Security, Protection For Trudeau Highest In Canadian History

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“Sign Of The Times,” definition:

“Something judged to exemplify or indicate the nature or quality of a particular period, typically something unwelcome or unpleasant.”

For a segment of Canadian society, this phrase fits Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to perfection. No political leader in the history of our country has carved up Canada into a collective of oppositional communities held together by nothing more than common geographic location.

At each other’s throats is a reasonable description of contemporary society. Gay and transgender communities and bitter woke educators backing them brand heterosexual citizens “homophobic” and “transphobic.”

Muslim community leaders and the 3rd World MPs that support them complain about something they call “Islamophobia.” Sikh-Canadian New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh brands our society genocidal toward Aboriginals, while in fact, First Nations serve as one of Canada’s fastest-growing communities.

On and on we go, round and round on a ferris wheel of social consternation, all of it intentionally aggravated by mainstream media.

This, at least in the opinion of Cultural Action Party, is an absolute “sign of the times.” That PM Trudeau has exacerbated every element of this scenario should be understood by all Canadians. Because of media, it isn’t.

Still, one point appears irrefutable. Mr. Trudeau has the most expensive personal security budget in Canadian political history, and there has to be a reason why.

Millions of Canadians cannot stand the man. To be certain, some of them are Muslim, Sikh, Chinese and those of other “racialized” communities.

Yet, the bulk of the anger is found among Anglophones and Canadian-born citizens of European heritage. Their vitriol knows few bounds. As a result, the PM must watch his back in public at all times. If he doesn’t, a 10-man security team brandishing guns that the PM wants to ban will do it for him.

“It cost more than $30 million annually in each of the last two fiscal years to protect Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family. In 2003/04, it cost only $10.4 million to protect Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and his successor Paul Martin.

What follows within the CBC source article should be expected:

“The cost of RCMP protection for Canada’s prime ministers has been rising over the past two decades and experts expect it to get even more expensive in the future.”

Balony. Tell us, Ms. They/Him/Her at the CBC– what happens if a future Canadian prime minister is well-liked among our citizenship? How do you know the future contains nothing but a steady uptick in security costs? Since when did the RCMP transition to the Oracle at Delphi?

Perhaps, unlike his Woke Highness, Canadian voters will actually like a future national leader. It isn’t the case at present– for good reason.

Jagmeet Singh of the NDP, a politician in competition for Trudeau’s job, has locked-in a Liberal PM so that Canadian voters cannot remove him from office.

Result? Growing disdain for Canada’s king of security costs.

“The RCMP says a number of things can influence the cost of protecting a prime minister and their family.”

“These include domestic and global threat risk, the number of people travelling, the level of activity, the number of locations attended, type and number of political obligations, as well as technological advancements, and elements dictated by economic factors such as cost of travel, accommodations and fuel.”

Bollocks. It’s a complete lie. The reason for security needs– the only reason– is the degree to which Justin Trudeau is loathed by Canadians. Because the source article is from CBC, obfuscation becomes the name of the media game.

The article goes on to make a series of excuses, rationalizations, and so forth. Stephen Harper, Jean Chretien, inflation, et al. None of it worth a hill of back bacon.

Yet, on the positive side, one day the Liberal government charade may come to an end. Polls inform us of this distinct possibility regarding a future election, possibly before late 2025, the deadline according to the Federal Elections Act.

So the Conservative Party takes over, continuing a pattern which has occurred since time immemorial. Or at minimum since the founding of our nation in 1867.

Conservatives win, and people get excited about a “new era” in federal politics. Five-to-ten years later, the Cons are awful, and the Liberals come roaring back. Let the cyclical games begin. Round and round, Libs to Cons to Libs we go.

What generally occurs when an entity goes around in circles in perpetuity? It doesn’t get anywhere at all.

Putting aside partisanship, this is the nature of Canadian federal politics. So simple, so obvious. Media say nothing. Never do they challenge, or even mention, this cyclical political reality.

In other words, one day the Liberals will be back to continue their agenda of democratic erosion, dilution of English Canada, and erosion of personal freedoms.

In the meantime, the most hated politician in Canadian history continues on his globalist mission of national transformation.

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