Singh Grants Trudeau Two Years To Destroy Freedom of The Press

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With New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh serving as guarantor, Liberal PM Justin Trudeau is now in a mad race to cross the globalist finish line.

Both men understand the seriousness of the situation. If Canada’s political status quo remains in place for two more years, Trudeau’s reign as pseudo-dictator will come to an end via a Conservative Party victory.

What to do to circumvent implosion of the dynamic duo’s agenda of national transformation? The first move arrived in the form of a so-called “confidence and supply” agreement. In reality, an inversion of confidence serves as its impetus.

Trudeau’s backroom schemers don’t have the confidence to believe the Liberals can win a future election on their own. To circumvent their downfall, Jagmeet Singh signed on the dotted line– for a singular purpose.

To provide the Liberals with enough time to mount a comeback strategy. In CAP’s books, this is possibly the most dangerous plot yet in a bid to transform Canada into a neo-socialist nation state.

How will it be done? First, let’s take a quick look at Jagmeet Singh’s recent public commentary:

“Jagmeet Singh: Fall Economic Statement Shows Just How Out Of Touch Trudeau’s Liberals Are”

If you really believe this, why are you maintaining your Liberal government-preserving pact?

“Singh Says Liberal Government Not Acting With Enough Urgency On Housing”

If so, why are you working on behalf of the Liberal Party, when your role is to serve as a competitor to the Liberals?

Cultural Action Party [est.2016] delve into what we believe to be the true purpose of the pact. Number one, away from the media spotlight, Justin and Jagmeet are political partners. Based on ideological beliefs, both men share  common goals:

— Transitioning Canada to a socialist nation-state.

— Elevating 3rd world communities to the top of our social order.

— Marginalizing English Canada and its Anglo-European communities.

— Decimating Christian religious presence in Canada.

— Emulating Chinese communist government control of media.

Sound like a pile of paranoia to you? Many may think so. Still, CAP soldier on.

In terms of government assault on freedom of speech, Trudeau has appointed Ugandan refugee Arif Virani to censor the Canadian internet.

Virani, an Ismaili Muslim, this week stated as much:

“Justice Minister Arif Virani Says Online Harms Bill An Absolute Priority.”

Bound to be suppressed by legacy media, the Liberals this week quietly made a move to ramp-up media support of government. Moving forward, the Feds will utilize taxpayer money to subsidize the salaries of employees at media outlets across the country:

“The federal government will now cover 35% of journalists’ salaries up to $85,000 per year, which is equivalent to $29,750 per newsroom employee.”

Hear ye, hear ye– steadily, incrementally, the Liberals transition mainstream media to a division of government. It’s just one of the many lessons Trudeau’s backroom bandits are borrowing from communist China.

Expectations in return? Full compliance with the “woke revolution” as conceptualized by whomever runs strategy for Trudeau, a politician so specious he couldn’t design an egregious plan of this nature if he was the last neo-communist on earth.

All of it done for a specific purpose. Team Trudeau must find a way to destroy a high-polling Conservative opposition in a future federal election. In reality, it means everything in the world to the “Justin & Jagmeet Erosion Of Democracy” road show.

We speculate on how the Liberal-NDP pseudo-socialist coalition can accomplish the goal.

Owning media means that woke liberal assault industry can manipulate the press at will. The Liberals understand what has been effective in the past. Pressing all the right hot-buttons, CPC leader Pierre Poilievre will be positioned as  racist and homophobic.

Slamming the Conservatives as anti-abortion will be par-for-the-course. Poilievre will be positioned as Canada’s answer to Donald Trump. Harping on these points endlessly, the goal is a thorough evisceration of the Conservatives’ voter support base.

So what happens of it doesn’t work? Keeping in mind that a ersatz partnership agreement is already in place, Trudeau and Singh may consider a merger of the two parties. Failing this, a Liberal merger with another Quebecois-centric federal party– Bloc Quebecois— could accomplish the goal.

Commenting on a neo-communist media payment plan, Canadian blogger Spencer Fernando lays it on the line:

“Make no mistake. This is a direct move towards the de facto nationalization of the Canadian media, the kind of thing you expect to see in China, Russia, or Iran, not a country like Canada that is supposed to be free of state propaganda organs.”

Frankly, these days are over. Canada will be morphed into an authoritarian state, either in the short term, or in the long run. It is possible, however, for the process to be deferred should the Conservatives win in a future election.

The Liberals want every media outlet and every journalist to be like the CBC: Biased towards radical leftists, supportive of every big government overreach, and hell-bent on keeping the Conservatives out of power. This is incredibly dangerous.”

Right Mr. Fernando is– dangerous to democracy, personal freedoms, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and various other “core values” ostensibly promoted by a duplicitous ruling government.

CAP remain adamant in our opinion. The Trudeau-Singh lock on governance care not about “the little people.” In fact, there are many of them the powers that be would prefer “go gentle into that good night of existence.”

Euphemistically, the little people are comprised of the communities Trudeau-Singh hold in contempt. Conservatives for sure, yet hidden away lies a deeper form of animus toward contemporary society.

In terms of the Woke Revolution, these are the people government know are least compliant. Anglophones, European-derived citizens, conservatives, Christians, multi-generational citizens, and the like.

For the purpose of marginalization, the Liberals long ago got their “ducks in a row.”

Immigration policy, Multiculturalism, diversity, abortion, LGBT, transgender, and recently, assisted dying. The result are rapidly shrinking Anglo-European communities, in tandem with the highest immigration quotas on the planet.

Now, based on the Feds paying 35% of establishment media salaries, citizens should expect a giant ramping up of attack on Poilievre’s Conservatives. It would do 40 million Canadians well to comprehend what CBC and corporate media refuse to divulge:

This is serious business. Deadly serious, in fact. Against the will of the people, our country is being set up to transition to a prototype globalist model of a post-modern state.

A future election is critical to the process. Perhaps the Conservatives will persevere. Yet, Canadians should have no illusions about the players involved.

United Nations, China, Iran, World Health Organization, World Sikh Organization, Nation of Islam, Punjab, World Economic Forum, Liberals, New Democrats, Media.

These are the entities that Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives must overcome in order to form a federal government. Justin Trudeau, with Jagmeet Singh in a back-up position, are serving as conduits for comprehensive national transformation.

Good luck, Mr. Poilievre– you’re gonna need it.

2 thoughts on “Singh Grants Trudeau Two Years To Destroy Freedom of The Press”

  1. If ‘freedom’ of the press was free, justin Trudeau and Jagmeet singh will not last an hour. But, the are bought and paid for by their own colleagues. In other words each reporter pay each other their salary and top it off, they pay jag’s and Trudeau’s salaries.

  2. Private companies pay their employees out of companies money. Msm get paid by their neighbour, friend, family and not least, from their own colleagues.


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