Social Media Giants Agree to Justin Trudeau’s Censorship Demands

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The world’s largest social media companies are promising to take stronger action to prevent the spread of violent extremism online.

Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter released a joint statement Wednesday in connection with an international summit in Paris, where world leaders and technology executives gathered to discuss the issues. In a statement, Mr. Trudeau said the international pledge is in line with the Canadian government’s national strategy on countering radicalization to violence. 

This is step two of a plan to control what Canadians say and where they say it. The Liberals recently released a list of media organization who qualify for his $600 million injection into Canada’s media organizations–as long as they adhere to Justin’s globalist affectations.

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Now, the Trudeau government will control content of facebook, twitter and other social media giants. It’s all part of the globalist game. Erode freedom and democracy within our nation for the purpose of trans-forming Canada into a pseudo-socialist society. 

Justin loves it. His father admired communist dictators. His brother, Alexandre, makes documentary films for the government of Iran. The term “pseudo-socialist” is chosen for a specific reason. The Marxist nature of what is occurring under Comrade Trudeau is masked from the comprehension of most Canadians.

This transformation is not overt–it is subtle and incremental. The approach is to seduce Canadians. Trick them, fool them– a manner not dissimilar to the methodologies of  totalitarian nations of modern history.

Paranoia? Hyperbole? Maybe, and maybe not. Cultural Action Party Of Canada maintain the latter. We believe Justin Trudeau to be part of a plan of mass national deception. The degree of his culpability remains difficult to determine. Regardless, the transfer of Canada from democracy to dictatorship has taken on tangible forms.

Control of traditional and alternative media is one component of a covert plan to destroy Canada as it has been known since confederation. More than any other domestic influence, the Trudeau family are the fathers of the destruction.


6 thoughts on “Social Media Giants Agree to Justin Trudeau’s Censorship Demands”

  1. the social media better fight trudeau and his agenda because people will leave social media! democracy is not just for the trudeaus.

  2. They are all to late as Canadians are only too aware of what he has planned for Canada and in October that will go right out the door Social or MSM included.


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