Sharia Law-Based Child Marriage Forces Judge To Remove Canadian Teenager From Home

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A Quebec youth court judge has removed a 16-year-old girl in Victoriaville, Canada from her family after she was forced into a marriage with an older man who insisted she wear a hijab, rifled through her cellphone and controlled who she could see.

The girl was so afraid in the weeks before the ceremony was to happen last spring that she ran to a neighbour’s house and locked herself in a bedroom.

After a noisy and violent confrontation between the neighbours and the girl’s family, police escorted the girl to safety. In July, a youth court judge granted the girl’s request to be placed in hiding with a foster family until she turns 18.

“This teenager has the right to emancipate herself, and aspire to more legitimate personal achievements such as marrying someone she loves, wanting to practise a profession and deciding herself what she wears and who she sees,” youth court Judge Bruno Langelier said in his decision.

Good for the court. Not so good for the Trudeau government. CAP continue to be fascinated by the social issues Trudeau speaks out about, and those he does not speak of. The first thing which must be recognized here is that neither Trudeau, nor MP’s Iqra Khalid, Ahmed Hussen et al never condemn any social action related to the Nation of Islam. Within Justin’s post-modern Canada, this is rule number one.

Even more curious– and entirely under-reported by media–is the situation with Minister for Status of Women, Middle Eastern import, MP Maryam Monsef.

What is Ms. Monsef’s job description? To protect Canadian women and girls. This child marriage case is a quintessential example of what this Minister should be concerned with–the abuse of a child. What a perfect opportunity for Ms. Maryam to stand up and declare that ALL forms of child manipulation–including child marriage according to Islamic law– are not to be tolerated within Canadian society.

Will she do so? Never–not in a thousand light years. Why, you ask? Because the human rights violation is related to Islamic ideology–so for Monsef , it gets a pass.

Curious, isn’t it? Consider this hypothetical: If the appointed minister placed her vocation above her religion, would the circumstances be the same? If it were a religious or secular Christian MP, would this individual have made a statement by now–any statement at all- which condemns these charter-breaching and often illegal archaic religious behaviours?

Answer: we don’t know. Justin Trudeau hand-picked Maryam Monsef, an admitted Sharia Law enthusiast, as Minister of Women. What an odd-ball choice. Monsef is a religious fundamentalist. Within Islamic ideology, female genital mutilation, as well as child marriage, is an accepted practice.

Under these circumstances, why chose this MP of unknown origin for the role? We don’t even know what darn country she moved to Canada from. Afghanistan? Iran? Only her hair-dresser knows for sure!

Did you know? Previous to Trudeau handing Monsef a cabinet role, she travelled to Afghanistan to meet with Islamic dignitaries. Then, she flew back to Canada, and assumed her position in Trudeau’s Liberal Cabinet. Bizarre, eh? To quote Shakespeare, obviously “something is rotten in Denmark”-– meaning Canada.

“A copy of a marriage contract dated May 2018 between the girl’s family and her fiancé’s family was entered into evidence in court. The girl was 15 years old at the time and the fiancé was in his 20’s.

Breach of law–100%. Commentary from government? Nothing, and there never will be. In King Trudeau’s Canada, the Nation of Islam is indemnified from all condemnation. Conversely, over the past four years as PM, Justin has bashed, vilified and branded non-Muslim Canadians as racists, bigots and “Islamophobes.”

Naturally, all this is helped along by MP Iqra Khalid’s M103 motion. Who created this motion? Why, this would be Iqra Khalid, along with Islamic non-profit organization, National Council Of Canadian Muslims.

What is the singular religious community mentioned within M103? Why, that would be Islam. What major religions are not mentioned? This would be every other religious community in Canada.

Hello? What a piece of self-interest on the part of the Islamo-pushers. They create the motion, include only their own religion by name, and then overlook illegal Child Marriage and female genital mutilation–known to have occurred upon Canadian soil.

Favouritism? No– in fact it is much more–this is exclusive religious privilege.  What trans-pires next? Islam trans-itions into a religious community  with a tangible leg-up over all other religions. Islam is today Canada’s only protected religion.

Many Canadians will recall a time when multiculturalism in Canada was hypothetically justified as an ideology meant to create an equal playing field for all identifiable communities in Canada.

But what happens when the concept morphs into one of inequality? Is this not what Ms. Khalid, MP Omar Alhagbra, National Council of Canadian Muslims have done with M103?

Each week, CAP uncover stories along the lines of this child marriage case. Every week, we witness media overlook these cases for the benefit is Islamic Canada. How odd. After all, as far as we know, Canadian media is not controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, or any other militant religious organization. So why therefore does this dynamic exist?

Please do tell– why is media not exposing the fact that under the iron-clad rule of Comrade Trudeau, the Nation of Islam has been established as one of the most powerful social and political forces within Canada?

Is this not a GIANT social issue? Is this not capable of trans-forming Canada in an unprecedented, profound manner? Then why does media shut up about it

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This, fellow patriots, is the true “no core identity” Canada of King Justin Trudeau. Of course, even someone as dim as King Justin can understand that if no core exists within a nation, something is going to come along to fill in the void.

Think of how far Trudeau’s chosen Islamic people have come in the four years Justin has sat on the throne of the former “Great White North.” What will the state-of-our-nation be if Trudeau becomes a pseudo-dictator of life by way of votes from 1 million Third World migrants coming to Canada over the next three years.

Predicted CAP Outcome If Successful:  Canada morphs from democracy to dictatorship, Islam established as most powerful religion in Canada.

This is it, folks. This is Justin & Pierre’s Trudeau’s Canada. It is globalist Canada, United Nation’s Canada, as well as China’s Canada. And to think the entire dynamic might have never occurred if it was not for a single Canadian family: that of Pierre, Justin and commie brother-in-the-shadows, Alexandre Trudeau.




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