Rumoured Ex-Muslim Brotherhood MP Omar Alghabra Running In MINORITY White Toronto Riding

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About Mississauga Centre: According to, the population of Mississauga Centre is 124,849. Immigrants make up 62% of the population and visible minorities 71%.

The top four languages spoken in the riding after English and French are Mandarin, Arabic, Urdu, and Cantonese. The countries of origin of immigrants in this federal riding include India, Pakistan, China, and the Philippines.

According to the research of Pakistani Canadian Daood Hamdani in Canadian Muslims: A Statistical Review“, the federal riding of Mississauga Centre has a population where over 10% of people identify as Muslim.

How fascinating this is. For one thing, 29% of the half-Saudi Arabian citizen’s are white Canadians–meaning within the riding, they are a stone-cold minority community.

Yet, in politically correct Canada, only Third World communities maintain the privilege to refer to themselves as a “minority.” Furthermore, immigration policies are resulting in some of Canada’s most hated politicians being re-elected.

Any self-respecting Canadian– non-snowflakes, informed voters, media skeptics– would sooner vote for a municipal trash bin than this guy. An ethnocentric of the highest order, a story has often been repeated which describes Mr. Omar as shouting out “It’s a win for Islam!” upon boss-man Trudeau’s victory in 2015.

What else? The Muslim Brotherhood story. Also, he is a former president of the Canadian Arab Federation, and was a senior policy adviser to Justin Trudeau.

David Harris, former chief of strategic planning at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), stated the following:

On the question of Islamic influence and infiltration of the Liberal party, he said, “very senior people in the Liberal party in the past have expressed serious concern on the extent to which certain individuals –Islamic elements  – may have gained access to the party.”

Comforting, eh? Yet, in no way should we shy away from these ideas. That’s the job of CBC, Globe & Mail, and Toronto Star. Thinking Canadians should work to understand that the dynamic at play here is Trudeau’s Canada.

Alghabra is not alone. MP’s Iqra Khalid(half-Pakistani M103 Founder), Ahmed Hussen(Trudeau- appointed half Somalian), Maryam Monsef( of unknown origin) and several others make the grade

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CAP has followed the goings-on of the Trudeau government since day one of Justin’s reign. In our opinion, Iqra Khalid is the most despised female cabinet minister in Canada. For the males, we take Ahmed Hussen— Trudeau pit bull hired hand of demographic destruction.

Think all these folks will lose come October 21st? CAP doesn’t. Why? Because immigration policy is a weapon of demographic, cultural and religious imposition. The goal is long-term, and strategic. Flood the GTA with Third World voters to the extent that they control the outcome of the election. Utilize these monolithic voting blocks to capture strategic ridings centralized in the GTA.

Hence, the hated Hussen wins. The despired Khalid wins–and like they exclaim: “It’s a victory for Islam!” What else matters to these myopic supremacists? Not much. And the thing is, rather than work to minimize Third World dominance of Canada, our prime minister is the unabashed leader of the entire movement.

Therefore, we see how immigration, multiculturalism, the “race card” and “victim card” are seducing English Canada into being pushed to a periphery position within Canadian society. While this occurs, the Nation of Islam and related Charter-breaching activity(Sharia, FGM, Child Marriage) continue to roll upon Canadian soil.

Why? Because this is a “religion”– so they say. Ask yourself–if female genital mutilation did not fall under the umbrella of a religious act, for how long would it be tolerated in Canada? How about less than 10 seconds. Yet, because it is an Islamic religious practice, even Canada’s Minister of Status of Women, MP Maryam Monsef, will not utter a single word about it- negative or otherwise.

Talk about placing your religion above your job. The victims are 12 and 13-year old girls. Monsef’s job is to protect them. She does no such thing. Trudeau does not question, nor does establishment media. Something wrong with this picture–of course– after all, Justin is our ruling PM–how can it be otherwise?

Think this to be serious business? Try this on for size: fast-forward 50 years. What has trans-pired within the GTA becomes replicated in Vancouver(it already is), Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg–as well as smaller communities throughout Canada.

Side note– butcher boy Hussen recently announced he is going to replicate the demographic assault in Canadian towns such as Thunder Bay, etc. Why did he do it at this particular time? Because Trudeau may lose the election, so Hussen gets the program in place before there is a chance Trudeau will be gone. Truly, these schemers never stop.

So the year is 2050. The demographics of Mississauga Centre have been replicated in half of ridings out of a total of 338.  Result? Anglophone Canada is 100% politically disempowered. 

Now, consider these additional factors: In 2050, whites are a full-blown minority community. Does this nascent minority have the same rights as our former Third World minority communities? Surprisingly, the answer is yes– we can utilize Charter Rights–if we are as politically organized as Chinese, Sikh and Muslim Canada.

What will prevent us from this privilege? Simple–the accusation of racism. Have Trudeau, Hussen, Khalid and Monsef NOT got the ball rolling already? Apologies to Jews, Sikhs, Gays, Muslims, Chinese portray Anglophones as the villains of society–therefore, why should they have minority rights?

See the agenda at play? Old Stock Canada is being set up for decimation by Justin Trudeau, Gerald Butts, Ahmed Hussen and the rest of the Liberal culture killers.

They are backed by the United Nations, George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, geo-political Islam, Sikhism and China. Justin Trudeau is their globalist agent to get the job done.

We will see what happens with Iqra Khalid & Co. Will they be toosed out on their ear based upon their anti-Anglophone, anti-Christian behaviours? Not if the majority of voters not Anglophone, and not Christian.

This is the story of the political seduction of a western democracy. It began with father Pierre Trudeau, and has reached its apotheosis under son Justin Trudeau. The agenda is 100% calculated, and the true victims are Old Stock, Anglophone and Canadians of European Heritage.





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