Small Town Canada Reject LGBT, Pride, Transgenderism

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A town council in Alberton, P.E.I., has unanimously rejected a request that it raise a Pride Flag at the town hall to mark International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.

Rory Starkman of The Transgender Network, one of the groups that asked for the flag raising, said the refusal shows LGBT groups have work to do. Yes, trans-pushers of this sort always have more work to do to promote sex-change operations for Canadians adults and children.

Fortunately, society is beginning to push back against this political movement. Rejecting all forms of scientific evidence, unqualified LGBT advocates continue to demand heterosexual Canada cave-in to their every desire.. If one rejects any aspect of the transgender industry, they are branded a homophobic bigot. In this manner, this lobby is  much like those promoting “Islamophobia”– one negative statement regarding Islamic ideology and a person is a racist bigot.

Now, why would two ideologies so antithetical in value systems have a similar approach to those who oppose them? After all, the Nation Of Islam is not exactly a poster-child for the promotion of transgenderism. Therefore, there has to be an alternate reason.

The answer is found in what both groups dislike–the Christian faith. It is here where the affinity becomes clear. Fact: Justin Trudeau supports BOTH LGBT and Islam. Conclusion? He doesn’t much like Christianity either.

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In fact, if it were not for establishment media, Canadians would understand the LGBT/Islam connection. No way this will happen, of course. Within “no core identity” Canada, media do as government say. Yes, of late they have begun focusing on Trudeau government horseplay, but it was not until the SNC-Lavalin scandal that they began to bite the bullet.

In other words, the condemnation is delivered reluctantly. Of course, media still work for King Justin by way of a refusal to connect the dots on situations such as the LGBT/Islam dynamic.

Sensible Canadians(non-Liberals) are beginning to make strides in push back against the sanctimonious, aggressive LGBT lobby. Media are minimizing our progress. However, CAP predict the push-back to continue to increase as Canadians wake up to immorality as exemplified by the transgender-for-children crisis.

However, like Justin Trudeau tediously claims regarding his assault upon traditional society,  we still have alot more work to do.


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