Somali Gangs In Canada Set Up NATION-WIDE Drug Dealing Circuit

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Somali drug gangs appear to be highly organized without the hierarchy of traditional criminal gangs, says Staff Sgt. Jim Peebles of Edmonton city police. These gang members work a circuit — Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary to Fort McMurray and Ottawa,  moving drugs and guns around the country. “The group is in Edmonton one day, then they turn up in Ft. McMurray and next week we see them in Toronto or Ottawa,” he said.

And here Justin Trudeau claims  diversity is Canada’s strength. Incidentally, so does our dual citizenship ex-immigration minister, Ahmed Hussen–a refugee from Somalia himself.

Police forces across the country  worked closely together in the last couple of years to identity core Somalian gang members, uncover their movements and follow the shifting leadership. This costs money. So does the inordinate amount of Somalians receiving taxpayer-funded welfare checks in Canada.

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Yet, to call these people out would inevitably result in the calling out of the accusers as so-called “Islamophobes.”  It’s simply the “Canadian way” under the ruling Trudeau government. When in doubt, play the race card--then watch as those questioning the circumstances scamper back behind their keyboards for fear of being branded racists.

Since when has an identifiable Canadian community been indemnified from criticism in this manner? The answer, of course, is NEVER. Dual citizen MP Iqra Khalid saw to this when she successfully advanced M103, the Pakistani national’s motion to elevate Islam above other religions in Canada.

In the USA, the city of Minneapolis experienced a sudden increase in the Somali population similar to Edmonton’s early in the decade– as well as  a similar spate of gun violence. The idea the Edmonton situation is unique can thereby be put to rest. The purpose of  immigration policy within western democracies is to create a benefit for their respective societies.

To facilitate drug gangs and gun runners falls outside the purview of this social ideal. Yet, in Canada, Third World migrants have transitioned to our nation’s protected communities–regardless of the number of illegal migrants, their status as Islamic militants, or any other relevant factor.

What a curious state of affairs. Present-day political correctness is so stringent that Canadians live in fear of condemning Somalian dope dealers.  They could loose their jobs, or having their reputation smeared. In truth, it is the Trudeau government that deserve the smearing. Despite pit-bull refugee pusher Ahmed Hussen’s prostrations about the so-called benefit of mass Third World immigration, common sense Canadians know better.

Now, if only Liberal Canadians would follow suit, Canada could rid itself of the damaging forces of left-wing political correctness. This begins, of course, with ridding our nation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Once this occurs perhaps– as in maybe– our nation can return to a state of political sanity lost the day Justin Trudeau became prime minister of our nation.




14 thoughts on “Somali Gangs In Canada Set Up NATION-WIDE Drug Dealing Circuit”

  1. Trudeau is not just stupid …he is a traitor to this country and the REAL CANADIANS..these SOMALIAN IMMIGRANTS ..are nothing but terrorists..pirates …thieves..and murderers…deport them all ..Hussein should never be allowed to be in charge of anything

    • jihadstin castro trugrope is a vapid vacuous hollow-headed IMBECILE.
      Whatever brains he might have had were dissolved by the acid coke heroin & pot in his mom Maggie’s womb backstage at the Stones concert.
      trudope is a fiberal feces feltcher that apes his mentor gerald-licks-butts who resigned in shame like a rat from a sinking fiberal garbage scow but still lingers back stage like a vulgar “hangers on” providing his debaucherous butt-cleaning service to turd-dolt.

    • I totally agree with you Tim. The biggest mistake was to allow this Somalian immigrant into the leadership of Immigration for Canada.

  2. The Police job is to protect Canadians from gangs, rapist, terrorists and murderers. It is their job to enforce the law.
    Question is to the police “if the gangs were white, will they be under arrest or be left to do as they please like these Somalian gangs are left to do?”.

    • They just busted so called hell’s Angels in Ontario but here in thunderbay ont there are 100s of Somali gang bangers taking over vulnerable single moms homes and selling their cut to shit garbage to all the drug users here it’s sad and Scary every block in some parts if the city have 6 15 dope houses on the go the police shake em down and the judges let them walk evertime no joke

  3. I seen it happen in a nearby community, boon and bust economy. Younger Somalian men came to the community and drugs and guns were their style. No one cared cause deaths were within the gang family. Was it huge, well let’s just say it was noticeable. This is not a race issue, it is a fight crime issue. Criminality has no care for race, religion or however you care to identify.

    • I am an ethnic Somali and I agree with Brad’s analysis of the situation. However, it is very sad to see others conflating religion and race with criminality. Immigration is a good thing when the immigrants entering a country have the skills and desire to become self-sufficient and law-abiding members of society. Unfortunately, young men with no skills are more than likely to be tempted to engage in criminality when they find that they cannot achieve financial success. The answer is to revert to the “point system” for immigration that was in place when I emigrated to Canada some forty years ago, a system that I believe is still in place in Australia. Finally, immigrants who commit serious crimes should be deported in an expeditious manner.

  4. We as a nation are finished! There’s no turning back the hands of time ! We cannot deport these animals, we cannot get rid of Trudeau . There’s nothing we can do it’s over for this country as we once New it.

  5. In the very near future, our vote will not mean anything! This bastard at the helm will rule until his death from old age .he has every vote from every immigrant he puts in here ! He’ll fast track them like he did with the Syrians. Nothing we can do . Just remember, every white Canadian that voted this asshole in under the guise of, legalizing marijuana, was it worth it to you , because it wasn’t worth it to the rest of us !


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