Social Media Giant Suspends CBC Program For Glorifying Terrorism

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‘Tout le Monde en Parle,’ the taxpayer funded French-language CBC program that hosted Omar Khadr and gave him a sickeningly fawning reception, has been suspended from Twitter.

The suspension is listed as being for ‘glorifying terrorism’:

“According to the official Radio-Canada website a disgruntled user took credit for the account suspension claiming the program was “glorifying terrorism” and that it was a “terror apologist”.

Khadr, who was convicted of being responsible for the death of U.S. Army Sergeant Christopher Speer, entered the program’s studio to general applause before being interviewed by the TV show’s host Guy A. Lepage.”

Now THIS is post-modern Canada. The most “reputable” news media outlet in Canada is accused of glorifying terrorism. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation(CBC) is a tax-payer funded state-controlled media entity.

This means the Canadian people paid for convicted terrorist and murderer Omar Khadr to appear on a CBC show to tell his sad tale of oppression. This “oppression” includes a $10.5 Million cheque from Justin Trudeau. Khadr went and purchased a shopping mall with a portion of the funds.

Terrorist celebrities— so can you hear it! What is equally stomach-turning, however, is witnessing a gang of liberal snowflakes swoon and applaud the killer. Perhaps if he killed two people in his terrorist days he would have received a standing ovation.

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Snowflakes–a term used to describe Anglophones and Francophone-Liberals– are a strange breed of Canadian. And there are ALOT of them. By whatever means(academic brainwashing being numero uno), these people have come to believe all cultures and identities OTHER THAN THEIR OWN should be advanced to the pinnacle of society. They AGREE with the globalist and multicult push to decimate their personal, family and national heritage.

Basically, behemoth social media player Twitter has branded CBC a terrorist- promoting entity. Since Trudeau became PM, the CBC have been on the receiving end of over ONE BILLION dollars from PM Trudeau. As it happens, Trudeau is also funding non-profit organizations accused of ties to Islamic terrorism. Additionally, Justin enjoys importing convicted ISIS terrorists to Canada.

What a strange, strange prime minister. Who exactly is this man WORKING FOR?



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  1. I am from Vancouver,Canada and I wanted to say that Twitter along with the main Newspapers in Canada are Islamophobic with regard to Omar Khadr. There is no credible evidence that Omar Khadr did anything wrong.It is the Yankees that committed war crimes in Afghanistan not Omar Khadr.The Yankee Gov’t admitted that they don’t like Muslims. Omar Khadr should be supported in Canada.


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