Screening For Illegal Migrants To Canada Less Than TWO HOUR Process

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The initial screening process of asylum seekers illegally entering Canada can take LESS THAN two hours, according to migrants staying at the Toronto Plaza Hotel in North York.

“It was more than an hour, and they treat us fine,” said an African woman outside of the hotel. The Toronto Star reported that 11,754 asylum seekers were awaiting completion of their security clearance, over seven times what it was in 2016. 

Shortly after the influx of asylum seekers took off in 2017 — after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted to the world that Canada was open to all those looking for a safe haven — Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) officers said nearly 50 PERCENT of the asylum seekers entering Manitoba in the first weeks of spring had serious criminal charges.

Why does the Trudeau government take such a serendipitous approach to illegal border-jumping? It’s almost as casual as their approach to voting in federal elections– no picture I.D. required, thanks very much.

It is explicitly stated that the safety of Canadian citizens is the very pinnacle of duty for a prime minister of Canada. Yet, if a migrant comes from country without a functioning government– as many do– it is just about impossible to determine  if the responses given during the screening process are accurate.  

Under these circumstances, the Trudeau government permit so-called refugees to clear waivers to come to Canada in about as much time as it takes to play three periods of NHL hockeyexcluding intermissions. What an odd state of affairs– but not altogether surprising.

Both Justin Trudeau and the Third World refugee he placed in charge of immigration  desperately want these people to come to Canada. Why? It has nothing to do with humanitarian concern or acts of altruism– the true purpose of vote accumulation.

Therefore, one can logically conclude that Prime Minister JustinTrudeau  are willing to jeopardize the safety of  our citizenship for the purpose of locking himself in as Canadian “dictator-for-life.” 

This is the height of political irresponsibility— a recurring theme for  Trudeau and his Sunny Gang of Liberal-Globalist assassins.



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