State Media-Controlled CBC Losing Market Share Despite Trudeau’s Massive Cash Injection

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Canadian Broadcast Corporation(CBC) has received a massive injection of taxpayer money under the the government of Justin Trudeau.  Despite already being well-funded previously, Trudeau upped their budget to the point at which CBC now gets around $1.5 BILLION per year.

Yet despite this huge built in advantage, CBC is unable to convince people to watch their biggest news show – The National.As noted by Graeme Gordon in the Toronto Sun, The National lost 10% of their views following the show being rebooted, with the audience dropping to 460,000 Now, the audience has fallen again:

“More than a year has passed and the show’s average ratings dropped another 59,000 or 13%, according to a CBC spokesman.”

CBC exist to deliver propaganda in support of Justin Trudeau’s bid to become dictator-for-life– Canada’s  very own home-grown Fidel Castro. The piece omitted from the narrative is that it is entirely likely that PM Trudeau is personally responsible for the revenue and market share reduction.

How so? No prime minister in history has pushed an unwanted and unrequested transformation of Canadian society in the manner Justin Trudeau has. The only previous PM who comes close is his father, Pierre Trudeau.

The result of the King Justin Globalist Pride Parade is that the people of Canada are LOSING TRUST in the establishment media within our nation. Trudeau’s decision-making is so outrageous that an attempt to cover it up, spin and obscure the messaging renders CBC UNTRUSTWORTHY.

Therefore, Trudeau iron-grip upon media–and our greater society– has resulted in the opposite effect of what his billion dollar  media cash injections are designed to accomplish.

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Sensible Canadians, Nationalist and Patriots should view this as a step in the right direction. Liberals, Multi-cult pushers, professors, immigration lawyers, non-profit Multicultural organizations will not be pleased. EXCELLENT.

The globalist grip these nefarious groups have upon our nation may not endure after all. In fact, much has changed within this social dynamic. Anti-Canadian Senator Ratna Omidvar is no longer running down whitey in Canada. Toronto Star journalist and resident Anglo-basher Shree Paradkar has gone totally silent. Of course, she could just be on maternity leave.

Other signs of change are appearing. Two Conservative MP’s recently launched a law suit against a snowflake city councillor from Barrie, Ontario for branding them white supremacist supporters. Indeed, TWO CAN PLAY at the Charter-leveraging defamation game, once the exclusive of Third World Canada and the LGBT movement.

Naturally, the number one goal in stopping the madness is for Justin Trudeau to NO LONGER be prime minister of Canada. Next, and what should naturally follow, is for Somalian Refugee Ahmed Hussen to no longer hold the position of immigration minister.

Beyond this, as globalist Justin always says, “there is a lot more work to be done.” Our nation has been hi-jacked. It began with Pierre Trudeau, and may well end with his incompetent, reckless decision-maker of a son. End the Trudeau DYNASTY and there is a chance 150 years of Canadian identity will not be destroyed.





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  1. Will not watch CBC if they are bought and ruled by a prime minister who tries to control and convert our great country

  2. Boycotting is the one option open to force desired action but a better one is to elect the PPC party and support us.


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