Should Western Canada SEPARATE To Cut Off Trudeau’s Globalist Takeover Of Our Nation?

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A heavy question, indeed–and one essential to the narrative surrounding the “Wexit” movement–a grass roots development¬† created in the wake of the voting wipe-out of the Trudeau government in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and much of British Columbia.

CAP spend the best part of our time predicting doom and gloom regarding our nation’s cultural degeneration at the hands of Justin Trudeau, advisor Gerald Butts, and refugee pit-bull immigration minister, MP Ahmed Hussen.

So imagine this as a reality for Western Canadians:

Number one benefit with a bullet–Justin Trudeau is no longer prime minister–it’s perhaps Jason Kenney, or a well-known Western-Canadian MP. Is this not the greatest joy since sliced bread? It is for CAP, as well as millions of Canadians who recognize the malevolency of Mr. Trudeau toward Western Canada.

Imagine this: No MP’s Ahmed Hussen, Maryam Monsef, or Iqra Khalid. They are not citizens of “Westanada.” Joy to the world! We have rid ourselves of these anti-Canadian MP’s.

To expand upon this theme, consider the following. CAP Theory states that the Greater Toronto Area(GTA), is today ground zero for the globalist take-over of Canada.

How many seats did Trudeau’s Globalist/Third World government win in the GTA? 45 out of 50 seats. Why? Third World Canada-that’s why. Here is some data to back-up this conclusion. Read ’em and weep, fellow patriots:

GTA MP Winners:

Liberal Kamal Khera, Liberal Sonia Sidhu, Liberal Ruby Sahota, LiberalRamesh Sangha, Liberal Maninder Sidhu, Liberal Majid Jowhari , LiberalAhmed Hussen, Liberal Arif Virani, LiberalAli Ehassi, Liberal Yasmin Ratansi, Liberal Salma Zahid, Liberal Iqra Khalid,Liberal Omar Alghabra, Liberal Majid Jowhari, Liberal House Leader, Bardish Chagger, Liberal Maryam Monsef.

Luckily for CAP, this news was readily available on the CBC website, so we could copy and paste it with ease– NOT!

As it happened, media in Canada did not breathe a word regarding this GIANT victory for Justin Trudeau’s Third World Globalist government. Now, the good news: A separate Western Canadian nation would rid itself of all this– another joy unto our people.

And there’s more– consider this question. After “Westada” separates from Trudeau’s socialist eastern Canadian-Third World nation, how will the West’s Third World element be affected?

CAP Opinion: Third World power within this nascent Western country would be greatly diminished. The Liberal strongholds of Surrey, Richmond(white minority riding) and others would diminish in power after being cut-off from their brethren in the GTA.

“It’s a win for Old Stock Canada!,” bellows Brad from CAP. Please do tell–how many wins of this variety has Old Stock Canada experienced under the iron-clad rule of King Justin?

Simple–ZERO examples. Yet, here are a whole bunch of them, based upon a hypothetical new nation in Western Canada. Our victory–and MP Ahmed Hussen, Omar Alghabra and Senator Ratna Omidvar’s loss.

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Now, let us get more sober about the situation. What CAP followers and Canadian patriots must keep in mind is that the “three headed hydra of globalist destruction” will fight this development at every turn. Indeed, they already are.

Number of mainstream media articles delivering positive aspects of “Wexit”Zero. Number of CBC reports on the “upside” of Wexit for Westerners– Zero. Number of comments from Canadian academia on the benefits of Wexit–Zero.

Are we getting the picture here? CAP certainly is– the behemoth globalist movement exemplified by the Three-Headed Globalist Hydra want Wexit dead. In post-modern Canada, these institutions– government, media, academia-– function as a cohesive propaganda monolith rooted in an ideological assault upon our society.

Canadian media have a term for this. They call it “multiculturalism.” CAP also have a term for this— we call it “Cultural Suicide.”

So what is a proud western Canadian to do? Stick with King Trudeau as he trans-forms our country into a socialist Third World nation-state? Or break free from the bondage forced upon society by the Trudeau-Liberal-Communist government of Canada.

CAP do not like to advocate the break-up of our nation. This is, in fact, not a goal in and of itself. What we wish to do is present ideas which may be a true benefit for the people of western Canada. In this way, we are 100% antithetical to the globalist Trudeau brigade.

A final point which would be beneficial: Justin Trudeau would no longer have the power to erode the Alberta Oil Sands for the benefit of Saudi Arabia and his other favoured Middle Eastern nations. After all, media perpetually overlook a highly relevant point in this regard–the less oil developed in Alberta, the greater the imports from the Middle East.

It is, in fact, rumoured that Justin Trudeau and family profit from Saudi Oil. Therefore, on this basis, PM Trudeau benefits from the status quo on Canadian Oil production, while the people of Alberta lose big-time. How typically Trudeau this is.

As CAP maintained from day one, Justin Trudeau is a destroyer who has masqueraded behind his “Sunny Ways” lies for the past four years. At present, Canadians are witnessing the “fruit of his labours”-– a brand-new Western Canadian separatist movement has been launched as a result of Trudeau’s reckless, mania-filled style of “leadership.”

As far as CAP is concerned, the only place Justin Trudeau is leading Canada is directly down the drain. What shall trans-pire in Trudeau’s second four year term of assault upon Anglophone Canada?

Simply as pie–more of the exact same, forever and a day.


7 thoughts on “Should Western Canada SEPARATE To Cut Off Trudeau’s Globalist Takeover Of Our Nation?”

  1. I don’t want to see Canada break up, I love Canada and am a patriot but the direction Trudeau and his pitbulls are taking Canada is ludicrous and very anticanadian and in my opinion treasonous. I don’t think we western Canadians have any other options but to break away. Life in Western Canada has become unbearable and depressing under Trudeau and the Liberals. Separation seems like the only option left to us. If Eastern Canada likes what’s going on then so be it. They can keep their oppressors and continue to vote them in. As for me I have had it with all the BS and don’t wish to take any more. Sorry Canada but you are not what our democracy has been for the past 150 years. Let’s start with taking our investments away from a failing CPP every penny we paid into it as well as the compound interest accrued in our respective accounts. After all that is our money in there, not the governments.

  2. I have said in the past that should Alberta separate and I surely wish we do. I would like to see Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northern BC, Yukon and NWT. If the Atlantic provinces wish to join us I say great. We would be doing a LOT better than we are now. Reset our values back about 40 years (before PET) and do some updates. Equal federal representation from all areas of our country, reset our RCMP dress code, greatly limit immigration, setting how many immigrants from each area of the globe are allowed, taxation laws more fair to the citizens and business, abolish the carbon tax, pull out of the U.N. and Paris climate accord just to name a few. We would be able to restore confidence for investors to return and regain our good name globably.


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