Sharia Law-Compliant Canadian Bank Acquitted Of Fraud, Theft, Money-Laundering

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Two men who provided Shariah-compliant mortgages to Muslim homeowners in the GTA, were acquitted of a dozen criminal charges in Ontario Superior Court Friday after a trial that began back in October 2018.

Omar Kalair and Yusuf Panchbhaya were on trial for fraud, theft, laundering the proceeds of crime, and violations under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act in a case that dates back eight years. They were accused of misappropriating millions of dollars from their company that was supposed to go to a credit union that was their main financial backer.

Before handing out her 68-page decision, Justice Jane Ferguson described it as an “incredibly difficult case” that involved a “huge learning curve in Islamic finance.”

So Sharia financing has come to Canada. Surprised? No thinking Canadian should be. Sharia Banking is a component of geo-political Islam’s aspirations within western societies. All western nations inundated with Islamic ideology and religious practice have Islamic banking entrenched within their countries. Naturally, under the leadership of Justin Trudeau, Canada is no different.

Elements of Islamic Sharia Law are ILLEGAL in Canada. Child marriage and female genital mutilation breach our criminal code, as well as Justin Trudeau’s  “bible” of human rights legislation, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. None of this means a flying fig to Trudeau, cabinet, and caucus.

The former CEO of UM Financial Inc., and UM Capital, had been offering Muslim homeowners “Shariah-compliant” mortgages since 2004 that were financed through Central 1 Credit Union. Devout Muslims would pay an extra fee to his mortgage company as profit, to avoid interest, which is forbidden in the Islamic faith.

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Panchbhaya, an Islamic scholar, was involved in overseeing the religious aspects of the financing. He chaired a board of scholars that later incorporated as the Multi Cultural Consultancy of Canada (MCC).  Panchbhaya’s board would issue fatwas, or Islamic rulings to UM, confirming its mortgages were Shariah compliant.

Heartwarming, eh?  Interesting to note that Sharia mortgages have been available in Canada since 2004. Why then has it taken until 2019 for Canadians to discover the fact. The source article for this story, ironically, comes from CBC–Canada’s state-controlled media outlet.

This article is one of the VERY FEW which has elucidated the phenomenon of Sharia Finance in Canada. Why?  Has media ONCE AGAIN chosen a path to cover-up the entrenchment of Islam and Sharia Law into Canadian society?

No surprise–the Canadian courts side with the alleged criminals. Subsequent to the judgement, the accused Omar Kalair stated “This in my view, is a victory not only for myself but for the Islamic finance industry.  Meaning the verdict is a VICTORY FOR ISLAM.

What isn’t? At every turn puzzled Canadians witness victories for Islam within Canadian society–despite the fact that some of the victories relate to criminal code-breaching religious practices.

Regardless, government and media continue to inform the people of Canada that Muslims are oppressed, down-trodden citizens of our nation. Meanwhile, Canadian courts go light on crimes committed by these folks. In 2018, the Trudeau government introduced M103, a motion which elevates the Nation of Islam ABOVE all other religious communities in Canada. FGM is overlooked, regardless of the fact that cases have been CONFIRMED to have occurred upon Canadian soil.

Sound like oppression to you? HARDLY. The acceptance of Sharia Law and Finance are incremental victories in the agenda to TRANS-form Canada away from its Christian identity and religious heritage. With the assistance of government and media, the agenda is proceeding as planned.

How long will it be before EVERY MAJOR Canadian financial institution is Sharia and Halal-compliant? Why would this not be the case when Islam is the fastest-growing migrant community in Canada, as well the leader in birth rates?

What can prevent this? NOTHING at all. If an attempt was made, liberal snowflake lawyers would be all over the situation, leveraging the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to shut down all opposition. Thank you, Pierre Trudeau!

Never mind that some of the Sharia-compliant behaviour actually VIOLATES THE CHARTER. This matters not to hypocrite politicians and lawyers. It matters not to Islamic immigration and multicultural organizations.

What does matter, however, is getting everything they want ALL THE TIME. For this purpose, the ideal prime minister is in place to advance the agenda–an ignoble prime minister by the name of Justin Trudeau.

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