Self-Appointed Saviour: Trudeau Delivers $300 MILLION MORE Covid Dollars To 3rd World Nations

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Saturday that Canada will contribute $300 million towards the international effort to battle COVID-19.”

Trudeau announced the new funds in another virtual international fundraiser — this one sponsored by an organization, Global Citizen,that is trying to raise $42.8 billion.

“COVID-19 has changed the lives of people everywhere, and it has highlighted inequalities around the world,” Trudeau said in a recorded address from outside his Rideau Cottage home in Ottawa.

CAP agree that China’s Covid-19 dissemination has affected people“everywhere.” Just one issue here– Justin Trudeau is not the prime minister of “Everywhere”--he is the PM of Canada.

“No big deal,” say media partner CBC News. Turns out that Mr. Trudeau has trans-formed the role of national leader of Canada to an“international leader of the developing world.”

CTV say nothing. Globe & Mail print nothing, and Toronto Starcondemn nothing. This Trudeau character has both hi-jacked the nature of the prime ministership,  as well as the true nature of Canada.

What is this true nature? CAP will briefly elucidate: the original conception of Canada was toward as establishment of a free and democratic nation. Over the course of our national history, our country was united coast-to-coast by Canadian Pacific Rail.

This established unity among enough provinces to create a form of political confederation– Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and British Columbia came together to brand Canada as politically united nation.

Project Manager? Former Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald.Where do Canadians find this fellow within Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada? Try the closest trash bin you can find–that’s where.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trudeau continues to manage our country in the fashion he has maintained since he seized control of our nation in 2015. Astute political followers know all about Justin’s  “leadership style”– it is  a matter of priorities.

Trudeau Priorities: United Nations, China, Sikhism, Islam, LGBT, Africa, Somalia, Ethiopia, Chad, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Burkino Faso.

BURIED BY CANADIAN MEDIA:  4000 Christians MURDERED In Burkina Faso, Trudeau Provides $63 Million Per Year

“None of us have been spared from the effects of COVID-19 and none of us can beat it alone.”
 So says globalist saviour Trudeau. But Mr. Justin– you are not employed and funded by the Covid-carriers of South Sudan. Try to keep this front and centre–your job as mandated within Canadian legislation is to work for the health and welfare of actual citizens of our country.
Don’t get us wrong–best of luck to the Covid-sufferers of Southeast Borneo— but they have nothing at all to do with being the prime minister of Canada.
For CAP, this is just so very “Pierre Trudeau.” Turns out Big Poppa was the same kind of creature. For the founder of international globalism, Canada was an embarrassment–just as we are for King Justin.
Therefore, Trudeau Sr. took it upon himself to gather up his arrogance, and personally trans-form Canada into a “Salvation Army Nation For The 3rd World.”
No public buy-in, no mandate, no referendum– no DEMOCRACY. Some forty years later, spawn Justin comes in and repeats the EXACT SAME pattern. Degree of media attention for this? Nothing–not one single sentence from CBC which alludes to this blatant Liberal-Globalist repetition of societal transformation.
For CAP, this is the truth of the degeneration of freedom, democracy and freedom of speech which has resulted from a tag-team pseudo-communist take-down of Canadian society.
Or in a mathematical sense– Liberalism + Trudeau Family + Establishment Media = a Socialist Nation-State. CAP’s “gut feeling” on the birth of Socialist Canada is that a program of political retribution is fundamental to King Justin’s post-modern vision for our country:
A new breed of oppressed community is being formulated as we speak: Anglophone and European- Canadians are to be trans-itioned to Canada’s “nemesis” community.
For the past five years, Justin Trudeau and Somalian citizen MP Ahmed Hussen have been hard at work demonizing Canadians of European Heritage. At present, they are working on an agenda to restrict white Canadians from gaining government employment for one simple reason–they have light skin, and qualify as Anglophone-Canadians.
Truly, these “qualifications for exclusion” are all that is required to be ostracized when seeking employment.  Know what Trudeau calls this?
A solution to Canada’s “systemic racism.” Never mind that the program simply alters the agenda to establish institutionalized racism againstEuropean-derived Canadians.
No concern for Sheema Khan of Globe & Mail, Shree Paradkar of Toronto Star, or Shanifa Nasser of CBC. These three must be thrilled–vengeance time has arrived–how exciting this must be for them.
Finally, the deepest dream of the globalist assassins has come true–punitive racism against “whitey” in Canada.
Media ignores the entire procession as Canada transitions to the post-modern condition that Justin Trudeau so madly desires:
An anti- Anglophone, pro-3rd World socialist nation-state. Also to be excluded: Christian Canada, Heterosexual Canada, Conservatives, Albertans, Oil Workers, as well as anyone who commits the crime of believing in nationalism, patriotism, and every other anathema to the Trudeau-Globalist propaganda wars.
Justin Trudeau– the “Billion Dollar Man.” As in billions of tax-payer dollars to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Chad, Nigeria, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan. Our PM has turned this into a fundamental element for his “self-sculpted” role as leader of Canada.
Now, an additional $300 Million is thrown at the 3rd World to help Mr. Justin achieve his highest personal goals-– to forget about Canadians and their concerns, and instead function as globalist Prince of Peace for the communist and theocratic nations of the 3rd world.

2 thoughts on “Self-Appointed Saviour: Trudeau Delivers $300 MILLION MORE Covid Dollars To 3rd World Nations”

  1. Who is still supporting Trudeau? I am dumbfounded that ANYONE could support this anti-democratic government. This article is right on the money for how I feel and I am so sad for this once wonderful country where I was born but am no longer feeling at home.

    • imo, it makes no difference who is, and who is not supporting Justin Trudeau. For myself, I do not think of Canada as a true democracy–we live in a quasi-dictatorship pending Canada’s official transition to a non-democratic country. Even now Justin has handed control to United NAtions, Islam, Sikhism, Communist China and Saudi Arabia.

      He sold the SOUL of Canada “to the devil”– and will be repaid with a Liberal dictatorship for here on in.– Brad


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