Liberal Cabinet Member MP Ahmed Hussen Pushing “NAME-BLIND” Hiring Practices In Canada

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Talk about PM Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada. Turns out that his hired-hand Somalian pitbull refugee-fanatic GTA MP Ahmed Hussen is promoting name-blind hiring practices for federal government jobs so that  government hiring managers can hire candidates “free from bias.”

As if  Ahmed Hussen is free-from-bias. Now, 3rd World champion Hussen doesn’t want the Liberal government human resources departments to know the names of the candidates applying to be hired by our government.

Pourquoi? Because this way Hussen’s preferred class of Canadian will be more likely to be hired. You see, this GTA power-player and half- Somalian citizen works a very specific agenda within Canadian society:

— To advance, promote, fund and indemnify his co-religionists and 3rd world brethren within Canadian society. And woe unto the white Canadian who does not like this. You, buddy, are a racist, bigoted, and xenophobic “trouble-maker.”

So much for opposition to this Liberal Cabinet Member’s third world-centric ways. Despite media obfuscation, this Hussen character is a curious fellow.

Ahmed Hussen PC MP (SomaliAxmed Xuseen; born 1976) is a Canadian lawyer and politician. He was national president of the Canadian Somali Congress. As of October 2015, Hussen is a member of Parliament (MP) representing the riding of York South—Weston as a member of the Liberal Party of Canada. He is also the first Somali-Canadian to be elected to the House of Commons and the first to hold a federal cabinet position.

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In other words–a powerhouse of 3rd World Canadian politics. What official records leave out is what CAP believe– this politician does not like English Canada, and its Anglophone communities. In our estimation, this is rooted in a century-long conflict between his preferred Somalia, and the British Commonwealth.

So despite living in Canada for some 30 years–as well as rising to one of the most powerful political positions within our nation, Mr. Hussen believes Canada is “systemically racist.”

CAP can see why–the more this punitive agenda toward Anglophones is advanced, the greater the win for Mr. Hussen’s singular concern– 3rd World Canada. The fact that another element of society is vilified in the process makes no difference–Hussen is a post-modern “anti-Canadian” MP.

Which makes good sense–as PM Justin Trudeau is Canada’s first anti-Canadian prime minister. A formidible “tag-team” of social decimation Justin and Ahmed doth make. Between 2015-2019, these two steamrolled over society with a bounty of racist accusations towards European-derived Canadian communities.

Extent to which CBC called out their “reverse-racism?” Nothing at all– not a single sentence. Now, MP Hussen wants to restrict hiring agents from becoming aware of the name of an employment candidate.

In other words–hire a person without knowing who they really are. How post-modern this is!  Is there such a thing within society as “reverse-fascism?” If there isn’t– CAP bet “dollars-to-Tim-Horton’s donuts” it is coming Canada’s way soon.

Does this not make sense? First comes reverse-racism. Then, reverse-democracy. Next, reverse-socialism, to be followed by reverse-communism. Who is to say the Trudeau-Hussen attack will not one day trans-ition to “reverse-fascism?”

CAP will call it– CBC, for one. CTV, for two. Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Calgary Herald, Montreal Gazette?

You name the media organization, and they are hiding the destiny of our nation from 37.8 million Canadians.

What is this destiny to be? Seems fairly clear to CAP— the hiring of employees without even knowing their names. Think this to be some kind of “choice” by way of Trudeau’s Somalian social-sniper? Not a chance–we live in “progressive” Canada--therefore the measure is sure to be enforced.

Conclusion? Canada continues to be morphed into a quasi-communist nation by the likes of Somalian citizen, Ahmed Hussen. Please do tell, fellow patriots–if this refugee Hussen is such a dedicated Canadian, why has he not surrendered his precious Somalian passport after reaching the pinnacle of politics within our nation?

Simple, really: “just in case”— as in, if he ever loses his 3rd World Canadian Crown, he can scurry back to Somalia, and push his brethren upon Canada from there. 

— BRAD SALZBERG, Founder of CAP.



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  1. there is no place in Canada for a man like him we the Canadian come first and in my mind will always if he does like Canada he holds a pass pot for his own rest assured he we the Canadian will for him a one ticket to own Country with no free enter marked that he can come back and a much of Canada behind closed doors


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