Sign The Petition: Close Down Al-Huda Islamic Institute of Mississauga, Ontario

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Sign our petition calling for the Al-Huda Islamic Institute of Mississauga, Ontario to close its doors permanently.

A girl and three young women left Canada to join ISIS in Syria after studying at the Al-Huda Islamic Institute in Mississauga, Ont. — a school whose sister institution in Pakistan is now connected to the mass shooting in California.”

“Tashfeen Malik, one of the San Bernardino, Calif., shooters, attended classes six days a week for more than a year at Al-Huda’s Pakistan campus, a school spokeswoman told The Associated Press.”

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11 thoughts on “Sign The Petition: Close Down Al-Huda Islamic Institute of Mississauga, Ontario”

      • Well , I ask you ,what other religions can you list that actively murder for thier God ?, here is news other religions in this world actively murder through terrorist acts other then Muslims,..Muslims murder other Muslims most of all , you see it’s the religion of peace and tolerance,….

        • Unfortunately you do not know your history. Christianity is an extremely bloody religion and historically have murdered many people in response to their religion. They’ve killed Muslims, Jews and other Christians among I’m sure many other people of other faiths.

          • Unfortunately you are not aware of a refermation within Cristiantananity that took place in the sixteenth century ,.bloody history yes however Islam faith needs a refermation also . This is 2015 yet Islamic states murder gays, murder women that have been raped , murder adulterist, murder other Muslims that denouce Islam ,….So this isn’t even an argument , do you understand now .

    • The Liberal party will have a value on the numbers , for now Kathleen Wynne will keep Justin informed and she will not allow bigots and raciest close this school of recruiting for terrorism,.

  1. If an ideology is suspected of terrorism why defend it? National security should rank number 1 when dealing with an ideology that both threatens and loathes democracy.

    • Kathleen what is even more disturbing the anew Primeminister of Canada has said publicly a few years ago that he did not like the tone of the word barberic to discribe honour killings which have happen in Canada by Muslims,…then Justin Trudue accepting full face cover during Citzens oath of Canadian Citizenship,..Then in no history in Canada have Goverment put a dead line rush on bringing in refugees ,,..well in these modern times there is identity theft and with a civil war in Syria I’m confident Canada will be bringing in terrorist if only one out of 25,000. Is too many .So this hyper focus Canada has on Muslims is for reliable votes for Liberals number one ,..All political parties are shallow mind set however Liberals are putting Canada at risk ,….

  2. Here are my thoughts.. Since Islam has proven historically to be inconsistent with the values that we in the west hold dear, this terrible cult should not be allowed into North America. They have proven in Europe to be destructive to European cultures and there is no evidence that this religion would be much different here. My worry is that some jihadist will, at some point in our future, detonate a device in a crowded venue such as West Edmonton Mall or another location that our people will gather, especially during Christmas season. We NEED to be vigilant each and every one of us! Do not be afraid of being called an Islamophobe or a bigot, we have good reason to display those traits! Islam has done that for us and created this sentiment. They claim to be a religion of peace! if they were truly the religion of peace, there would be no violence stemming from them! Everyone reading this, stop for a second and think of the consequences if such a terror incident would happen. We are in a very difficult time, and the actions that we follow will no doubt be far reaching and will effect our children and generations to come.

  3. It’s obvious that the British monarchy does not work at all any more in Canada, Time to get rid of the politicians, senate and in place a new type of govt idea’s in which this country was founded, Sweep away with the old, in with the new.


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