justin Trudeau. This individual is morally reprehensible, choosing his priorities based on retaining political power for as long as possible.

Our prime minister is privy to information held back from general society. He knows the demographic future of Canada in advance. The general population do not. Ahead of the curve, Trudeau runs out to pander to the voter growth market.

In the process, he leaves behind– or perhaps more accurately betrays– his own religious faith in an attempt to lock the Liberals in as government-for-life.

What happened to all the virtue signalling? What about all that “we will always stand for minority rights” rhetoric? CAP brand it fake. The true goal is power, perpetual victory and a pathological need for control.

This is the real Justin Trudeau. What media present is a result of being paid to portray a positive image. The more time that passes, the more the true individual is discovered.

The moral virtue of our prime minister stands as the true measuring stick.

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