Should Canada Pass Legislation BANNING Religious Influence In Government?

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Yes, of course. Would this not put at ease the minds of millions of Canadians watching in horror as Justin Trudeau permits elements of Sharia Law to gain a foothold in society?

Islamophobia! they cry. Yet, the suggestion is inclusive of ALL major religions in Canada. For example, Catholic Mass would not be permitted to be observed within the House of Commons. Jewish Dietary Kosher Laws would never make the grade, nor would Buddhist Chanting rituals.

After all, fair is fair–for some. Yet, considering the reaction to the religious attire laws in Quebec, a certain segment of the population enjoy getting all ethnocentric, , and inform us it is “worse for them” than for non-Muslims.

Would not the same situation trans-pire based upon legislation of this nature? Yet, this is exactly what should be done. Under Justin Trudeau, the Nation of Islam has achieved power and position within society unprecedented in the history of our nation.

As it happens, in the United States there are laws of separation of religion and state. Smart. In Canada–no surprise–we do not have such a thing. Over the past decade, Islamic prayer sessions have become a weekly routine in a number of schools in Ontario.

Canada’s educational industry being what it is– shot-through with Liberal-Globalist pretensions, permit the integration of Islam into Canada’s public school system. Peel School District in the greater GTA is a prime mover in this regard.

Why?  Is this not an example of religious “privilege” being bestowed upon a specific  community? How then can the Liberal Snowflake brigade justify such a thing?

Answer: They don’t–they just go ahead and do it. In CAP’s world, this is called  “hypocrisy.” For Canadian Council Of Muslims–a tax payer funded , not-for-profit organization, this is referred to as “equality” and multiculturalism.

Canada has changed. Decades of mass Third World immigration and government-enforced multicultural policy has trans-formed our founding nations communities to outlier communities. This is in no way overt–globalists operate in-the-shadows, quietly massaging our society away from Canadian identity and traditional values, and over to a globalist ethos dominated by Third World forces.

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Therefore, our nation must alter its approach to the entire affair. Yet, government never does. Rather, political figures such as NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and his pink turban collection cling to out-dated “diversity” policy. Too bad their diverse policy doesn’t even exist. If it did, European-Canadian communities would be a part of the mix. They are not– in fact, they are excluded.

Legislation denying religious representation in government is a sound, non-partisan policy. Therefore, the chances of the Trudeau government going such a thing is LESS THAN zero.

Justin Trudeau create a level playing field for Christianity, Judaism and Islam? You have got to be kidding. Does MP Iqra Khalid’s M103 motion not inform us that one religion has been placed above all others? After all, Khalid and her non-profit multicult pals succeeded in keeping the term “anti-Christian” or “Anti-Jewish” out of the motion. The only faith included “by name” is the Nation of Islam–the religious community of Ms. Khalid.

Bias much? Self-interest much? These MP’s are elected and paid to represent all elements of society. They just refuse to do so– and get away with it due to media obfuscation. How fortunate– how PRIVILEGED.

Islam should not be influencing our federal government. Not should other religions influence government decision-making and related legislation. With M103, Islamic Canada has succeeded in doing so, while Christianity has been shunned by Trudeau & Co. since day one in office.

Equality? Fairness? Equitability? Not on your life. This is Justin Trudeau’s Canada now. The man has stratified our social structure–Islam, Sikhism at the pinnacle, Christianity at the bottom of the barrel.

For as long as King Justin wears his PM crown, this will be the status quo of Canadian governance.





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