Senator Victor Oh Retires In Wake Of Foreign Interference Report

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Watch out for the way those sneaky Liberals roll. In this regard, we turn to this week’s announcement from Canadian Senator Victor Oh.

Appointed by former Conservative PM Stephen Harper in 2013, Senator Oh may well be a pawn in the political game. His announcement comes hot-off-the-heels of a scathing report regarding foreign interference within Canada’s Parliament.

“MPs Met With Chinese Officials In Beijing While Foreign Interference Inquiry Was Underway”

“A group of three MPs and two Senators met with Chinese government officials in Beijing in late March to push for stronger ties between the two countries.”

One of them was Victor Oh. Another was Independent MP Han Dong, the most prominent figure offered up in media reports regarding foreign government collusion.

We zero in on the tactic at hand. With Senator Oh’s retirement in the can, the Liberals and their media partners gain the upper hand in the treasonous politician category. By playing the “Harper-Conservative” card, Liberal strategists may hope to deflect some of the impunity away from themselves, and on to their competitor, the Conservative Party of Canada.

Are the Liberals devious enough to come up with such a strategy. Damn right they are. Whomever drives their train on the domestic side– Gerald Butts, Katie Telford– are as tricky as they come.

Perhaps they even roll based on direct advance from the government of China. It’s speculation, of course. CAP has no insight into the goings-on among Liberal strategists. For that matter, neither do Liberal MP’s in general, who at this stage of the game, are rumoured to be completely cut off from PM Justin Trudeau and the PMO.

While Victor Oh offers up platitudes regarding how grateful he is toward his “adopted country,” another Senator has thus far escaped scrutiny. This Senator is different– he was appointed by Justin Trudeau.

Yuen Pau Woo is a former CEO of Asia-Pacific Foundation. Arguably the most virulent China-pusher in Canadian political history, the Senator’s resume includes the following:

Woo previously worked as an economist for the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation.

He has worked as a consultant with the Shanghai WTO Affairs Consultation Centre, as well as the Asian Development Bank. Woo sits on the Global Council of the Asia Society in New York City. Previous to his Senate appointment , he was a senior fellow in public policy at the Asian Institute of Research at the University of British Columbia.

In March 2023, Woo raised “fears about how a foreign influence registry could go very wrong, comparing it to the Chinese Exclusion Act.

“Cheuk Kwan of the Toronto Association for Democracy in China said that Woo’s statement was reminiscent of how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) responds to criticism, using racism as a deflection from the proper issue at hand.”

Talk about a politician steeped in the spirit of Justin Trudeau’s admiration for communist China. Degree to which the Senator is thus far under-the-radar of scrutiny? Try nothing at all.

What Cultural Action Party [est.2016] speak of we have mentioned many times before. Still, under the circumstances, it’s worth repeating. The obstacle to the downfall of Trudeau and the Liberals comes in the nature of government-media structure in “post-modern” Canada.

The Conservative Party versus the Liberals, the New Democrats and mainstream media. The integration of the latter leads down a path to subtle-yet-effective propaganda campaigns to mould the minds of Canadian news consumers and voters.

Add to it the now-tangible phenomenon of foreign interference from China, India, Pakistan, Iran and  several other countries redacted in the NSICOP report.

The drive to re-invent Canada is no laughing matter. The agenda is backed by powerful international forces: World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, China, Middle Eastern governments, United Nations and the Punjab.

Every bit of it welcomed and advanced by Justin Trudeau. Will the Liberals hold on to power in perpetuity? Including after the foreign interference bombshell recently dropped on Canadian society?

Slippery as they come, CAP wouldn’t count in out for all the white rice in China.

3 thoughts on “Senator Victor Oh Retires In Wake Of Foreign Interference Report”

  1. The pervasiveness of influence from China is long in the unmaking of Canada. Years back going to the movies in Vancouver, the CRD Foundation had adverts narrated by Patrick Watson detailing the unfairness meted out to the Chinese involved in the building of our railroads. The short documentary advertisement painted a picture of the treatment of such immigrants as if no others endured the same. Ask my Irish uncle about that and you’d know his forebears had a story or two.
    For myself as a small gardening / landscaping business owner, I came across in my door to door solicitation for new customers the true aliens in our midst aspect when I took a double-take at a car parked in front of one of these residences. There, hanging off the rear view mirror, was a small portrait of The Great Leader, Mao Tse Tung.
    Hmmm… I wondered there and then, how can this be?!
    My wife and I were in the Freedom Convoy 2022 in Ottawa and such protest events from Calgary to Edmonton to Saskatoon to Regina plus other locations and at all such venues hardly were there to be other ethnicities but Whites.
    In Ottawa, there was limited Sikh participation and that was in a soup kitchen set up in which all the turbaned types were garbed in black including headdress. Looked more lockstep and militaristic than anything betokening free speech and the like.
    No Chinese contingent likewise to be evident.
    In both above instances, perhaps the ‘top dogs’ in their respective community have already been quieted in order that Liberals, Conservatives and NDPers abide by disguised adherence to New World Order imperatives of the UN, WEF and other bodies.
    We should all remember what the 1970s era Miss Chinatown, Andrea Eng, remarked and had to say in a Vancouver Sun article. And that was, words to the effect, that she would always consider herself firstly Chinese before being a Canadian!
    There you have it in a nutshell; maybe a statement best considered found in a fortune cookie! Past is future!

  2. VERY few Canadians are aware that

    The Canadian Senate actually published a


    just a few years back, entitled:

    “Wise Owls”.


    (Go look it up right now if anyone doubts me…)

    You couldn’t make this sh*t up

    if you tried!


    I’m so proud to be Banadian in 2024!

  3. “Senator” Victor Oh retires w/ a lustrous golden parachute. Once an automatic; quickly carried out death sentence; Treason pays well these [word] salad days of the Trudopian regime. Probably a double dipper; with an income from the motherland part of Chinada. These days; the rule of law is used when its convenient for the “Liberals.” Yes–We have The presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Sort of; sometimes. BTW–The rule of law: Google….”What is the rule of law in Canada?
    Canadian democracy is founded upon the “Rule of Law.” The expression “law” means a set of rules that governs relationships of citizens with each other; regulates commerce and our lives within the community, and protects people from the unlawful acts of individuals or the state.” What??? Say that again–“protects people from the unlawful acts of the state”?HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Not in no core value/post democratic/out with the old Bananada.


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