SHOCKING “Live-Birth” Abortion Numbers In Canada Revealed

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Probably the best authority on the number of late term abortions in Canada is Patricia Maloney who blogs at Run With Life (

Ms. Maloney’s work uncovering data on LATE-TERM, LIVE-BIRTH abortions  has been an invaluable asset to many Canadians, but it reveals a tragic, horrifying reality.  These are babies that are either killed in utero and delivered as “stillbirths” or they are birthed alive and then killed, or left to die, and termed as “live-birth abortions”.  The gestational age for most of these horrific deaths is past 20 weeks, and some past 28 weeks gestation.

Welcome to the sordid world of Trudeau family endorsed abortion policy in Canada. No person living or dead is more responsible for this state of affairs more than former Liberal Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau.

In the 1970’s, Trudeau appointed a European migrant named Henry Morgantaler as commander of his  mass abortion program. Morgantaler, rumoured to have spent time as a child in internment camps during WW2, was PERSONALLY responsible for performing 5000 abortions on Canadian women. At the time, what he did was AGAINST THE LAW.

Pierre Trudeau’s policy allows for abortion at ANY POINT during a pregnancy-including at FULL TERM. Now please– how can it NOT be factual that Pierre is thereby responsible for a policy(really a non-policy) which has resulted in HUNDREDS of babies being destroyed at full term, or after birth.

The numbers for late-term stillbirth and livebirth abortions (Code P96.4 “Termination of pregnancy, affecting fetus and newborns”) from the Canadian Institute for Health Information for 2013/2014 are the following: stillborn abortions, 780 and live-birth abortions, 161,” writes Ms. Maloney on her blog post of April 9, 2015.

We also know, thanks to Ms. Maloney’s freedom of information requests, that these numbers are INCREASING. In 2010/2011 the number of stillbirth abortions were 728 compared to 780 in 2014/2015.

Death, government-style. How sweet. What do establishment media in Canada have to say about this social tragedy? You know the answer: NOTHING. Why? Are common sense Canadians to believe these statistics are UNWORTHY of being presented within media publications? Are these deaths so BENIGN they are not newsworthy?

Come on, let’s get real. The information is purposefully HELD BACK for the purpose of deceiving the people of Canada. Now why would CBC , G & M and the rest BURY this information?

CAP will offer an answer: because population growth in Canada is not and has never been based upon growing Canadian-born communities. In our entire history government  NEVER developed a program  incenting Canadian parents to have MORE children.

If government understood Canada would one day find itself with a population TOO OLD to allow for optimization of the economy and work-force, why did they REFRAIN from developing a tax-break program for families back in the day?

Answer: because the long term plan was to flood Canada with Third World migrants and THEIR children. Now, let us add abortion to the mix. This has eliminated approximately 100,000 fetuses per year FOR DECADES. Now, add transgenderism. This renders Canadian males STERILE.

Obviously, Canadian policy for these nefarious agendas IMPEDES population growth. Add to this a few hundred dead babies per year resulting from botched abortion operations.

Not exactly a pretty picture. As it happens, the National Post and Toronto Star are not painting a pretty picture. How do we know this? Because they are not painting a picture PERIOD. On behalf of the government of Canada, establishment media have BURIED the entire sordid affair. They have REFUSED to deliver the truth regarding abortion to the people of Canada

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This, folks, is Justin Trudeau. It was Pierre Trudeau before him. Like Pierre, son Justin is an abortion FANATIC. In Canada, abortion policy has the WIDEST BIRTH of any western democracy. NO- LIMIT abortion, as well as NO AGE MINIMUM transgender policy.

What other nations share Canada’s abortion policy? The most relevant example has to be communist China. When asked to point out a country Justin Trudeau admires, he chose China. Apart from this, North Korea also shares the Trudeau-abortion program guidelines. How odd– China is a dictatorship with 1.3 BILLION people. Over-population, as well as massive pollution, are giant societal issues within their society. Canada is nothing like this.

Want more of the same forever? Then permit Justin Trudeau to accomplish his goal of trans-itioning to the position of dictator-for-life in the spirit of close family “friend” Fidel Castro.

Do it– then watch democracy die in Canada.




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  1. “Live birth” is misleading, these are actually called intact dilation and extractions. They are a surgical procedure that removes an intact fetus from the uterus. The procedure is used both after late-term miscarriages and in late-term abortions. An IDX could be performed after 16 weeks of gestation and are generally reserved for fetuses with severe defects that would cause them to die prior to birth anyway. It is dangerous for women to carry a fetus that has died so this is the safer practice to prevent infection that could lead to serious illness or death. Please think about this topic in a whole rational way rather than sensationalizing the “killing of babies”


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