Should Liberal Transportation Minister Omar Alghabra Be Ejected From Canada?

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Earlier this week, Canadian Airports Council – described as “the voice of Canada’s airports community” –  called for an end to the federal vaccine mandates.

The vaccine mandate isn’t sitting well with airline CEO’s, including the head of WestJet Airlines, Alexis von Hoensbroech: “As vaccines are not preventing the spreading of the virus since Omicron, there is no more logic to maintain it,” said the WestJet CEO.

Vaccine mandates for airplane travel have been lifted in almost every country on earth. As far as our research shows, only three outliers remain: China, North Korea and Canada. At Canadian airports, travellers are up-in-arms regarding chaos for those attempting to travel outside the country.

Non-vaccinated Canadians need not bother to pay taxi fare to the airport. These unfortunates cannot leave our country period. We arrive at a conclusion less than properly articulated by Canadian media:

Canada maintains the most restrictive rules for travel in the world. Except, perhaps, for China and North Korea. CBC and CTV have not a problem with it. Ditto for Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and Montreal Gazette. In post-modern Canada, whatever government dictate, media promote. Or at the very least, rationalize on their behalf.

Who is in charge of of locking Canadians inside our country? Ultimately, it is Justin Trudeau. Next to him is the person he appointed as overseer of national transportation, Liberal Cabinet member Omar Alghabra.

As far as CAP can discern, Mr. Alghabra was selected as Federal Transportation Minister for one reason: to comply with every decision made by Justin Trudeau and the PMO. It’s the only kind of politician Trudeau wants, or will accept: the type who will serve as yes-men and yes-women for the will of the prime minister.

The Canadian Airports Council has blamed massive customs delays on the pandemic measures and an insufficient number of staff. Lineups are so long the airports can’t physically contain them.

“Canada’s Airports call for the removal of vaccine requirements for all air passengers and aviation employees.”

Last week, Parliament voted down a Conservative Party motion to revert to pre-pandemic rules for travel. Liberal MP’s, their new partners the NDP, as well as the Bloc Quebecois wouldn’t hear of replicating the actions of all other western democracies.

Conservative blogger Spencer Fernando had the following to say regarding a lockdown of Canadians:

“With so many people speaking out against the federal vaccine mandate, and with the policy lacking scientific backing, it is obviously now vendetta-driven. Justin Trudeau hates the fact that many unvaccinated Canadians oppose him politically, and he’s addicted to the expanded government power and control the pandemic has generated.”

“He’s keeping the federal vaccine mandate in place in order to demonstrate his power and to punish his ideological opponents. It’s the kind of action you would expect from a dictator.”

Here’s a subject Transportation Minister Omar Alghabra knows about. He is, at present, a citizen of dictatorial country: Syria. Or perhaps Saudi Arabia. The issue has never been clarified.

Cultural Action Party wish Mr. Alghabra no harm. As it turns out, there is a country in the Middle East in which he holds citizenship. Because of this, he can safely and securely transition to that country, and live out the rest of his life in peace We recommend he do so,  enjoying the journey back home.

16 thoughts on “Should Liberal Transportation Minister Omar Alghabra Be Ejected From Canada?”

  1. Political theater of the absurd. Blackface is never far from a stage. His former donut salesman Abracadabra absolutely needs to pack his bags and leave; along w/ the rest of Turdo’s political troupe. Leave us the hell alone. Canada/China/N. Korea–Two ironclad dictatorships; Canada transitioning to same. It is to weep. How far we have fallen; in such a short time. It’s criminal. Are we protected by any sort of constitution? Abracadabra wraps his greasy donuts in the useless Canadian “Charter of ‘Rights’ and ‘Freedoms.’ ” Trudeau hangs it on a roll beside his porcelain throne. The Supreme Court uses it for Kleenex tissue.

    We no longer have the Rule of Law; but “rule by law.” The difference? “Rule by law indicates that decisions are forced upon a citizenry, while Rule of Law is to control the unlimited exercise of the power by the supreme lawmaking authority of the land. It is a just application of the law for everybody, keeping in mind that the law doesn’t go against basic precepts of humanity. What is the importance of Rule of law? Rule of Law empowers the citizens to live and work safely. Citizens will not be subjected to arbitrary laws of the government and are protected against any abuse of power by the state.” Are you listening Trudeau? Evidently not.

    • Very correct Brian! This can only end in 2 ways, one is in general strikes if Canadians waken up, 2 does not bare thinking of but will happen if the dictator tyranny force is not stopped! Alghabra does really need to be deported to his fathers land!

  2. The mandates ( Dictator orders) are overreach and must be stopped. Alghabra is one of the most dangerous people in Canada and is using trudumb for his own extremist purpose. There is NO honour in Canadian politicians! I have much to say on mandates but fear it will be held against me! I now feel honesty is not the best policy in Canada. Trudumb and his cohorts are destroying Canada, as they have been paid of by WEF

    • I could be incorrect of course when you first time but I recall reading somewhere that our favorite NDP leader apparently cannot step foot on his own native land which of course is India and he’s not allowed into the states so what’s up with that oh I know he’s not vaccinated right

      And just one thought about the people being able to be on airplanes etc because they are vaccinated no I’ve had covid so I’m not taking those needles however for the people who haven’t taken the needles good for you keep it up especially don’t give it to the kids now you got to ask yourself what is the agenda with these needles are shoving them down in place it’s not because of the virus that’s b******* we’ve had viruses before that did far worse than this anyway that being said I think in the article it read something to the effect of the unfortunate unvaccinated I don’t know if we’re so unfortunate really because when we find out why I mean I consider myself now when you find out what’s in those needles and things start happening who’s going to be the fortunate one then it’s not the unvaccinated getting whatever this is is killing them off it’s the people that have had both shots and what is contained within them

  3. Yes . He does not have Canadians well being in mind . He is not a Canadian Citizen and should hold no power over this country’s citizens. Send him Packing

  4. Yes he should go and Trudeau should go to prison as a traitor.
    As for SOCIAL Conservatism, it’s a conflict in terms, since they are opposite of each other. The only people I’ve heard using this terminology, are as bad as, or worse than Trudeau.

    One that I can think of is Charest, who only cares about Quebec with no interest about the rest of Canada, but thinks he should be PM.
    There are others from the Nation of Quebec who believe the same. I think the Nation of Canada, of which they seem to be part, even if they did get the ranking of Nation, should come first.

    I am not interested in a Socialist Conservative Party, a Democratic Conservative Party, or any left leaning Conservative Party. It’s time to have a right leaning Conservative Party. It will be left enough with left/right Pierre Poilievre.
    People who say anything about far right, are clueless what they’re talking about. There is no far right in this country. It’s all from Trudeau Fascism to Liberal Light Conservatism.


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