Somalian “Heritage” In Canada Celebrated In New Islamic Museum

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A local Somali Canadian group is planning to open a museum chronicling the history and culture of the community in Edmonton. Organizers with the Somali Canadian Cultural Society of Edmonton hope the museum will help EDUCATE the public at large about the Somali community.

The first piece of education Canadians need on this topic is that our nation has no Somalian heritage. In fact, Canada barely has an Islamic heritage. Until recent years, there has been no significant presence of Somalians in Canada. Somalia contributed a grand total of nothing to the development of Canadian society. Governance, law, parliament, education system, taxation system, legal system, habeas corpus, jurisprudence. Not one of these pillars of society have any connection to Islam.

Naturally, this makes no difference to the liberal globalist brigade. Logic has never been their strong suit. Rather, their strong suit is advancing foreign culture and values upon Canadian society. Of this they are experts.

According to Statistics Canada, there were 4,590 Somali-born people living in the city in 2016. Less than 5000 people out of 36 MILLION Canadian citizens. Yet, it is Somali time in Canada. It should not be a surprise, as one of our most powerful political figures is in fact, a Somali national. This is Ahmed Hussen, dual Somali-Canadian citizen. This man works exclusively for the Third World within our country. He does not encourage or promote migration from Anglophone Nations– and in the name of draconian political correctness, he gets away with it.

As a result, we now have a Somalian-Canadian heritage museum in a nation with no Somalian heritage. That’s globalism. That’s Justin Trudeau. Celebrate the nation deemed to be the most dangerous country on the planet. Did you know? There is no multiculturalism in Somalia. Theirs is one of the homogenous nations ON EARTH--another pertinent fact overlooked by¬† establishment media in their support of all-things-multicultural.

6 thoughts on “Somalian “Heritage” In Canada Celebrated In New Islamic Museum”

  1. Does Ahmed Hussen complain about a lack of diversity in Somalia? Why not? If he believes in the doctrine as an ideology why does he not advocate for such a thing. Could it because he wants to punish Anglo-Canada for colonialism no living Canadian is even responsible for?

  2. This is laughable because most Somalis arrived in Canada between the late 1980s and early 1990s as refugees and there are only about 45,000 persons of Somali origins in Canada.

  3. OMG! That is just insane! Most Somalis have only been her since the 90’s or 80’s at best and they came as helpless refugees. They did not contribute to the heritage of Canada in anyway!
    There is still no Chinese Heritage Museum and they helped build this country.
    In 1858, Chinese immigrants began arriving in the Fraser River valley from San Francisco, as gold prospectors. Barkerville, British Columbia, became the first Chinese community in Canada. By 1860, the Chinese population of Vancouver Island and British Columbia alone is estimated to be 7,000.

    • Um…the Chinese have received three government apologies for the Chinese Head Tax of 1905. Also received $26 million in funding for 22 legacy projects. A Chinese Immigrant non-profit in BC receives $28 Million per year of our tax dollars. CAP do not feel sorry for this community and their leaders.

  4. It won’t stay open long. They’ll need funding and without any patrons or public visitors spending they’ll be shutting doors before lo g. The Blue wave is coming to wash away the lieberal infection this nation suffers so horribly from.


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