Signs Point To Media BURYING Liberal Government-Wuhan Covid Connection

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In April 2020, the Trudeau government funded a Covid research project led by a University of Alberta professor that included collaboration with the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

According to a Globe and Mail article, the Liberals “granted Le Xiaochun, environmental toxicology researcher at the University of Alberta, a grant worth more than $828,000 to develop tools that provide rapid COVID-19 screening tests.”

No one from the Liberal government has ever explained why the Wuhan lab was selected as a research partner.

The World Health Organization stated there is “no evidence that the coronavirus that has infected more than two million people globally was made in a lab.” In early 2020, CNN reported that “U.S. intelligence officials do not believe the virus was engineered at the lab.”

Fast forward to May, 2021: Changing their tune from the original claim, media state that: “If it wasn’t a lab leak, the fact that a novel coronavirus just happened to emerge in Wuhan would be one of history’s greatest coincidences,” reported the National Post.

The following is drawn from a recent Post article titled “The (Very Strong) Case For Covid-19 Leaking From a Chinese Lab.”

“The official line out of Beijing at the time — that Covid-19 spontaneously erupted at a Wuhan food market — was shown to be highly unlikely. China is still holding fast to the idea that the disease is purely natural in origin.”

This situation is fascinating on several levels. Is it possible that not only China— but Chinese scientists at a Canadian university–believed all along that the virus was manufactured? Could a cover-up have been perpetrated not only by the government of China, but also by a complicit Liberal government in Canada?

Speculating upon these hypotheticals, a related thought comes to mind. Perhaps government and media deferred the delivery of this information. This way, even if the truth came to light, the impact would be less devastating than the discovery being acknowledged when the Covid pandemic originally went public.

What Cultural Action Party speak of is culpability. Who knew, who covered it up, who deferred public knowledge–if in fact these theories are valid. One idea is certain–the government of Canada were as close to the original dissemination of the Covid virus as an outside country could be.


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As CAP has formulated, there has been for decades a covert relationship– a “partnership” if you like– between the Liberal Party of Canada, and the government of China.

The dynamics of the China-Canada-Covid relationship fit this model. Back to the source article from the National Post:

“While the world still has no smoking gun as to Covid-19’s origins, what we do have is an ever-lengthening record of evidence tying the Wuhan lab to Covid-19.”

What we do not have is a record of evidence tying the government of Canada to these circumstances.

Whether or not proof of collusion exists between Wuhan and the Trudeau government, one conclusion can be taken to the bank. Canadian media will fulfill their role to obfuscate any evidence of culpability related to the outbreak of the global pandemic virus.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

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