Should Justin Trudeau Advisor Gerald Butts Be Run Out Of Canada On A Rail?

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As many will recall, Canada is a nation which became united based upon the completion of the Trans-Canada CN railway. After Canadians became connected via a coast-to-coast railway, our nation took on a cohesiveness previously lacking within our youthful nation.

Fast-forward to 2019. Current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claims he has an interest in unity among Canadians. CAP label this a stone-cold lie. In fact, our various ethnic and religious communities have never been as fragmented as they are at present. Seems every day we are reading not only about private citizens accused of racist act seems just about daily politicians are also accused of some variation of racism or bigotry on a daily basis.

To what does one attribute this state-of-affairs? If a Canadian believes what CAP espouse, one of the main factors–perhaps the number one factor, is found in Liberal Government Advisor, Gerald Butts.

As it happens, this is not Mr. Butts first gig as a campaign advisor– he did the same for Ex-Ontario Liberal premier, Dalton McGuinty. What trans-pired?

Butts was, according to the Toronto Star, “the man they call ‘the brains behind the operation'” and the “policy architect of the Liberal government since 2003. Butts departed from McGuinty’s government in 2008, but not before he and the Ontario Liberal team set the stage for the ill-fated Green Energy Act.

Canadian Press article made it clear that Ontario’s energy policy was Butts’ design: “McGuinty’s plan, which called for replacing coal with a combination of conservation, renewable energy, natural gas and nuclear power, came from his senior adviser, Gerald Butts.”

Result? His promise to eliminate coal, for example, cost Ontario consumers an extra $37 billion between 2006 and 2014, according to an auditor general, and is expected to cost another $133 billion from 2015 to 2032.

Then, Butts graduated from working for provincial Liberals to working for Liberal Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. and here Canadians are supposed to “trust” that Butts will steer our nation in a fiscally-responsible, pragmatic manner.

Outcome? The largest deficits in modern Canadian history. We are talking giant figures. With Trudeau’s latest plan he’s ramping up spending once again — promising deficits of $27.4 billion in 2020-21, followed by overspending of $23.7 billion, $21.8 billion, and $21 billion in the following three years. Those are much higher deficits than his own government proposed when their spendthrift budget was tabled in March, 2019.

CAP Conclusion: Liberals love debt. Consider the following:

Deficit Increase under Prime Minister:
Lester Pearson 1963-68 Debt: $18.75 billion 19.6% increase
Joe Clark 1979-80 Debt: $77.4 billion 18.3% increase
Brian Mulroney 1984-94 Debt: $487.5 billion 67.7% increase
Jean Chretien 1994-2004 Debt: $496.2 billion 1.8% increase
Pierre Trudeau 1968-79 1980-84 Debt: $157.2 billion 738.7% INCREASE.
Say no more– but this is not CAP’s style. These figures provide conclusive evidence that Justin’s father Pierre Trudeau hurled Canada into a giant deficit situation our nation was loathe to recover from. Today, spawn Justin has placed the deficit in the stratosphere.
What does this tell politically informed Canadians? Once again, Liberal leaders and massive debt and deficit go hand-in-hand. Where does the impetus come from?
CAP intuition informs us it is Gerald Butts. Here, we get into some speculation. The high-level, shadowy globalist agenda makes it impossible for us to verify these ideas.
Speculation: There is a pathway which may provide the answer: it begins with international banking, and ends with debt slavery for average Canadians.
The foremost  figure held responsible for the erosion of western nation sovereignty, re-distribution of world wide “refugees” and decay of nationalism is international  banker, George Soros. He is the founder of Open Society Foundation, which as the name applies, is an organization dedicated to “open borders” within western democracies. As it happens,  all communist, theocratic and despotic nations are exempt from enforced demographic deterioration.
Additionally, it is common knowledge Soros is an international banker par excellence. What is the banking industry most interested in? Obviously, making money. Much of this is found in the world of banking interest-– as in, interest on debt and deficit.
Now, let’s look at the behaviour of PM Trudeau–and thereby the shadowy Butts,  by extension:
Did Justin not tweet out a message inviting refugees to Canada after Donald Trump put the brakes on the process in America? Yes, he did. Is this in line with “Open Border” philosophy? Yes, it is.
Would George Soros be angry, or pleased, that Trudeau threw the Canadian economy into massive, long-term debt of which we may never recover? Soros would be pleased, of course– major interest payments forthcoming. So are various other global banking players. After all, billions in interest debt would be accumulated on this basis.
Is Open Border Foundation opposed to illegal refugee entry into western nations? Highly unlikely– their inclination appears to be to promote border-erosion, and thereby undermine the meaning of citizenship.
What is the position on illegal border entry to Canada by way of Somalian half-citzen Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen? Ever heard this sketchy individual claim that illegal–or “irregular” refugees cannot come to Canada? Has this man ever made a definitive statement that illegal entry to Canada is wrong, and must be prevented in no uncertain terms?
Never. Not alligned with Soros’ Open Society? Of course it is. See how these pieces fit together? Good thing–because you will never be reading this information within any establishment media outlet.
CAP Conclusion: Gerald Butts is a in-the-shadows globalist trouble-maker. Yes, he thinks he is pretty smart, and pretty damn slick, but any Canadian patriot worth their salt knows this guy is nothing but trouble.
Hence, by extension, so are Ahmed Hussen and boss-man Trudeau. As it happens, as a child this writer lived at the very end of the CN line in the south end of Halifax, N.S. There is a point where two railway tracks branch out, and virtual “spider web” of tracks are spread out to accommodate the far-travelling railway cars.
CAP have a recommendation for Gerald Buttsgo there. Take a train to the end of the line. There, a boat will be waiting. This will take you out of Canada. Please never return.
Some recommended nations for Butts to settle down in: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan. If Gerry wants something more southern, we offer Cuba. In other words, go settle in a country with a government compatible with your political sensibilities-– communism, dictatorships, theocracies.
This is the true Trudeau-land. Butts should go there right quick. Canadians have had our fill of scheming globalist trouble-makers, thanks very much.


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  1. We don’t have a railway from coast to coast they took away our in Newfoundland many yrs ago and promised us roads it was called at the time rails for roads well we are still waiting for the roads


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