Sign Of Socialism: Federal, Provincial, Municipal Governments In Canada VERSUS THE PEOPLE

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A funny thing happened on the way from democracy to pseudo-dictatorship in Canada. Only thing is, it is not funny at all– particularly because of the manner in which establishment media have hidden this from the people of Canada.

It is far from the only example. Astute political observers–those who eschew CBC and corporate media–are able to see a most alarming trend. Exacerbated by the Covid pandemic, social freedoms for Canadians are being stripped away.

In no way is this guesswork. At present, every passing day brings forth more and more social restrictions. The mandates flow from all three levels of Canadian governance– Federal, Provincial and Municipal.

Out of the endless obfuscations by way of CBC and corporate media, one is currently sticking in CAP’s craw: the manner in which all three government levels have fused together on an ideological, as well as pragmatic basis.

Time was when this was not the case. Looking back at what seems like ancient history– as in pre-2015 society– the alignment of the “big three” was all but non-existent. The change is tangible, and CAP has experienced this first hand.

Take the case of a doctor in Red Deer, Alberta, who was murdered with a machete by a Sudanese refugee in August, 2020. 

No statement was issued by either the mayor, or a member of city council. CAP spoke to one of the city councillors. We asked him point blank why neither the mayor or council issues a statement of condemnation.

 Response: “Our hands are tied.” What exactly does this mean?Looking into the matter further, the reason seemed to be that this small town city council could not defy the will of INTERNATIONAL refugee policy.

Did this ever get CAP to thinking. How positively granular the globalist “Great Reset” has become. Indeed, it has permeated every level of government in Canada–from large city Toronto, to small town Alberta.

Expanding upon the theme, a light-bulb went off: every darn Mayor in Canada shares the same attitude. This is not conjecture. CAP have spoken to City Councils in Victoria, BC, Mississauga, and Halifax, Nova Scotia. They are all the same–nasty as hell, closed minded and arrogant as the day is long.

Let us now add Provincial and, of course, Federal government to the mix. Place in a blender, and stir vigourously. The outcome is a monolith of globalist adherence.

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Now, let’s move to an insignificant element of post-modern society– the citizens of our nation in the year 2020:

“In a democracy, a government should govern for the greatest good of the greatest number. 

— Laws Of Government: Legal Foundations Of Canadian Democracy

Poll: Only 17% of Canadians want more immigrants in 2021,  as Trudeau pushes immigration plan.

Getting the picture, fellow patriots? Witness a concrete erosion of the “will of the people.” Countless examples exist.

So what do we have here? How about the morphing of Canadian society into a social and political dynamic found within communist societies, as well as theocratic nations. China, Cuba, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria.

Degree of mainstream media exposure” Nothing — not a single word. Government and media functioning as a united, singular force. Yet another sign of a transition from democracy to socialist dictatorship.

This is what has occurred within Canadian society from 2015 -2020. Throughout this time period, the prime minister of Canada has been Justin Trudeau.

What to conclude?

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est 2016).



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  1. ““In a democracy, a government should govern for the greatest good of the greatest number.”

    There is no will of the people there, in that sentence. That is why they feel they are giving us what we need, not what we want, as if we were toddlers.


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