Why Justin Trudeau Is The MOST HATED Canadian Who Ever Lived

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In July, 2020, Canadian Corey Hurren drove his truck through the gates of Rideau Hall, looking to do harm to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family.”

“Since then, staffers and politicians have been speaking to me and providing a fatalistically similar message: it’s a matter of time before someone gets killed” stated Liberal MP Lenore Zann.

From Sunny Ways in 2015 to a pending dead Liberal MP’s in 2020. Such is the way Canada rolls under the leadership of PM Trudeau. 

What on earth has manifested such deep resentment, anger and vitriol– particularly on the part of “Old Stock” Canada— our Anglophone, Francophone communities in particular?

One reason that comes to mind is incredibly simple: Justin Trudeau is such as easy person to hate. CAP has been covering Canadian politics for some 35 years, and we herby state that NO political figure in Canadian history has ever been hated as much as Justin Trudeau.

Here is the fundamental motive for the hatred, in CAP’s opinion:

Upon victory in 2015, Justin Trudeau’s handlers made a decision that our PM’s “international image”  would serve as priority number one. According to government and media rhetoric, Canada “was back”— in terms of our position on the world stage.

An in instant, society was turned inside-out. Mr. Trudeau’s personal reputation in 3rd World nations became a top motivator for government decision-making. Basically, what the citizens of, for example, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Nigeria and Somalia thought of Trudeau became more important than the feelings of some 25 Million Canadian-born citizens.

The situation became sorely exacerbated by several events. Syrian refugee intake kicked things off in 2015, followed by some $10 Billion Canadian tax-payer dollars being designated by the Trudeau government to the following nations:

Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Jordan, Ethiopia, Senegal, Pakistan, Nigeria, Yemen, Bangladesh, Kenya, Sudan, Niger, India, Ghana, Lebanon, Uganda, Rwanda, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Myanmar. Central African Republic, Liberia, Congo, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, and Chad.

Degree of exposure from CBC? Nothing–not a single sentence.Think about this one–Trudeau is despised by “white Canada”–without our communities having an awareness of Trudeau’s agenda of “buying 3rd World nations” for the purpose of importing their citizens to Canada.

As a result, the collective takeaway is that PM Trudeau cares far, far more about non-Canadian than actual Canadians. This covers off the basics of the Liberal government’s “international” political agenda.

Now, we switch to “domestic” Canada– what Trudeau has done within our national borders. It is the very same dynamic. Within the pluralist “mosaic” that is so-called Multicultural Canada, we find the same pattern.

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The “locals”– long-term Canadians of Anglophone, Francophone and Christian extraction are all but meaningless to government, while fresh off the boat refugees from Eritrea, Syria and Somalia are top priority.

Some may have read to a recent case whereby a Sudanese new arrival is charged with murdering a white Canadian doctor. This occurred in Red Deer, Alberta— heartland of “Old Stock” Canada.

The case has not been properly exposed, the details of the man’s move to Canada have not been revealed, and even worse– not a SINGLE WORD of condemnation has been uttered by Trudeau, Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino, as well as ex-migration minister MP Ahmed Hussen— the man responisble for the dim-witted Sudanese person arriving in Canada in the first place.

How about Mayor of Calgary, Mr. Nenshi? Nothing at all–which common sense Canadians would expect, seeing as the two share a “spiritual affinity.”

“In the first half of 2020, the RCMP has compiled files on 130 threats to the prime minister and his cabinet. That’s about a 30 per cent increase from the same time frame last year.”

” Staffers and politicians from different parties who say the threats are growing — disproportionately for women and racialized cabinet ministers, but also for backbench and opposition MPs.”

What amazes CAP are not the threats, but rather how establishment media in Canada NEVER attribute–or even make a connection–between the raw anger, and the ruling government of Canada.

Tell us, Ms. CBC–why is Canada in this state-of-affairs? Tell us, Mr. Toronto Star– why society in 2020 is at it most conflicted condition in the past 50 years? Does this really have NOTHING to do with the man who today controls media in Canada in the same capacity that media is controlled within communist and totalitarian societies?

Media in China do not publish truth–they publish what the communist government tell them to publish. Another thing that Trudeau brought to Canada! What else? A compromise–bordering on destruction–of true democracy in Canada. Islam as a foundational component of Canada in the coming future.

Anything else? Yes, there is–community conflict. In truth, Justin is a genius at this. East vs West, White vs Non-White, Straight Against Gay, Islam and Christianity. Business vs Environment. You name a fundamental of society, and Justin Trudeau has made the situation infinitely WORSE.

Last time CAP checked, the role of the prime minister is to work on behalf of Canada, and its citizenship first and foremost. The job is to manage our economy in a successful manner–not hand $10 Billion Big Ones to Middle Eastern nations.

The PM role is to advance social harmony– a task 100% antithetical to the agenda and performance of PM Justin Trudeau. Media cover off the endless, perpetual dirt flung at Canada’s “King of Kings.” That’s their job as tasked by Trudeau–just as his task is to decimate our society in preparation for the “New Canadian Order.”

Fast forward 2-3 decades, and at the very bottom of our social order will be  Canadians of European Heritage–Trudeau’s pending designated “Second Nations” community.

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(est. 2016)




13 thoughts on “Why Justin Trudeau Is The MOST HATED Canadian Who Ever Lived”

  1. Canada will do much better without this so called prime minister, whose only qualification is his lady name.
    Since his being elected, by morons, Canada has experienced ongoing scandals involving illegal and criminal activity of this prime minister and his bunch of friends, waste of public money, increased deficit, crumbling of the economy, healthcare services, influx of immigrants who
    Depend on welfare, create financial burden on social services, have no intention to accept western culture and it became illegal to criticize them.
    I am waiting for the next election when hopefully the liberals and their puppet prime minister would be kicked out of office.

    • Unfortunately the greater Toronto area and Montreal as long as the perks are there, may very well put him back in. At the moment social engineering under the guise of Covid 19 is in full swing.

    • Fast forward a few years later! At this point all we can hope for is someone will put a bullet in him! He’s had time to fly all his votes in from the East! To all those idiots who voted for him! Are you proud? Is this the life you always wanted? Give yourself a pat on the back … you helped create this train wreck!

      Trudeau has an agenda to suit his own and you handed it to him on a silver platter! Here’s a gold star ⭐️… for your shoulder!

      The liberals are nothing more then a pig with lipstick on! Welcome to communist Canada!

    • Just seen your post so hope it’s not real old but I agree whole heartly on what you say, it’s time to get rid of this thief, tyrant and possible a terrest, sorry for the spelling it wouldn’t let me put the correct spelling in

  2. If Trudeau get elected again, I am leaving Canada. I do not want to live in a communist country and I won’t! Good luck and just remember, what you don’t change… YOU CHOOSE!!

    • I agree. If he, that is Damian 3, and his wimpish fawning pathetic loser government supporters, including the NDP traitors, get voted in again, then it’s goodbye to the best country that ever could have been. I tell you, this man is evil.

    • Costa Rica looks better every day..go on the CIA Fact Book check it out Costa Rica..you will be surprised..I am not far behind you..there is a great Canadian presence..and the weather is a lot better than Ottawa.

  3. I have sang our National anthem for many years at sporting events with pride of our flag and
    country. I have lost those values. I want them back! Let’s find a way to replace this spineless,
    mocked and disrespected by global leaders with a bonified leader who understands the fact
    he works for the people of this country with humble dignity. Is a non confidence vote possible? I believe it is! Push for it fellow Canadians!

  4. NO wonder Trudeau is trying to ban firearms . He knows he is going to get that sort of attention Klaus must be really proud of him

  5. Trudeau has no concern for for the integrity of the country. He’s a complete asshole. however the Canadians that have voted for him are bigger assholes.

  6. Even Trudeau’s wife left him. I feel sorry for his kids. They will have to live under a stigma for the rest of their lives. Trudeau has ruined so many Canadian lives. No other PM has done so much damage to Canada, not even his father.


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