Silence On Refugee Crime Canada’s National Disgrace

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The United Nations Global Compact For Migration is a 36-page document outlining an approach to dealing with growing global migration. It sets out 23 objectives for treating migrants “humanely and efficiently.”
In 2018, at the behest of prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, Liberal Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen signed on the dotted line.
CAP can understand why. Mr. Hussen is himself a refugee to Canada. On this basis, one can easily understand his personal desire to maximize our country’s intake of African and Middle Eastern refugees.
 After which we turn to the upside for “the rest of us.” Simply put, there is none– a hallmark of Liberal governance under the Trudeau administration.
We reference the case of the murder of 13-year old Marissa Shen, allegedly raped and murdered by Syrian refugee Ibrahim Ali in the summer of 2017. 
“The court has also heard from the pathologist who performed her autopsy, who testified the girl died of strangulation and suffered ‘blunt force’ injuries to her head. The jury has also heard that semen was found inside the victim.”
A publication ban related to the trial now taking place in a Vancouver B.C. courtroom speaks volumes. The words “Marrisa Shen” cannot be printed within media publications, nor can the names of immediate family.
This works to the benefit of the accused. An inability to reference the name of the deceased and her family means that media are unable to bring the girl to life,” so to speak. Article headlines include titles such as “Mother of Murdered Girl Takes Stand.”
Benefit goes to the accused killer, damage is directed toward the victim’s family.
On August 10th, 2020, an African Refugee named Deng Mabiour attacked a white doctor named Ryan Reynolds with a hammer and a machete. Dr. Reynolds later died at hospital.
Media exposure was minimal, even in local media publications. Even more telling is the fact that Mayor of Red Deer made no public statement about the murder, nor did any member of City Council.
 As it happened, Cultural Action Party managed to speak to a Red Deer City Councillor on the phone.
 “Why has this case been buried?” asked CAP
 “Our hands are tired,” responded the Councillor.
 “By whom?,” asked CAP.
 No response was forthcoming.
 Subsequent to these events, we delved into the UN Migration Compact, gaining an understanding of its influence on the fate of criminal refugees. 
Reese Fallon, age 18, was a Toronto high school graduate set to study nursing in the fall, identified by her family as one of two people killed in a shooting rampage. 
Accused murderer refugee Faisal Hussain didn’t live long enough to see his murder trial become buried by Toronto City Council, Toronto District School Board, as well as local media.
Hussein died at the scene of the crime. And what would have occurred if he had lived? Likely it is that the outcome would match that of the Ibrahim Ali-Marissa Shen murder trial— sublimation, benefit to the accused, and the like.
As it happened, Ex-Toronto Mayor John Tory made a public statement on the murder, as did a representative from TDSB. Several legacy covered the story. Had the accused not passed away, the circumstances would likely be identical to the situation with Syrian citizen Ibrahim Ali.
 “Reese Fallon, age 18, was a Toronto high school graduate set to study nursing in the fall, identified by her family as one of two people killed in a shooting rampage. The other victim was a 10-year old girl.”
All of it rendering Justin Trudeau’s idea of justice one of the greatest injustices in Canadian legal history. Pray-tell, how did an uber high-level globalist organization like United Nations come to influence these issues on such a  granular level?

Correct CAP if we are wrong, but isn’t it a rather long walk from U.N. Headquarters to local city councillors and independent media in Red Deer, Alberta?

Mystery abounds— how the heck do they pull this off? What a disgrace. Then again, it’s all so “Justin Trudeau,” isn’t it?

Priority to non-Canadians. Special treatment for refugee killers. Benefit to the criminal, detriment for victims and their families.

Our Liberal government wouldn’t have it any other way.

3 thoughts on “Silence On Refugee Crime Canada’s National Disgrace”

  1. Not on topic; but in line w/ our current housing/apartment mess. “Canada is on track to bring in 900,000 international students this year, Miller said in the interview aired late on Saturday, which was more than at any point in history, and roughly triple the number who entered the country a decade ago.” Setting aside the current apartment shortage; add the 900,000 international students–To Trudeau’s insane 500,000 influx of Third World migrants this year. (The real number is likely much higher; the Trudeau gov’t has been known to lie on occasion.) That’s almost 1.5 million people. Most of the students won’t leave–Giving us an additional burden on our already maxed out social system. Many well-to-do Chinese students rent upscale apartments, and drive late model European cars–I’m betting most of the almost one million international students are from China; flush with cash; pushing aside longer-term residents for already scarce; overpriced rentals. Way to go Trudeau! We can always depend upon you to do the right thing….For “your” people. source:

  2. “The United Nations Global Compact For Migration is a 36-page document outlining an approach to dealing with growing global migration.” Question: Why is there growing global migration? Where do they go? One partial answer: The West invites the ant-like swarm of interlopers to our borders; showering them w/ goodies. They sure ain’t going to China; or Mid-East countries. Fatal shootings; fatal stabbings; flesh slicing machetes. Liberal sympathy for the accused; crickets for the victims, and their families. Not much earthly justice in these sad cases; Their blood cries out. Rest a little while; Your murders will not go without final justice. “…Vengeance is mine; saith the LORD. I will repay” (Romans 12:19, KJV).

    It’s a darn good thing Trudeau is going after those gun-toting farmers, and sports shooters. We can all sleep peacefully.

  3. It seems not a day goes by where you don’t read a crime story from across this Country that involves what appears to be a newcomer. Such stories often include a picture and without ” profiling “, the names are similar:
    ” Ajay Gupta, 55, seen in this police photo, is facing two counts of sexual assault.”
    ( CP24, August 30, 2023 )
    And then you read today: ” The federal authorities have active arrest warrants for 300 foreign criminals deemed a danger to the public and facing deportation from Canada, including sex offenders and people convicted of violent crimes, according to the Canada Border Services Agency.
    The border agency is currently tracking over 37,000 foreigners that post a flight risk or a danger to the public. The agency also worries that many may not agree to be questioned or voluntarily attend immigration hearings. ”

    Real Canadians need to demand these individuals be caught and deported immediately. We have enough issues in this Country without paying ( I believe many are receiving government assistance, including health care ) for criminals to ruin our lives. Where’s the activists fighting for a crime free Canada, one that is inclusive of course.


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