State-Of-Emergency On First Nations Reserves, Trudeau Gives BILLIONS To 3rd World Nations

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A state of emergency has been declared in the northern Ontario community of Attawapiskat after tests showed its drinking water had potentially dangerous levels of byproducts from a disinfection process.

“Residents are being advised to limit their EXPOSURE  to the water — including showers — and to NOT USE use the water to wash food.”

“In this country there are thousands of Indigenous people that don’t have access to clean drinking water. Now we can’t even bathe in it? This is ridiculous,” said Attawapiskat resident Adrian Sutherland on CTV News.

In 2016, Justin Trudeau committed$465 million to Afghanistan, including $270 million for development assistance and $195 million for security support from 2017 to 2020. This is just one example. Trudeau has also delivered HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS to Syria, Iran, and Iraq.

Between 2016 and 2019, Canada is investing $2 billion to enhance regional security and stabilization, to provide vital humanitarian assistance to those in need, to help host communities build resilience in the face of conflict and to increase Canada’s diplomatic engagement in Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.

Conclusion? Justin Trudeau has a great deal of concern about Islamic nations. He has directed GIANT amounts of Canadian tax-payer dollars toward the health and welfare of citizens within Islamic countries. Meanwhile, let the First Nations eat poison. After the Jody Wilson-Raybould/SNC Lavalin scandal, the major portion of First Nations people are unlikely to vote Trudeau in for a second term. Therefore, time to move on to Third World Canada.

Seems Justin wants to be their lil’ darling. He will please Third World governments, which will in turn please the hard-core Liberal Third World voter base in the GTA. Pretty slick, eh?

NOT. Justin Trudeau is a FRAUD. He only goes where the votes are to be had. There, he panders like a devil, branding non-Liberals racist bigots. Trudeau did this EXACT THING recently at a 1000-person gathering of Muslims in Mississauga, Ontario

NDP MP Charlie Angus, whose riding includes Attawapiskat, stated: “What you’re looking at is years of Band-Aid solutions on underfunded infrastructure, inadequate water and sewage, and this is what you see in many northern communities.”

Angus said the process of making the water usable and potable requires applying “massive amounts of chlorine to get the impurities out,” which in turn creates chemicals — including some, he said, that “have been identified as cancer causing.” He added that the situation is far beyond a boil-water advisory.

“Some of the parents I’ve been speaking to [have] children who are covered in horrific rashes that we’ve seen in the northern reserves from this kind of chemical exposure,” Angus said. “I’ve met a mother whose daughter is suffering kidney failure.”

Justin Trudeau’s solution? Free housing, medical and dental health care FOR SYRIAN REFUGEES.

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Once again–how many times will CAP make this statement– Justin Trudeau’s PRIORITIES fall outside the scope of his employment mandate as prime minister of Canada. He doesn’t care. Upstart Justin has trans-formed the role of PM into an “Ambassador To The Third World.”

Who voted for this? No one. Did Canada’s globalist King of Kings receive a mandate for this purpose? Nope. Was this part of his original campaign platform? Not a chance– Justin simply went ahead and did it ON HIS OWN. Just like Pierre Trudeau did when forcing Multiculturalism and his  multicult- supporting Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Such arrogance this family maintains–it’s downright sick.

Liberal Government priority– non- Canadians. Justin Trudeau’s priorities– Third World nations, Third World immigration, Sikhism, Homosexuality and Transgenderism.What a STRANGE, STRANGE man Justin Trudeau is.



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  1. Trudeau bid all lies,he promises when he gets re elected ha ha ha ha that’s a big IF,first Nations should come first not illegal free loaders


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