Sikh-Canadian Politician Pushing To TICKET Citizens For Racist Behaviour

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Ravi Kahlon, a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in British Columbia, wants to crackdown on “racist and hateful behaviour” in the province.

How might this crackdown look in respect to public policy? Ticketing people who indulge in “racist” behaviour in Canada.

“I understand that some jurisdictions have implemented new, non-criminal sanctions to deter this behavior such as ticketing,” writes Kahlon in a letter to Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth. “I would be grateful if your ministry could determine what options might be available to better deter perpetrators.”

So Mr. Kahlon wants to “institutionalize” fines for racist acts in Canada. Only thing is, he mentions nothing about the definition of racism on this basis.

CAP opine that there are two definitions of racism within “post-modern” Canadian society:

One, based upon specific hate-crime laws, as outlined within the Canadian criminal code(Section 319).

The other, an arbitrary definition based upon what people like Ravi Kahlon and a host of Third World politicians in Canada want it to be. Add to this hundreds of tax-payer funded non-profit organizations such as Muslimlink and National Council of Canadian Muslims.

In Justin Trudeau’s Canada, the former wins out 99% of the time. In “no core identity” Canada, the law is constantly eschewed by way of subjective, emotion-based decisions on what does and does not constitute racism in Canada.

Mr. Kahlon wants more of this. Now, let’s consider how government, media, academia and other globalist forces roll in this capacity. In Justin Trudeau’s pseudo-socialist Canada, racism is a one-way street. The singular form of racism which exists is Anglophone upon non-Anglophone racism.

Tell us, MLA Ravi-– do you believe an IMAM at a Surrey mosque should be ticketed for preaching race-hatred from the pulpit? How about a Sikh-Canadian who commits a racist act against a Hindu-Canadian?

Or rather, will this be nothing more than an institutionalized program of punitive damages toward one specific identifiable community–white people? Based upon the recent history of “tackling” racism in Canada, why would this cease to be the default-standard on racist behaviour within our borders?

But these types really don’t give a damn–what they want is to SHUT UP “Old Stock” Canada. This is the true impetus for Kahlon’s draconian recommendation.

Kahlon is quoted as saying, “People are afraid in their communities. They know that these hate groups are organizing in communities.”

In other words– white Canadians. Tell us, Sir Ravi, which other communities in Canada maintain organized hate groups. Muslim Canada? Sikh Canada? Of course not– within the fading “Great White North,” it is white Canadians who exclusively populate our nation’s so-called hate groups.

How about ISIS--are they are “hate group?” Tell us, kind Sir– is an Islamic-Canadian involved with militant Islamic organizations a member of a hate group? Dollars- to-Tim-Horton’s donuts they do not qualify.

Bottom line: MLA Ravi Kahlon is desirous of institutionalized punitive damages for White Canadians. How typically “liberal-globalist.”

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Anyone else pick up on the following: For everyday since Justin Trudeau seized control of Canada, our nation has been morphing into a pseudo-communist, Orwellian-infused propaganda centre of anti-Anglophone sentiment.

What constitutes racism in Canada has been a hot topic since March of 2017 when Iqra Khalid, the Liberal MP representing Mississauga — Erin Mills introduced Motion-103 to Parliament.”

“M-103 called on the government to “condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination,” and asked the government to “recognize the need to quell the increasing public climate of hate and fear.”

Stop the press: CAP request that readers take a close look at the above paragraph, and it’s choice of wording. Does, or does not, “all forms of systemic racism” mean that so-called “islamophobia” is inclusive within the phrase? Of course it does. Furthermore, consider the “systemic” reference– a loaded, anti-Anglo word if there ever was one.

Wanna know what this means? Here it is: Ravi Kahlon and the rest are not satisfied with the word “racism”–it must be systemic because this means oppression against Third World Canada is baked into our fundamental institutions. This element of insatiability informs thinking Canadians(non-Snowflakes) that our courts, legal system, governmental structure and everything is intrinsically racist against non-white people.

So WHY is the term “Islamophobia specifically mentioned within M103?. Is this not an obvious redundancy? Of course it is. So why does one specific religion get an explicit mention?

And if this is the case, why is there no equivalent “Christophobia” or “Jew-ophobia” mentioned? The answer is simple-M103 was created by Islamic-Canadian MP Iqra Khalid along with the uber-powerhouse National Council of Canadian Muslims.

Talk about self-serving–and no one— media, our academic world or anyone else–has called this out to expose the truth that M103 indemnifies one religious community ONLY from racism and bigotry–the Nation of Islam.

Of course, this is more than like Ravi Kahlon’s bag– disguising prejudice against Anglophone-Canadians as a virtue-signalling, human rights-promoting globalist propaganda.

Justin Trudeau would be damn proud of him. So to, National Council of Muslims and the hundreds(thousands?) of other not-for-profit Anglo-bashing organizations across Canada.

Tickets for racism? What’s next– local police jumping out of their vehicle to apprehend a Canadian for sending back their Tandoori Chicken at the Surrey Curry House because a customer complained the meat was too dry?

Orwellian, draconian Canada–this is what MLA Ravi Kalhon is truly interested in. Then again, he has a great deal of support–beginning with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who like-wise pushes a punitive agenda against Anglophone Canada upon an unsuspecting nation.



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