Selling Out Canada A Mighty Task, But Trudeau’s Up To It

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LONDON – “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Gov. Gen Mary Simon were among the dignitaries on hand as King Charles III was crowned at London’s Westminster Abbey on Saturday, marking the formal celebration of the start of his reign as King and his role as Canada’s head of state.”

Back in Canada this week, journalist John Ivison had some harsh words for the Trudeau government:

“Sources say the St. Edward’s Cross that has been part of the Coat of Arms since 1957 — and on a myriad of police and military badges across the country — will be replaced by what critics are calling the Trudeau Crown.”

“People who have seen the design say it replaces all Christian and religious symbols with maple leafs, snowflakes and stars, leading to claims that the Liberal government has politicized the symbol of the Crown and the Royal Coat of Arms.”

A wonderful microcosm it is. On the surface, Justin Trudeau’s strategists want Canadians to believe our PM maintains a modicum of respect for the British Crown.

Beneath the surface, Mr. Trudeau is taking steps to erode the relevance of the Canada’s connection to Britain. Additionally, the Liberals have made a move to erode Christian symbolism at it relates to Anglophone identity in Canada.

CAP go where mainstream media never do. Justin Trudeau, admirer of Chinese communism, continues to do what he does best: deceive our citizenship into believing he cares for the health and welfare of Canadian society. In truth, the opposite is the case.

Cultural Action Party has alluded to it in the past: Trudeau is a prime minister like no other in history. He’s not so much tasked with managing the affairs of Canada as he is working to re-define our nation as a post-modern, “no core identity” society.

It’s not where Canada is at present, but rather where our country is headed that most concerns our prime minister. Upon which we move to the speculative:

Somewhere along the path to political power, some people planted an idea in the specious brain of Canada’s 22nd prime minister:

“You can be more than a regular run-of-the-mill national leader. You have a opportunity to be like no other, a statesman who defines your country for all-time. A globalist god, if you will.”

Likely, the directive came from a variety of international power-players. World Economic Forum, World Sikh Organization, World Health Organization, United Nations, as well as leaders of communist China and Muslim nations.

The idea that the entire project may backfire was out of the question. Pressing Trudeau’s narcissistic button goes a long, long way. Coming from a background of  underperformance in terms of family expectations, eldest son busted out of the gate with a series of globalist-oriented goals.

Climate change, Syrian refugees, integration of Islam into society and government, the branding of Anglophones as racist, Emergency Acts to prevent any form of rebellion. And perhaps most of all, the proliferation of Chinese communism into the fabric of Canadian society.

Media may touch on the topics, but never do they reveal a fundamental truth: Justin Trudeau is dedicated to shaping Canada into a vision that has never been endorsed by Canadian voters.

His is a rogue government, detached from the will of the people, separate and apart from the tenets of democratic governance. If our PM has to lie through his teeth to accomplish the task set before him, so be it.

After nearly eight years of Trudeau’s theatre of the absurd, the signs of political wear and tear have come to the surface. To the Trudeau mind, it’s incredulous that anyone would disagree with Canada’s first family of western communism.

“It’s clear that information never made it up to the political level in my office, to me, or even to the minister of Public Safety at the time,” stated Trudeau this week.

The targeted MP, Michael Chong, says this is a lie:

“MP Michael Chong says CSIS report was sent to PM’s adviser, contradicting Trudeau.”

Caught in a moment and you can’t get out of it? Not necessarily, when the game of federal politics takes on the following structure:

Conservative Party of Canada versus Liberals, NDP, Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, China, United Nations, World Health Organization, Khalistan, Bloc Quebecois, Laurentian Mountain elite,  CBC, corporate media, corporate business, et al.  This is what keeps neo-communist Justin Trudeau in power. And it may do so again in a future election.

“Let me be clear, I do not have any information, nor have I been briefed, on any federal candidates receiving money from China,” stated Trudeau.

National Post: “Trudeau was regularly briefed on foreign interference in elections,” stated Canada’s National Security Advisor.

Freshly inaugurated in late 2015, our PM promised the country that sunny ways were here to stay. To celebrate, Trudeau committed to importing 35,000 Syrian refugees. In response, he stated flat-out that he would “take full responsibility for the new arrivals.”

“In the years to come, Canadians will look back with enormous pride on the contributions made by Syrian Refugees and how they have made our country  better.”

As we speak, a refugee from Syria named Ibrahim Ali is on trial for the murder of 13-year old Canadian school girl Marissa Shen. Trudeau was asked about the Shen murder by a CTV journalist. In response, he let out a nervous chuckle, and state that he “trusted the law to do their job.”

He lied, and thus far, media have complied. The press are under-exposing the trial of Ibrahim Ali as if there’s no tomorrow. Why? To help Trudeau protect his precious refugee intake program.

Back in Parliament, Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre is all over the PM regarding China’s infiltration of Canada’s socio-political environment. Never for a second does the PM acknowledge a possibility that any form of wrong-doing could have taken place.

Denial, frustration, immature outbursts, and of course, that old standard of Chinese communism, “watch me speak without stating a single word of meaningful commentary.”

Today, Trudeau is hanging on by a thread. In truth, this man should pack up his political kit and head for greener pastures. Perhaps one of the billionaire Aga Khan’s luxury homes would do the trick.

Anything to protect the grand vision that is the reinvention of Canadian society as a 3rd World dominated, anti-Anglophone, neo-communist society. It’s always been Justin Trudeau’s goal, and whenever he sees it compromised, he digresses into the spoiled political brat that he is.

“Trudeau spoke at the opening night of the three-day Liberal convention in Ottawa, before heading to London for King Charles’ coronation. Thousands of Liberals packed into the convention centre, as the party gathered in person for the first time in four years.”

“Pierre Poilievre’s populism, his slogans and buzzwords, are not serious solutions to the serious challenges we’re facing.”

Liberal Policy #88: Accuse your enemy of the behaviour you indulge in. Yes, Canada’s King Of Wokeness can draw applause– as long as its within the confines of a Liberal convention or closed-door gathering.

Take it to the streets, and it’s a completely different affair. Everywhere Trudeau shows his face, protestors come out in droves; their anger palpable. Nowhere do we see video clips of dedicated supporters waving Liberal flags or wearing “We love Justin” t-shirts.

Why? Because his popularity is a myth. Outside the cult of personality, no one likes him. Because no one trusts him. Because his words are hollow, self-serving and designed to deceive.

Aga Khan vacations. Jody Wilson-Raybould. WE Charity. Emergencies Act. SNC Lavalin. China election interference. MP Michael Chong harassment.

Throughout all of these deceptions, Justin Trudeau clings to his Woke Globalist Pulpit. The goal is singular: to keep the Liberal Party in power– forever. Just as it in in China. Whatever low level the PM has to stoop to in order to make it a reality, that’s the path our PM takes.

When it comes to the death of Canadian democracy, “never say die” is PM Justin Trudeau’s go-to attitude.

4 thoughts on “Selling Out Canada A Mighty Task, But Trudeau’s Up To It”

  1. I’m a senior citizen ,and a once proud Canadian ,but not so much so anymore under the so called leadership of Communist loving ,freedom hating dictatorial traitor Trudeau.What a disgrace he and his Socialist Liberal Party are.Nothing but lies and deceit escapes their Communist mouths.They have almost totally ruined our once proud country,and are “going for broke”literally ,in accomplishing the rest of their sick goal….We are very close to having nothing left worth saving in this country ,yet ,some very confused people cheer them on in total blind oblivion to what is happening.Keep on going you fools ,it will soon be too late to rectify your mistakes ,and all you’ll have to thank is yourselves for the destruction of your once proud homeland…..Totally incompetent fools who don’t deserve any better than what you are about to achieve for yourselves ,and no pride in what your forefathers have done for you.So ,enjoy it all as you hurry to your demise as a nation.Why did we even bother fighting the second world war I wonder ,just to have you now switch sides when you have no idea what you are doing,or talking about ..what you’re doing is a shameful disgrace.


    Our Crime Sinister
    Who Art in Communism
    Hollowed be Your head
    Thy Crime Kingdom Come
    On Earth as it is in China
    Give us Our Daily Lies
    And fine us and confiscate Our wealth, Rights and Freedoms
    As we Fight for Rights, Trespass Against us
    As you lead us to prison and life in poverty
    Lead US into Slavery Not to Freedom
    And Deliver Us to Evil

  3. Initially it appeared to be a sell out to Quebec. There are so many moving parts that I now think that may be just a part of it. Is it China , WEF, Francization etc ..? Whatever it is the plan seems far too complicated for Trudeau to be acting alone. One thing for sure is that Bill C-11 has given Quebec control of the Internet and Bill C-13 has given Quebec control of federally regulated jurisdiction. How any MPs could allow this to happen is treasonous.


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