State Media CBC Use Justin Trudeau’s Blackface Idiocy To Promote “White Supremacy” Theory

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What more would a sensible(non-snowflake) Canadian expect? In what other direction would the globalist rhetoric of liberal-globalist infused CBC take?

For CBC, as well as the rest of establishment media in Canada, there is only one path to walk down in this regard–use the situation to further vilify Anglophone Canada.

Check the irony–the author of the CBC piece is Duncan McCue, a straight-up Anglophone Canadian dude. What is wrong with this man? He suffers from a syndrome endemic to society–he hates the heritage of his own nation.

In contrast, let’s focus on writers of colour in Canada. One is Sheema Khan of the Globe & Mail, a hijab-clad full faced muslima. How much time does Ms. Khan spend running down Muslim-Canadians? Answer: Zero.

Within the political spectrum, how about M103 founder, MP Iqra Khalid? Again, no time at all. MP Maryam Monsef–zero as well. These types do not attack the heritage and identity of their own kind. In post-modern Canada, this self-flagellation is exclusive to a single community: white Canada.

Why? CAP has a theory: because an agenda to steal Canada away from its founding nations peoples has been in play for four decades. It began in 1971, with father Pierre Trudeau’s non-democratic implementation of “multicultural” policy. Forty-six years later, son Justin Trudeau is working to drive the final nail in our collective coffin.

He did this by vilifying, ignoring, eroding and marginalizing one specific identifiable community within society-Anglophone Canada. Now, even after Justin and his  Black face scandal hit the streets, the globalist media continue to push the big, bad, white supremacist ticket.

Let CAP speak on this: White Canadians–save a sliver of our people– are not looking for supremacy–we are looking for equality. Big frackin’ difference– and one John Ivison, Andrew Coyne and other leading journalists perpetually eschew.

True, or not: there exists a singular community who are excluded from all elements of the Liberal-Globalist Diversity Agenda, which is so obviously Anglo-Canadians. Therefore, how can we at the same time be a “supremacist” community?

Hs Islam been shunned by government as well? Are Sikh-Canadians omitted from King Justin’s diversity banquet feast? Chinese-Canadians? Nope. Any Third World communities at all? Negative.

The “white supremacy” label in Canada is nothing short of political weapon. Ditto for the term “minority.” Within Trudeau’s quasi-socialist Canada, these terms take on an Orwellian capacity.

Illegal Refugees are “Irregular.” “Minorities” are by default “sufferers.” Whites are “supremacist” by default. This, fellow patriots, is Justin Trudeau in full effect

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“We” failed the Jewish people during the second World War 2″(paraphrase), utters Canada’s King of Kings. Just one question on this, King Justin–who are “we?”

Is this our entire nation? Our government? Are “we” all living Canadians? The government of the day? Comrade Justin fails to clarify.

Why? Because this way the social stigma applies to the broadest possible range of Canadians possible. CAP tag this “Gerald Butts in action.” It is also immigration minister, MP Ahmed Hussen. 

Getting the picture, folks? Please do tell: Was Osama Bin Laden not an Islamic supremacist? ISIS, or militant Islamics in general. IMAM’s in Canadian mosques? MP’s like Iqra Khalid, Omar Alghabra, and Maryam Monsef?

CAP Salient Question of the Day: Why is white supremacy the only form of ethnic supremacy which exists in Canada? Try perusing  through the Koran–it is chock full of religious supremacy.

Conclusion? The government of Justin Trudeau is railroading Anglophone and Christian Canada into a community of virulent racists, bigots and xenophobes. Conversely, Islam is a righteous as the driven snow.

Now, why would this be the case in a so-called “democratic” nation where in the main government and media are run by Anglophone and Francophone Canadians? It makes no sense–therefore, we can conclude that something is seriously amiss within our society.

“Some organizations have thanked Trudeau for apologizing, such as the National Council of Canadian Muslims, which initially called the prime minister’s use of brownface “reprehensible.”

Speaking of social organizations working to demonize Anglo-Canada, the NCCM are gunning for number one position in the world of Canadian tax payer-funded ethnocentric Third World non-profit organizations.

Did you know? NCCM were instrumental in establishing the M103 “Islamophobia” motion. This government-enforced motion only names one religion by name within its contents–the Nation of Islam. Who drafted the document? Pakistani national MP, Iqra Khalid–together with NCCM.

Result? Islam moves into a “supremacy” position within religious communities in Canada. Oh, the irony!  Then, these types turn around and brand like cattle our Anglophone communities with the “supremacist” tag.

This, fellow patriots, is the globalist lie on full display. Hypocrisy, reverse racism, vilification of one of Canada’s founding nations people. Who does the dissing? An Anglophone Canadian in the flesh– CBC journalist, Duncan McCue.

This is it, folks–the essence liberal-globalist-multicultural hypocrisy in Canada.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.




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