Should Western Canada Separate Itself From Trudeau’s Globalist Take-Over?

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Cultural Action Party will not deny that we spend an inordinate amount of time predicting doom and gloom for “traditional” Canadian society. On the positive side, at least we express an opinion on the future of our country– a practice  wholly eschewed by establishment media.

Western Separation– Some Benefits:

At the top of the heap, Justin Trudeau would no longer be our prime minister. Is this not the greatest joy since the invention of sliced bread? It is for CAP, and likely for others who recognize historical Liberal Party malevolency toward Western Canadians.

In terms of Eastern Canada, the Greater Toronto Area(GTA) is ground zero for Trudeau’s agenda of national transformation. How many GTA seats did the Liberals in the 2019 election? A whopping 45 out of 50 seats.

The relationship between immigration from the 3rd World and Liberal government domination is a fundamental to their success. Legacy media have never once alluded to this political strategy.

This relationship has the potential to lock the Liberals in as a ruling government in perpetuity. In other words, the establishment of an covert form of dictatorship. In order to facilitate success, an intake quota of 1,081,000 immigrants has been set by government for the 2022-2023 period.

In a related capacity, a pertinent question has for decades alluded political narratives:

To what degree has any of this benefitted “Old Stock” Canadian communities? The same must be posited regarding “multiculturalism,” or as it is commonly known, “diversity.”

Fair to say the answer hovers between zero and nothing. Getting more specific, what has the benefit been for Western provinces since Pierre Trudeau re-aligned Canada with his non-democratic entrenchment of multiculturalism? To what extend have residents of Western Canada received an economic benefit?

Following an increase in the price of oil between 19791980, Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau introduced the National Energy Program. The program was extremely unpopular in the Western Canada due to the​ ​resulting economic devastation comparable to the Great Depression.

Thank you, Pierre Trudeau. In 2005, Alberta’s share of equalization payments was calculated to be approximately $1.1 Billion.  Equalization payments are made by the federal government to the six current “have-not” provinces. In 2009–2010, Quebec received $8.552 billion, making it the single largest beneficiary, as it has been throughout the program’s history.

Yet media are too dense to brand this as out-of-control favouritism toward Pierre Trudeau’s home province of Quebec?

Does this information fail to lend credence to the concept of an independent Western Canadian nation? In fact, momentum has been quietly building in this regard. Just this past week, independent MP Derek Sloan announced the formation of a new federal party he claims will be “the greatest patriotic movement that Canada has ever seen.”

Leader of the People’s Party of Canada Maxime Bernier has been vigorously touring Western Canada of late. The nascent Maverick Party of Canada plan to run their candidates only in Western ridings.

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There should be little surprise that a bubbling up of western-centric politics is ignored by media. It is here that the people of Western Canada must come to terms with a piece of reality:

Canada’s three headed hydra of globalismgovernment, media and academia– will fight against this movement tooth-and nail. In post-modern Canada, these institutions function as a cohesive entity rooted in globalist ideology.

A growth in Western Canadian nationalism? You have got to be kidding. Faster than you can say Fort MacMurray will emerge their weapons of decimation. Their silver bullet being tried-and-true accusations of racism. Fast as prairie lighting will anti-abortion accusations flood the senses of media-absorbing voters. After all, it works against the federal Conservative Party.

Simply put– it’s the Canadian way. Or more succinctly, it is the way of Canadian neo-communism as perpetrated by our controlling institutions.

So what is a proud Western Canadian to do? Stick with our prime minister as he trans-forms our country into a socialist dictatorship?  Or break free from the bondage forced upon society by the Trudeau and his Woke Revolution bandits?

Cultural Action Party do not like to advocate the break-up of our nation. This is not a goal in and of itself. What we wish to do is to present ideas regarding Western independence that will never be presented by establishment media.

At the risk of promoting pessimism, CAP do not believe that a deviation from the globalist agenda is forthcoming. As such, Western Canadians would do well to consider what they can and cannot control.

Liberal-Globalism is going to continue to roll forward. Political independence for the West is not outside the realm of possibility. So much more successful will the movement be if citizens recognize the reality of the battle inherent in such a venture.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder ( Est. 2016)

10 thoughts on “Should Western Canada Separate Itself From Trudeau’s Globalist Take-Over?”

  1. The Western Provinces would be economically self-sufficient. BC would initially be against the idea, but will realize that being physically isolated from Toronto is hard to deal with.

    BC would approach Washington, Oregon, and California to form a relationship. Horgan already has had mini love-ins with those Senators. The northern part of BC, along with the deep water ports, would happily go along with the Prairies. Rail to Alaska, Inuvik and Churchill. Pipelines to Churchill and Alaska.

    Western Canada does not need the central and eastern Provinces for anything. They, in turn, would be forced to access Asia via the Panama Canal.

    • Absolutely!
      I have been saying the same thing for years. We would do well to join in with western states connecting us to the Texas gulf coast. A nation of agriculture and oil producing states with pipelines to the gulf coast, the Pacific coast, and to Churchill bay. The continent was divided up all wrong all those years ago. Easterners will never think like us, nor will the idiots of Vancouver and Victoria. But North to South, we have a lot in common.

  2. I have no clue to why the three provinces don’t stick together, and tell Trudeau, you askED for it, we are leaving.

  3. “1,081,000 immigrants has been set by government for the 2022-2023 period.” Good grief. Who will employ all of the men? Many restaurants have closed; dishwashing jobs will be scarce. Taxi driving?

    We probably have ten taxis for every person. One doctor for every 100,000 people. Many of these interlopers will be unemployed/unemployable. Who’s going to support these migrants?

    Seriously. This doesn’t include future chain migration; when the third cousins/great great grandparents come here for their unearned pensions/healthcare/child support gravy.

    Ah well. The Titanic will go down; the migrants will scurry back to their home countries. We’ll be left with a hollowed out corpse.

  4. We can rid ourselves of the RCMP, Liberal Judges, Canadian Judicial Counsel, damaging immigration, damaging carbon taxes and the best of all hundreds of federal political parasites. Let’s leave today

  5. We in the West need out of this communist regime asap. Canada does nothing for us, but robs us of our right to earn a living. I think that a union of like minded people could be a country from Texas to Alaska including western Canada, except for the lower mainland of BC, Victoria island, they can join with California, Washington and Oregon. The East can do whatever they want, but just get out of our business.

  6. yes lets do it, why not be governed by people that have the same ideologies. Spend our money closer to home and be in control of our own resources. The benefits far exceed any benefits of staying with the east. Even if you like liberal policies and live in the west it is still better for you to separate, that’s how much we are being taken advantage of.

  7. Canada has never been a democracy. Our system of government is a joke. Representation by population guarantees that those of us in the western provinces will never have control of our destiny. What do the radical Democrats in the US say? Abolish the electoral college! Why? Because then the US would be the same as Canada where a few areas would be in control, just as Ontario and Quebec are in control because they have the larger populations.


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