Government-Controlled CBC News RESTRICT HIRING Of Anglophone-Canadians

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A post-George Floyd murder in America has resulted in an acceleration of institutionalized “reverse-racism” in Canada.

CBC said in a statement  it would be working to “accelerate progress” on its Diversity and Inclusion Plan, citing “troubling” stories from employees who have reported being affected by racism both personally and professionally while working at CBC.

The directive sets out a hiring quota for senior positions as well as a target to retain and promote more minorities and people with disabilities.

According to CBC’s statement, by 2021-2022:

 How entirely fascinating, eh? Imagine a country where you gain a promotion for being a person of 3rd World origin. Picture a society where wearing a Hijab to work may well gain you a position in upper management.

When you do so, you are picturing Justin Trudeau’s Canada— a nation in which being of 3rd World origin includes privileges such as employment advancement, pay increases and greater respect from peers– all because you wear a Sikh turban.

Let Canadian patriots understand what the CBC is NOT telling you: there is a “flip-side” to this agenda, and it is chock full o’ racism against white Canadians. Just because government and their socialist media partners do not speak of such a thing does not mean it is not factual.

It is logically impossible for an increase in 3rd World employment hiring not to impede gaining employment for those Canadian who fall “outside the pale” of political correctness of Justin Trudeau’s dreams.

Of course, a new core is quickly emerging with a roll-out of government, media and academia-sanctioned racism against Anglophone/European Canadians.

Buried By Media: Anglo-PHOBE Nation: How Justin Trudeau Successfully Demonized A Canadian Community

Punitive measures have arrived, no?  Of course they have– blatant, obvious, tangible–and CAP bet it is going to get much more extreme as Trudeau pushes Canada toward his ultimate destiny for our nation– a socialist state dominated by our “Third World” citizenship.

“CBC says these changes have come about through the broadcaster’s Diversity and Inclusion Working Group, a task force established in December with a mandate to “accelerate change in the areas of representation and workplace culture.”

CAP says this is typical “newspeak” perpetuating oppression and prejudice against an “identifiable” Canadian community–those of us who qualify as “white” Canadians.

CBC counter with their belief in white supremacy and white privilege. They want to destroy all remnants of their perception, and therefore are taking  an incremental step toward punitive measures for Canadians with light-coloured skin.

All good by way of government, all acceptable as far as Canadian academia is concerned.

“This is how we fight racism” state Muslima hired-hands of media such as Sheema Khan of the Globe & Mail, and Shafina Nasser of CBC.

It makes no sense at all– these forces are fighting racism by instilling racism against Canadians of European origin. Then again, CAP expect nothing less than an endless illogical campaign of prejudice toward our people.

Welcome to 2020 Canada— the nation which hates itself, its history, heritage and identity. Certainly Justin Trudeau hates all this. He came upon it quite naturally– his father Pierre Trudeau was the same.

Funny that CAP has yet to witness a replication of Canada’s “self-flaggelation” within Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia, Nigeria, India, China or any other of the top source-nations for migration to our country.

Only in Canada, eh? Pity, isn’t it.  Therefore– entirely unnatural and non-organic. Media say nothing as “traditional” Canada falls to 3rd World globalism.

In CAP’s opinion, there are specific people working this agenda. One, of course, is the prime minister of Canada. Other may fall into what we shall refer to as “globalist plants.”

These are Trudeau’s gang of GTA 3rd World MP winners. Half-citizenship tells the story:

GTA 3rd World power-player MP Ahmed Hussen is one. Others include half-citizen Liberal MP’s such as Omar Alghabrathree-time winner Liberal-Globalist MP winner in Mississauga, Ontario.

“The plan will not just influence hiring and promotions, but also content, the broadcaster said. This will be achieved in part by a commitment to ensure a “person from a diverse background” is in a decision-making creative role on every scripted and factual program, even those commissioned from other production companies, within the next five years.”

What can CAP say about such a thing? Based upon this piece of draconian ethnic privilege, “Old Stock” Canada should be in a trash-bin by morning time.

It is not as though CAP enjoy being a bearer of bad news. In fact, we long for some good news regarding the running-down of our communities, but it just cannot be found in the post-George Floyd murder era.

Rather, WE chose to “grin and bear it”– and then push the ideas and information out to our readers. Please do not get us wrong–the idea of CAP media output being censored by our government is no illusion. We half-expect to be shut-down based upon our messaging in due course.

Trudeau won’t stand for detractors slamming his neo-communist agenda. In the meantime, we shall continue to advance our theories–none more salient than an orchestrated agenda for the punishment of Anglophone Canadians for the so-called “sins of our fathers.”



11 thoughts on “Government-Controlled CBC News RESTRICT HIRING Of Anglophone-Canadians”

  1. It’s a massive crime that CBC – which the latest polls show less than 1% of Canadians actually watch any more! – gets over $1.5 BILLION of our tax dollars EVERY year!

    So in fact that means that if those 350,000 morons (the 1% of Canada’s 35 million people, newborns included) were forced to actually pay their own money to fund the CBC, each libtard would have to pay $42,857.14 out of their own pockets every single year, too. So I bet then they’d call for it to be defunded and sold off pretty damn quick if we imposed such user fees on them, wouldn’t they? Yes you know they would!

    • Right– Anglo-Europeans pay for CBC with our tax dollars, and are then repaid by being refused employment for being white.

      • CBC is the programs for all the indigenous people all afternoon and you get so tired of listening to all their issues and concerns., some good programs in the evening, Sell of the whole French /English, and scale down to service the Minority groups. Get our money out quick..

      • If the MSM stopped catering to the little idiot and the RCMP stop protecting Trujoke then we would all be in a better situation.

  2. So what’s next? Will the Prime Minister command his wife to become a lesbian, give up his children for adoption, then adopt other children of a different race and orientation? What is happening with CBC is an act of activism, not business.

  3. Liberal did a fine job electing a snotty-nose kid who hasn’t got a clue but his daddy was a prime minister. I don’t think his daddy was such a liar and deceitful so Justin learned by himself.

  4. We have seen this change slowly changing the Canadian landscape for years now. CBC needs to go and so do the LIBERALS. We need to find a a leader and a party to bring us back and dig a moat around our beloved CANADA. I think MAX BERNIER would be that person.

  5. Trudeau is a traitor, a racist, a self serving narcissist and a criminal. CBC is nothing but a tax funded mouth piece for the Lieberal propaganda garbage.

  6. The CBC was (originally) founded to promote/reflect our culture and traditions. It did a good job; until Mr. Pierre (Brad’s term) emerged politically; in a thick cloud of ripe; explosive sewer gas. Fifty years later; his effeminate; evil spawn has completed the transmogrification–The CBC has become the hand puppet/mouth piece of (mainly) Third World; anti-White haters/liars/racists/thieves. Therefore; the CBC has utterly rejected its original purpose, and should be savaged; bone by bone. Lastly; The White senior CBC management should “lead by example,” and immediately hand over their useless jobs to the “people of color; etc.” Yeah; right. When pigs fly.


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